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A first infection with the cold sore virus is often different to the recurring cold sores which many people have. In children, it occurs primarily on the oral mucous membranes but also may be systemic.Instructions for downloading images. Bonjela® should not be used in children under the age of 16 due to a potential risk of Reye's syndrome if it is overused. It may help adults or children old enough to use it to keep the mouth and teeth clean, to prevent plaque build-up and secondary bacterial infection. However, if taken early in the infection, it may reduce the duration of the pain, and speed recovery a little. Careful handwashing with soap and water is important after touching the mouth and cold sores.

You should avoid touching cold sores or ulcers in the mouth associated with primary infection, except when applying medication.
You should not have oral sex when you have either a primary cold sore infection or an individual cold sore. Finally, it is important not to share items that come into contact with infected areas - this would include lipsticks and lip balms.
Tips to help include: Try using a syringe (which you can buy at pharmacies) to squirt medicine into the side of the mouth slowly. If your child has stopped passing urine, or if their urine is dark in colour and strong-smelling, they are likely to be dehydrated. See a doctor if you are concerned that your child is not drinking enough and is becoming dehydrated.

Some children who are at risk of dehydration are admitted to hospital for a short while until the infection settles, and they are drinking normally again.
In hospital they can have their fluid intake monitored and they can be given an intravenous drip if needed. In some people the virus 'activates' from time to time to cause cold sores around the mouth and nose. Recurrent cold sores may be unpleasant, but do not cause severe mouth infections like some primary (first) infections.

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