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The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission produces a report of energy-generating capacity from a variety of power sources each year. When looking to new energy-generating capacity installed in the US back in 2011, most of that new capacity came from natural gas. As newer source of energy continue to develop as technologies, I’m very optimistic that these numbers will continue to move in the right direction overall. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Kurt Vonnegut, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, natural gas, wind by bradleydibble.
As our global population increases in number, as people strive to move towards first-world standards of living, and as technology increases in complexity, it’s a fact of life that energy is needed to accommodate all of those needs.

Of the 21,795 MW installed that year, 11,020 MW came from natural gas while only 6,844 MW came from wind.
It’s likely obvious that someone like me would prefer to see those increases in energy capacity come from renewable sources. But this time, the largest component was for wind at 10,689 MW, beating natural gas at 8,746 MW.
The reason it’s not great is because energy capacity is not the same thing as energy generation. Third place was coal which unfortunately climbed up to 4,510 MW (double boo!), and solar remained in fourth place but also increased up to 1,476 MW.

The ratio of how much energy a facility generates compared to its theoretical capacity is referred to as its capacity factor. In contrast, wind is typically only about 40 percent for offshore sources, and 30 percent for onshore, with a maximum of about 50 to 54 percent.

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