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At the Natural Path in Mississauga, we have a number of naturopathic treatments available for you to obtain & retain optimal health. The goal of the naturopathic doctor is to obtain an understanding of the whole patient and the factors affecting his or her health.
We do an in-depth analysis of your lifestyle, mental-emotional state, biochemistry and family history to plan the naturopathic treatment that is best for you. There is a range of natural cancer treatments available which are discussed on the Alternative Cancer Care page. IV therapies are naturopathic treatments that treat the cells with nutrients in a high concentration in order for the cell wall to absorb them and to maintain its health – thus allowing the body to perform its functions well. This form of naturopathic treatment is an energetic approach to help restore normal balance and flow of the human life energy (Chi) revitalizing the body to repair itself and maintain its health.
Men and women suffer equally from alopecia areata and it occurs in all ethnic groups.  While we don’t know exactly what causes alopecia areata the evidence suggests it is an autoimmune condition with genetics and environmental factors contributing to its onset. While alopecia areata usually occurs as defined patches on the scalp, alopecia totalis occurs when there is  total loss of the scalp hair and alopecia universalis refers to loss of all hair on the scalp and body. Diagnosis of alopecia areata should consist of a detailed history, a thorough clinical examination and appropriate laboratory testing.   Markers of inflammation and nutritional status should be included in any blood work to identify potential contributing factors in the onset and development of alopecia areata. Treatment of alopecia areata is difficult to assess because spontaneous recovery and hair regrowth occurs within 6 to 12 months for more than half of all patients.  However, recurrence is high so efforts should be made to determine the underlying cause of alopecia areata and treat accordingly.
As a Naturopathic Doctor my focus is on uncovering potential imbalances that may be contributing to the development of disease.  With alopecia areata there are often multiple factors that must be addressed – nutrient deficient diets, stress, poor immune function and hormone imbalances being the most common. Potential natural treatments depend on individual needs – unfortunately there is no one diet or supplement that can cure alopecia areata.  The best course of action is to understand your health – what are the potential causes of your hair loss and how can they be addressed through dietary, nutritional and supplemental support.
To learn more about my individualized approach to hair loss, book a complimentary 15 minute meet-and-greet.  Learn how you can improve your health today. Park H, Woo Kim C, Seok Kim S, Wook Park C.  The therapeutic effect and the changed serum zinc level after zinc supplementation in alopecia areata patients who had a low serum zinc level. Diabetes is considered a lifelong and incurable disease in which our body is unable to use the glucose from the food and as a result there is increase in the level of glucose in the blood stream. When the pancreas becomes inactive and malnourished and it ceases to produce insulin, it restricts the body from converting the sugar into energy for your muscles. According to naturopathy, diabetes can be brought under control by following a healthy lifestyle. Naturopathy recommends a special diet that can help the body to adjust the sugar into the system. Green leafy vegetables, fruits like tomatoes, oranges and rose apples should be included in your diet. Eating raw foods that are rich in essential enzymes, vitamins and minerals will be highly beneficial for a diabetic as these foods increase metabolism.
Sprouted Bengal gram, soy nuts and green leafy vegetable are beneficial for a diabetic person. They include warm water enema, immersion bath, hip bath, and steam bath, hot and cold compress on abdomen.
For promoting healthy pancreas, certain herbs like bitter melon and cedar berries are recommended. Besides this naturopathy also recommends sun bath, mud therapy and massage therapy to deal with various problems associated with diabetes.
Most conventional treatments are designed to relieve symptoms as opposed to treating the symptoms and reoccurrence of endometriosis.
Our naturopath may prescribe all natural hormone creams, such as progesterone, to balance excessive estrogen levels only if needed. Eliminate potential food allergens, including dairy, wheat (gluten), corn, soy, preservatives, and food additives. Avoid alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine, and limit foods that are high in sugar, salt, and fat. Hypertensive people can remarkably reduce their blood pressure through nutritional changes. Herbal medicines rarely have significant side effects when used appropriately and at suggested doses. These herbs are often used to treat hypertension; however, they have serious side effects if taken in large doses. Hawthorne (Crataegus oxycantha)—Has the ability to dilate coronary blood vessels, which helps lower blood pressure.
Mistletoe (Viscum album)—Not as potent as Rauwolfia but well tolerated and nontoxic in normal doses.

