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Attending an accredited naturopathic program is the first step toward pursuing your career as a naturopathic physician.
Prerequisites vary somewhat from school to school, but generally speaking, you want to ensure that youa€™ve taken the required pre-medical courses, including biology and chemistry.
Choosing naturopathic medicine as your career means making it a part of your everyday life and committing to lifelong learning. There is a wealth of resources and opportunities available to help you become immersed in the world of naturopathic medicine. Finding success as a naturopathic doctor requires more than just specific coursework; it requires a personal commitment. Ask yourself: What do you need to put into place in order to succeed and focus a€“ for a minimum of four years a€“ while at school? You'll also want to factor in the role and importance of your family and support systems, as well as the academic offerings, school culture and student body of each school. You can expect the cost of ND school to be similar to that of pursuing other higher education degrees.
We also recommend judiciousness in the use of student loans, including taking out the bare minimum needed to complete the program.
It's advisable to think about your business plan and post-graduation work plan early on in school.
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Naturopathic medicine often is a blanket term for dozens of alternative medical careers, such as herbal medicine, acupuncture, oriental medicine, and ayurvedic therapy. All states and provinces require naturopathic physicians to receive a passing score on the NPLEX examination administered by the North American Board of Naturopathic Examiners (NABNE). To be eligible for the exam, aspiring physicians must have completed a naturopathic medicine program at a college or university approved by the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education.

I stayed at the SAN for nearly five years, until I reached the point where I had a decision to make.
For more about my decision to become a nurse, as well as some advice for those currently studying, check out my guest article on the My Health Career website. Doctors of Naturopathic Medicine attend an accredited four or five year naturopathic medical university.
Please visit the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians website with questions or concerns regarding further educational and licensing questions. For information on accredited naturopathic colleges and universities, please visit our Educational Opportunities Resource Guide. Many ND students completed a Bachelora€™s degree in the sciences (Biology, Chemistry); however, we also have successful students with degrees in Psychology, Nutrition, and Kinesiology, to name a few.
This will ensure that you have taken a€“ or plan to take a€“ the prerequisite courses necessary to apply to an ND school. Some online courses may count, however, certain schools may have policies on lab courses, and whether these course can be taken in an online or hybrid (online and in person) format. As such, ita€™s important that youa€™re able to demonstrate a genuine interest and understanding of what NDs do. We encourage you to visit either the AANP online ND directory or CAND online directory to discover these opportunities in your area. With 7 accredited naturopathic programs at 8 campus locations across North America, therea€™s a good chance youa€™ll have to make some difficult decisions as you embark on your educational journey.
Those who are successful are the students who have a plan in place to address these inevitable roadblocks. On top of the tuition, you must factor in personal expenses (which will vary based on your geographic location).
A Or,A you can use the Naturopathic Doctor Central Application System (NDCAS) to apply to more than one school at the same time.

For specific degrees in naturopathic medicine, however, colleges offer either the Doctor of Naturopathy or the Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, which is the same degree, often abbreviated ND or NMD.
A list of state and provincial contact information about specific licensure requirements is also provided by NABNE. Furthermore, you should be able to answer the question: Why do you want to become a naturopathic physician? That decision should take into consideration geographic location, job opportunities and your desired location following graduation.
While some students are able to work part-time during their schooling, we do not recommend you rely on working as your main source for financing your education.
The naturopathic doctor studies basic medical sciences: anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, histology, neuroscience, pathology, immunology, neurology, oncology, gynecology, cardiology, pharmacology, dermatology, EENT (eyes, ears, nose and throat) and embryology. In addition to the rigorous basic science courses, naturopathic doctors do extensive training in physical clinical diagnosis, infectious disease, nutrition, diet and nutrient therapy, botanical medicine, homeopathy, physical medicine (naturopathic manipulation, colon hydrotherapy, electronic muscle stimulation, ultrasound, immersion bath therapy, cranial sacral therapy, etc.), naturopathic counseling, minor office and medical procedures, orthopedics, environmental medicine, and family medicine.
Additionally, youa€™ll find that scheduling work while on clinical rotation can become extremely challenging, and will add more unneeded stress into your life. Naturopathic doctors receive more classroom education compared with leading medical schools. Extensive clinical training is required both onsite at the university clinic and offsite at various preceptorships with both medical doctors (MD) and naturopathic doctors (ND).
In addition, you may want to consider looking into work-study programs with each individual school.

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