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Our doctors have selected the HIV Antibody Test with Reflex to Western Blot Confirmation (also known as the EIA or ELISA test). The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that everyone age 13 – 64 be tested for HIV.
If your test result comes back positive the laboratory automatically runs a western blot test for confirmation. If you are not concerned about a recent exposure and just want to know your HIV status, our doctors recommend the HIV antibody test. FDA-approved or CLIA certified diagnostic tests The same STD tests trusted by doctors and hospitals nationwide. Results usually in 3 business days or less Available as soon as possible, in your secure online account. Counsel with Care Advisors Our team is here to help you before, during, and after you test. Local specimen collection Visit one of LabCorp and Quest Diagnostic locations near you for sample collection.
If you test positive, a doctor will review your test results with you by phone, if appropriate.
No Red Tape – Get tested in about 15 minutes and have your results usually in 3 business days or less. 1 We do not provide insurance coverage in the following states AR, DE, MD, MS, SC, OK, TX and WV.
When you are looking to find out the recent drug history of yourself or others, a hair follicle drug test is the perfect drug test for you. Like the HairConfirm Express Hair Follicle Drug Test, the version of this kit that has faster laboratory processing, the HairConfirm Standard Hair Follicle Drug Test is an extremely accurate hair drug test that provides the buyer with a lab-produced online report of drug use dating back up to 90 days.
The results of your HairConfirm Standard Hair Drug Test will be ready within 7 to 10 days of the lab's receipt of the sample. If you are interested in learning more about hair drug tests, please visit the Hair Drug Test section of our blog. You can also find out about the features only available with HairConfirm products by reading our article Hair Drug Tests - The Only Tests That Can Tell You How Often Drugs Are Used.
If you would like more information on marijuana drug testing, please check out our page solely dedicated to Marijuana Drug Test information! Please note, the instructions for the HairConfirm Standard test are exactly the same as the HairConfirm Express test. Q: How does a hair follicle drug test compare with urine drug tests currently on the market? A: Unlike a hair drug test, a urine drug test can only check to see if drugs were used within the previous 2-3 day period (for most drugs).
Q: Will the results come back positive if my child is not taking drugs, but has been in contact with drug users?
To rule out the possibility of external contamination (like exposure to marijuana smoke), HairConfirm testing where appropriate looks for both parent & metabolite (byproduct) of drug usage.

In some cases, when the donor has used marijuana, a hair drug test, including HairConfirm, may be unable to detect the THC metabolite due to the fact that the metabolite was unable to bind with the hair shaft. In the case where a long term THC use is present (like medical marijuana) sometimes the individual’s body can create a masking agent that would hinder the marijuana in a drug test.
Statistics have shown that teenagers who have used marijuana are more likely to use other potentially more dangerous drugs, than those who have never used marijuana.
The HairConfirm Express and Standard home drug tests are the same except for only two factors - home to lab shipping method (the Express comes with a prepaid Fedex overnight mailer; the Standard comes with a prepaid first-class envelope) and processing time (the Express generally processes hair submissions in 2 business days while the Standard processes hair submissions in 7-10 business days).
With the HairConfirm Standard and Express home drug test kits results are obtained online, also through a secure passcode.
This FDA-approved blood test looks for the antibodies to HIV and is the “gold standard” for HIV screening.
Anyone can get the HIV virus by having sex with an infected person, sharing needles with an infected person, or even from childbirth. Consider HIV testing as part of routine STD screening, especially if you have had unprotected sex with someone whose STD status you do not know or are concerned about. Experts agree that another test should be run on a new blood sample before making a formal diagnosis of HIV and we believe all physicians should follow this recommendation. According to the CDC, most people with a new HIV infection will be positive on the antibody test by 25 days and 97% will have a positive test by 3 months. For this reason, our doctors recommend the 8-test panel to test for 8 of the most common and serious STDs. Because different diseases become detectable by diagnostic testing at different times, this is the best way to ensure you get tested at the right time. The absolute only difference between the two kits is that the Standard Hair Follicle Drug Test takes a few days longer to generate your results. The only difference between the two tests is that the laboratory processes the Standard test hair samples a bit more slowly. 5 to 7 days gives the hair time to grow out of the scalp, bringing the place where drug molecules are stored inside the hair to where it can be cut. For each half inch of head hair or body hair submitted, a 30 day drug history will be provided. So if you suspect the individual may be using marijuana it is important to remember that you are also testing for those illicit drugs.
Results are obtained when you order a PDT-90 hair drug test by calling a toll-free number and providing your unique, anonymous and confidential code number to the operator, who then tells you whether the test was negative or positive. Results are given in a report format that can tell you frequency of use information about each drug tested for, with the exception of marijuana (which is reported as either positive or negative). If you get tested before there are enough antibodies to detect, you may get a “false negative” result even if you have new HIV infection. These days we have powerful anti-retroviral medications to manage HIV infections that are so successful that often people with HIV are dealing with health issues related to aging more than complications from HIV. If your test is positive, one of our physicians will talk with you about your results and arrange for you to see a local HIV specialist who can guide you regarding additional testing, treatment and next steps, if appropriate.

We always recommend following up a negative test with a repeat 3 months after an exposure to confirm a negative result wasn’t related to testing too early. The doctor will explain your results, ask followup questions, and provide counsel on treatment, prescriptions, and further testing, if necessary.
If the hair is jumbled up it will be difficult for the lab to detect when and if drugs were used. The important thing is to not mix head hair and body hair together when submitting your drug test. It is important when collecting body hair to collect more hair than you would if collecting hair from the head though. If a sample is not collected properly and prepared as per the instructions it may be rejected by the laboratory. No more than that 1.5 inch of hair will be analyzed by the lab though, so if you want to learn about drug activity going back further than 90 days, you may want to submit body hair for your hair drug test.
If you are concerned about a recent sexual encounter, the HIV Early Detection Test can detect HIV sooner than the HIV Antibody test.
We talk about living with HIV, not dying from it, and we like to remind those with new HIV infections that they should not stop saving for retirement.
A positive HIV Antibody Test result means that signs of HIV were found, but a confirmation test should be run before making a diagnosis.
From the included Specimen ID Card, which has the unique ID number you will need to receive your results, peel off the Security Label and seal the Hair Specimen envelope. Therefore, if drug use was suspected a week ago, you could cut your hair sample as early as 37 days afterward. Be sure to mark on the security label when submitting your hair drug test whether you are submitting head hair or body hair. Body hair is thinner than hair from the head, and you need 100 strands of body hair or more when submitting your hair drug test. The best way to obtain a hair sample is with your loved one's knowledge and cooperation and by collecting as provided in the instructions. Place the envelope in the clear pouch and the pouch in the enclosed prepaid mailer to send the sample to the laboratory.
Results are limited to 90 days from the day the hair sample was taken, regardless of the length of the hair provided. In fact, the highest numbers of newly acquired case of HIV have been found in middle-aged adults ages 35 to 44. You cannot just cut an inch and a half of hair from the back of the head to perform this test. If the amount consumed by the individual was less than that it might not show up in a drug test.

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