Rauwolfia (Rauwolfia serpentina)—This is considered the most powerful hypotensive botanical. Hashmi Dawakhana came into existance in 1929, foundations laid by Late Hakeem Mehtab-uddin Hashmi, having a clear vision towards bringing quality Natural Medicine for society at large. Whether it’s fear or worry of disease, the safety of loved ones, undertaking something new, failing, leaving your house, riding in an airplane, or social interaction, anxiety is a crippling feeling.
Often, the medications used to treat anxiety disorders (benzodiazepines) are highly addictive, and can cause many problems with side effects and withdrawal symptoms. At Fountainhead clinic, we understand the painful suffering of chronic anxiety, and use natural methods which address the underlying cause of anxiety.
At Fountainhead clinic we have developed a system of treating mental health disorders which is second to none. Occasionally there are road blocks in homeopathic treatment, meaning there is something that is preventing a person from being capable of healing, even with the power of homeopathy. Any additional therapies that we choose to implement, based on a persons individual need, is only to assist the healing process which is stimulated by homeopathy. The anxiety started with worrying about her son, everything from how his life would turn out, to whenever she heard a siren outside, automatically thinking something horrible had happened to him.
At the first follow up two weeks later, Mary reported that her anxiety was 30 to 40% better and continuing to improve. ATTENTION:Fountainhead Naturopathic has begun proceedings to voluntarily wind up and dissolve.
The doctor uses a holistic approach, assessing the physical, mental and emotional aspects of a patient’s well being.
With IV therapies, the cells can absorb 100% of what they need throughout the body, compared to only about 10% absorbed through oral nutrients and supplements. Natural remedies are given in minute doses, enhancing the body’s self-healing abilities and treating the person as a whole. Obtaining an understanding of a person’s daily activity assists the Naturopathic doctor in helping patients make effective lifestyle choices, moving them towards maximum health and well-being. Our doctors provide recommendations on the proper diet protocol for your specific individual need, which will help to replenish starved cells.
The main purpose is to help relieve pain and promote the normal functions of various body systems and organs with the use of very thin needles inserted into various points on the body (acupoints). Roles of stress, stress perception and trait-anxiety in the onset and course of alopecia areata.
The uncontrolled blood glucose level can lead to serious diseases and infections and some of them can even become life threatening.
A diabetic person should avoid cooked starchy food completely as they quickly get absorbed in the system and increases blood sugar level. Drinking bitter gourd, bottle guard and cucumber juice in the morning will be extremely helpful in controlling the blood sugar level. They increase the muscle’s capability to utilize blood sugar and also enhance the blood flow to the muscles which ensures better sleep. Different asanas help to improve liver functions, digestive system and function of pancreas. Sushma Shah, Naturopathic Doctor, and is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any diseases or promote any services or products mentioned on the website.
Increasing the amount of vegetables and fruit and reducing the amount of fat and cholesterol will not only reduce blood pressure but can help with weight loss, which also lowers blood pressure. Include fruits, vegetables, garlic, onion, whole grains, soy, beans, seeds, nuts, olive oil, and cold-water fish (salmon, tuna, sardines, halibut, and mackerel). Flaxseed meal is a better choice due to its fiber, lignan, and vitamin content, but flaxseed oil (1 tbsp daily) can be substituted. The ideology of Balavi treatment is to give the basic instruction for patients to help themselves later on. With this treatment approach, when the medications are removed, the underlying anxiety disorder still exists.
The first step of our process involves looking at the patient as an individual and whole person.
This could be anything from a thyroid imbalance, to a nutritional deficiency, to a toxic relationship. These feelings eventually progressed to a constant sense of dread that something terrible would happen and a feeling like she had done something wrong.
After six weeks, some of Mary’s symptoms returned and she needed a higher potency of Causticum.

No content is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. This triggers the central nervous system to release endorphins, which can effectively reduce the body’s perception of pain. Fasting therapy is recommended in naturopathy under the supervision of a naturopathy physician.
Sprouted fenugreek seed is very useful in controlling blood sugar.  Avoid fried, spicy, non-vegetarian and processed foods. This type of high blood pressure is the most common and responds well to lifestyle changes, such as losing weight, dietary changes, exercise, and stress reduction.
This may reflect the purity of the preparation or added ingredients, such as synthetic binders or fillers. Even though some treatments should be done by our medical doctors, natural treatments will be chosen and treated as OPD cases.
With our treatment, you will begin to feel like yourself again, as your anxieties begin to fade away. We take their diagnosis into consideration secondly, as a means to guide us in our therapeutic decision making. When homeopathic medicines are prescribed properly, they work quickly to alleviate symptoms and improve overall health.
At Fountainhead clinic we are trained to identify these obstacles to cure, and remove them (when possible), so that the healing process can continue smoothly. She had been caring for her son with schizophrenia for the past 5 years, and in that time her symptoms of anxiety progressively worsened.
Currently her anxiety is 80 to 90% better, and her incontinence and headaches have not returned.
A Biological Terrain Assessment (BTA) may be performed which evalates the status of the body fluids and uncovers the general health and activity level of the cells. An alkaline diet containing low fat and fiber rich complex carbohydrate foods are recommended as these foods have a tendency of slow absorption and as a result will restrict the rapid increase in glucose level. Natural treatment of essential hypertension can bring blood pressure values into the normal range; however, if lifestyle changes are not maintained, hypertension will probably return. Restricting sodium intake to lower blood pressure appears to work better if accompanied by increasing potassium intake.
It is an innate response which is meant to protect us when real and imminent danger is near.
At Fountainhead clinic we feel very strongly that homeopathy is the most effective treatment and the most vital step to our success in helping someone achieve perfect health. The information from these and other tests will assist the naturopathic doctor to diagnose and develop an individualized treatment plan to promote holistic healing and health. The diagnosis and treatment of iron deficiency and its potential relationship to hair loss.  J Am Acad Dermatol.
Keep in mind that reducing sodium intake involves more than not using a salt shaker, but also reading processed and prepared food labels for the sodium content.
As with all medications, more is not better and overdosing can lead to serious illness and death.
However, for some individuals, this response is triggered, even though the perceived threat is irrational.
Her panic attacks occurred whenever she saw someone in a potentially dangerous situation, such as a man fixing a telephone pole, or standing on the edge of a roof, because she was certain they would fall. It can be explained both by the Quantum theory or by the theory of Qi (Chi) and Yin-Yang energy of Chinese medicine. When this happens, it is termed an “anxiety disorder.” There are many different types of anxiety disorders, but they all result in symptoms such as excessive, uncontrollable worry, restlessness, irritability, inability to concentrate, muscle tension and sleep disturbance, all of which can severely inhibit daily life.
In recent years she developed stress incontinence that resulted in passing small amounts of urine each time she sneezed or laughed. After 3 decades of experiences in naturopathic treatment, now we select and incorporate these bio medicine equipments in Balavi treatment too.
Her headaches, which she described as a feeling like there was something lodged between her brain and her forehead, occurred almost daily.

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