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Last week we posted a blog post on exposure guide for beginner photographers, Saskia is one great example to learn from. Saskia Nelson is the talent behind Saturday Night’s Alright, the UK’s only dedicated online dating photography business, and is passionate about helping single people to shine online. I believe that in order to be a great portrait photographer you have to be authentic to who you are.
People often ask me if I shoot weddings and I think why would I shoot weddings, I have never been married and have never taken an interest in getting married, it wouldn’t really make sense if I was to stay authentic to who I am.
That may change though as I get older obviously and my life experiences change in which case I will then grow the business accordingly. When I set up the business I looked back over my experiences and realised I could really help people who are looking for love online having been an online dater over a number of years and having experienced a lot of the highs and lows that my clients experience.
I would suggest that anyone wondering how to take their portrait photography to the next level should look at all the other life experiences they have to offer as this will help them identify their niche in this world.
At the moment I offer a UK wide service and have clients who travel from all over the country.
My plans this year will include looking at how I grow the business and the brand whilst ensuring a fab customer experience. About Us Welcome to my portrait hub as the name suggest our site is solely dedicated to portrait photography. We started this site with a mission to help our readers by updating them with current and Upcoming trends in the portrait photography world.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. San Francisco portrait photographer specializing in corporate photography, online dating photos and social media headshots. Ever since I began doing corporate photography several years ago, I get calls all the time from busy human resource managers and executive assistants to set up photo shoots for their company. As a portrait photographer in San Francisco, I’m always looking for new approaches, especially for online dating photos.
People seem to understand the fun of Pinterest instinctively when it comes to creating a dream board for a project or a visual identity for a brand. If you have a business these days you probably also have a blog and a few social media accounts.
One of the things I love when blogging about my life as a San Francisco photographer is the chance to get real feedback from the people in my Bay Area community. Although the holidays can be a hectic time for all of us, I try to focus on them as a time for coziness and warmth.
When the weather changes and the holidays are near, I always feel like this is the perfect time to give thanks. The variety my San Francisco photography work brings me, by way of both people and topics, is truly exciting. As anyone that lives in San Francisco knows, there is a strange phenomenon that occurs in the month of August. When I meet people and tell them what I do, they usually ask me what kind of photos I take. One of the most popular things my San Francisco Portrait Photography clients ask for is a good, candid shot. Because I specialize in natural portraits in San Francisco, a topic of discussion that comes up with my female clients quite frequently is make-up.

It seems there are two types of people: those that look great in almost every photo they are in, and then, there are the rest of us. I have found that the best way to get natural photos of my clients is to help them to get naked. It took photographer Saskia Nelson eight years of online dating before she finally found her prince. Just doing my daily stretches: Sandra Jurkute's Saturday Night's Alright shoot captured her mid workout. You caught me!: In another of Sandra's shots she's seen chilling on the grass'Even if guys didn't intend to mislead, I found they used out-of-date, blurry photos,' she adds. She specializes in creating gorgeous photos for her clients to help them build winning online dating profiles that help tell the story of who they really are. By this I mean you need to bring your own life experiences, interests and first-hand knowledge into the mix to add that edge to your portrait work.
I recognised that I could bring my own personal knowledge and experiences into the mix as well as my photography skills to provide my clients with the great photos they need to help them find love. Later this year and early next year, I’m planning on hiring photographers across the UK so my clients won’t need to travel so far and will be looking out for talented outdoor portrait photographers to work with me.
We are a Group of hobbyists who came across this idea of starting this blog by getting inspired by many professional photographers in the field of blogging. But as we started building our website, social media content and courses, I quickly realized that I couldn’t do it all on my own. I’m entering a new and exciting chapter in my personal life that will be taking me away from my photo clients for a little while. If you’re faced with the job of organizing an executive photoshoot it can be no small task. They get in front of the camera and they don’t get all weird or awkward like the rest of us.
Whether you’re new in town or you’ve lived here your whole life, I think we can all agree that San Francisco is a beautiful city.
But there is something that happens a lot, especially around this time of year that I think we should talk about. It’s a part of hipster style, has always been part of intellectual trends, and many use their eyewear as a fashion trademark. Whether you have been here for a month or a year, its obvious that people seem to be arriving in droves. A few months back, I started a little blog series highlighting the stuff that my clients are always asking me about.
If you don’t already know, I am a portrait photographer who specializes in getting the best natural headshots from people who really hate having their photo taken. As a result, I love finding simple ways to improve my clients photos, helping them to get corporate headshots or online dating photos that they really love.
But my number one is simple: The People Their faces and stories make my job fun, and I can’t imagine doing anything other than portrait photography. Although it is very warm in the rest of California, and even other parts of the Bay Area, it is cold and foggy in the City. When it comes to creating breakthroughs in tech, this city is filled with hungry, talented people who are at the top of their game. When I tell them I am a social media photographer specializing in online dating photos they are intrigued and surprised.

That’s the deal with natural portrait photography– my work is to help individuals to look their best. Because portrait photography in San Francisco attracts so many different types of clients, I meet people every day in very different situations. I had been somewhat avoiding the subject because for me it feels rather sensitive and personal to each individual. But today busy, professional people (just like you) are finding that having a quality executive headshot is an essential part of the business or looking your best. We found her on Plotr blog where she had an awesome interview 10 minutes with a portrait photographer. It is these personal experiences, which enable me to stand out from the crowd of portrait photographers. It’s how we see the world and for me, color portraits feel so much more natural and relatable than black + white. As a San Francisco photographer I photograph everyone from creatives to lawyers to techies.
Fortunately, as a San Francisco photographer, I am blessed with the option to regularly use the Pacific as my backdrop for professional profile pictures.
Basically, it works with the maps function on your phone to find other singles in your area.
I have explained how in most of the largest Bay Area industries, men just simply aren’t expected to wear a suit. It’s important as an adult to find a way to say yes to those fabulous invites and still make it to your business portrait shoot the next day!
Constantly meeting people who looked nothing like their profile photographs.On one occasion the 44-year-old couldn't find her date in a bar so called his phone only to realise he was standing right next to her - looking utterly different to the hunk she was expecting. Working with my first paying client was scary as anything but I had done so many practice sessions I knew I could produce the work. My online dating photo clients want to talk about increasing their chances of winning in this fast and furious dating game.
So you partied like a rock star the night before your photo shoot and by morning you feel and look far from your best. And for me as a San Francisco photographer, taking professional profile pictures of people who are at that stage is really fulfilling.
On another date destined for failure she says she turned up expecting someone 'who looked like David Beckham' only to to be faced with someone who looked 'more like Columbo'.'Needless to say, I didna€™t stay long,' says the Battersea-based photographer. Or perhaps you just found out that your company’s big holiday party is the night before you are set to take your online dating photos and now you’re wondering whether you should re-schedule.
Just the idea that a natural portrait I took would get the attention of someone’s future spouse makes me smile.
The elation you feel afterwards when you hear back from your happy clients is one of the best feelings ever.
Of course, it’s always ideal to get a good night’s sleep and be fully hydrated before taking natural portraits, but that’s not always how life works. As I went digging through my costumes recently, getting ready for Halloween this weekend, it got me thinking about who we are every day.

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