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A local man caught video of the cops burning the confiscated weed … you know, because he was a concerned citizen. Apparently, police apologized for getting the whole neighborhood baked af from the burning weed, but none of the neighbors seemed to mind.
Here’s a public service announcement to all wannabe thugs from your friends at Regretful Morning.
The last time Bachelor of Nursing student Uputaua Matagi cut her hair was as a thirteen year old.
Father’s night is the opportunity to celebrate Fatherhood with a premiere event on the eve of Father’s Day.
It’s hard finding the moment to show our Fathers our appreciation for all the things that they do – to thank them for their wisdom, principles, confidence and strength, and to let them know how much we appreciate the time, energy, commitment and care they have put into influencing us and shaping us in ways that have made us who we are today.

FATHER’S NIGHT is a very special evening of dinner and entertainment on the eve of Father’s Day to celebrate the Father in your life and give us the rare chance to cherish all of the things they do. Why do some political leaders change their tune on drugs once they're no longer actively involved in politics?
Because there, police believe in sharing the good times … like last Friday, when they gave an entire supermarket a serious contact high from a pile of burning weed.
Spend the evening with rising Kiwi adventurer, Mike Allsop, along with some of New Zealand’s well-known personalities, sportstars and entertainers. We invite you to join us and enjoy FATHER’S NIGHT alongside other New Zealand personalities, sportstars and entertainers, who will share with us their most precious stories of Fathers, both present and not. Spend an evening with some of New Zealand’s celebrities including Shane Cameron, Peter Urlich, Mike Allsop, Craig S.

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This is your chance to take the time to share your own stories of your Fathers, and to appreciate the stories of others.
Primrose, Kathryn Wilson, Adrian Hailwood, Toni Street, Cameron Jones and Shaun Summerfield.

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