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Madegram aims to improve workers education about their working rights, and to support and promote their right to representation.
We want to secure a dignified and decent living wage for all and to promote gender equality in the workplace. Dr.SK Mudra is Specialist in Naturopathy and Providing Weight Loss Diet in Delhi area Since 1999. Diagnose yourself by computerised pulse analysis and prevent yourself from future diseases. Delhi Naturopathy (Santosh Bio- Dynamic Naturecure & Yog) set up in 1999, propagate and popularise harmless & holistic traditional health care through actual treatment, training, education, publications, camps, seminars, research etc. The aim of Delhi Naturopathy is to promote health care which rejuvenate & keep up physical, mental & spiritual health of all – beyond National boundaries by promoting the health tourism in India – directly and through joint ventures or tie-ups with various like minded organisations.
Online learning, also known as distance learning, correspondence study, home study or independent study, is a non-traditional educational process which exists outside a classroom setting.
We invite you to take the opportunity to learn, how to prevent disease and aid animals in maintaining optimal health throughout their lives.
Students worldwide will find our courses invaluable tools for understanding true natural animal health, enhancing your existing health care practices with your own pets, or validating your work in natural animal care. Animal naturopathy courses have become popular today among those seeking a better understanding of true natural health for their companion animals as well as natural animal care professionals looking for a more comprehensive education and certification. ACAN’s courses teach you how to promote and support a healthy lifestyle for animals that effectively combines the properties of physical function, immunity and mental wellness. Each class has its own required text book reading as well as essays or projects that are used by the instructors to determine a passing grade before proceeding to the next class. Payment options are PayPal or sending a Cashier’s Check or Money Order via regular mail. Upon ACAN receiving payment and registration, the student’s login and educational platform information will be emailed. Students, consultants and practitioners are encouraged to continue to expand their knowledge in Animal Naturopathy by learning one or more of the different animal healthcare modalities. Potential students should carefully review our class and certification course outlines prior to enrolling. Due to the nature of online content, we cannot issue refunds for our classes or courses once a username and password have been issued.
All inquires whether by email or phone will be replied to within 48 hours unless received after our business hours or over the weekend.
Established by two medical practitioners who believe that "there is more than a pill for every ill" together with some dedicated natural therapy practitioners to educate and promote the principles of healthy and happy life style.
AIHM is located in a beautiful, tranquil and idyllic natural setting, just 20 minutes drive from Perth and Fremantle in Western Australia. This multi award winning institute uses modern teaching practices to provide the best learning outcomes for its students and totally committed to provide memorable educational and transformational experience and vocational outcomes for its students. When I decided to study Kinesiology, it was important to me that I had the best education possible.

When you study with CCM you receive an education and training in Holistic Kinesiology like no other. It’s no secret that health problems can present themselves in many guises these days - as aches and pains, problems with digestion, skin complaints or even emotional distress. Holistic Kinesiology is a powerful natural therapy that combines kinesiology with some key areas of complementary medicine – channel theory and acupressure, primitive reflexes and learning difficulties, counseling, energetic medicine and nutrition and diet.
Students choose CCM because they learn to combine complementary medicine with kinesiology, not just DO kinesiology. HLT52415 Diploma of Kinesiology is for those who have an interest in complementary medicine or work in a health related field, as well as those who are simply looking to empower themselves and the life of others. Studying Holistic kinesiology will give you a powerful range of tools to understand both the mind and the body, helping you to learn about your own inner balance, as well as being able to nurture the balance of others. Students completing the Diploma of Kinesiology have the option of studying just one more semester (two subjects) to gain a Diploma of Mind Body Medicine. We always ensure that the students we choose to join us here at CCM are well suited to the course.
By downloading our Enrolment Application Pack you will obtain access to all of the paperwork needed to complete your enrolment. Given the nature of the course material, to ensure that students have the necessary Literacy Language or Numeracy skills required to undertake adult education at this level, you will also be required to present either an Australian Year 12 Transcript with a pass mark (50%) in both English and Maths, a copy of a Certificate III or higher, or a detailed resume which clearly outlines your experience in your chosen field in the past 5 years. So, if you’ve been searching for the chance to empower yourself and others, our Holistic Kinesiology courses are the solution. We would be more than happy to tell you more about this, or any of our other courses, simply register your details and download a course prospectus. When you choose to do your degree at Paramount College of Natural Medicine you are choosing to be earning as a natural health practitioner after just three years! Our classes and courses are only available online so a computer or an iPad are required to take the classes and courses.
Whether you are interested in just taking better care of your own dogs, horses and cats or you are considering animal health coaching as a career, we look forward to sharing the extremely powerful ancient philosophy and healing art of naturopathy for animals with our students.
Prospective students can choose from certification courses for the career seeker, continuing education classes for the professional or enrichment modules for the animal lover. Our courses will prepare and qualify you to take the board certification examination to become certified in that field of study. You will receive continuous assessment and instructor feedback to help to keep you motivated throughout the course work.
We believe that it is best to continue to learn and experience how nature works through the various modalities of natural animal health.
The institute provides a well balanced course curriculum encompassing modern medical sciences and traditional healing arts in their natural therapy courses. If you are committed to explore and embark on a journey that is rewarding and fulfilling we would love you to join us.
I did a lot of research and decided that the College of Complementary Medicine was the only option.

Holistic Kinesiology uses a range of skills to enable a greater understanding of what our bodies are trying to tell us. Together these provide a powerful set of tools for engaging clients and helping them to change.
Other courses teach only kinesiology, hence graduates lack the ability to assess the client independent of muscle testing.
Our graduates have gone on to use their depth of knowledge to work successfully both here and overseas, as part of professional clinics, as teachers and within focused health programs for businesses. Our unique courses provide the skills and knowledge to develop a career that is both rewarding and flexible. This option lets you gain two qualifications together, adding to your base of skills and graduating with two Diplomas. However, with only 25 places available per class we take applicants on a first come first served basis and encourage potential students to apply as soon as possible. This will include all necessary data collection requirements outlined under the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011, Terms and Conditions of Enrolment, Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) application forms, payment arrangement details and any other relevant enrolment details by the college of process your enrolment.
International students will be required to present a copy of their TOEFL 550 or IELTA score of 6 or above. Our emphasis on practitioner development means you will gain everything you need to enjoy an ongoing, rewarding career and a rich, balanced life.
Diploma & Certificate Courses in Traditional Medicines like Naturopathy, Yogic Science, Acupressure and related therapies, a specially designed Nature Cure & Yog Resort-cum-Health Spa extending treatments for Naturopathy, Yog and other allied holistic approaches for health wellness addressing to the people coming from Delhi, with in India and outside India. Technical Aspects Since it is an extension of the existing centre which is established for the last 11 years in the field of Naturopathy & Yog .Basic equipments, instruments, machineries and technical expertise regarding various therapies are already available with us.
Therefore, what happens in a true Nature Cure & Yog is that the individual is introduced to a Natural System of life style involving all aspects of life. We have students currently studying with us in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, China, South Africa, Canada, and all over the United States. As you enter other class modules the costs may drop as you will have some of the products from previous modules now in your possession. Our high quality, blended learning program runs over 18 months and encourages individual theory study and intense face to face practical work combining the best of both technology and hands on learning.
Our program is designed to be integrative, teaching you to use kinesiology to find answers to questions and to use complementary medicine to know what questions to ask.
Our courses also benefit those who wish to study further and provide multiple pathways into other higher education courses. Our graduates very often go on to build their own practices, many doing so around the commitments of their family life, while others use their expertise within specific areas such as fertility enhancement, learning difficulties, recovery from traumatic events, depression, pain and improving performance. This approach enables you, the student, to have a greater depth of understanding, more confidence in your clinical work and ultimately a more successful clinic.

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