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Our selection of non-prescription medications provide treatment for a number of common conditions including pain symptoms, cold, flu, and allergies. Note: If you need help accessing information in different file formats, see Instructions for Downloading Viewers and Players.
Over the counter medicines or OTC are essentially drugs that you can procure without having a prescription from your doctor. The Food and Drug Administration decides which drugs can be sold as over the counter medication. Typically, basic drugs like Aspirin, pain relievers and mild anti-allergic pills are licensed to be sold as over the counter medication. Come see our staff for a personalized consultation on which solution would be best for you. However, if you don’t have the time to ask for prescription medications, here are over the counter medications that can help alleviate the symptoms you have. Topical hydrocortisone is one of the most common as well as best over the counter medicine for eczema. When it comes to over the counter medication for eczema, antihistamines are entirely OTC medications. Eczema is the result of skin irritation caused by breaks in the skin, bacterial invasion, and use of harsh soaps.

There are numerous over the counter remedies for eczema, including ones that demand prescription, and all are evaluated to be effective in treating the dreaded skin condition. However, if eczema exacerbates, you need a plentiful amount of barrier repair moisturizer to lock water, repair damaged skin, and reduce itching as well as redness.
Sometimes, harsh soaps can cause dryness and breakage leading to bacterial infection thus resulting to eczema.
Hydrocortisone acts by calming the body’s immune response thus alleviating the exacerbation of symptoms.
Systemic corticosteroids must only be used in short periods of time since it may cause skin damage and bone loss. Antihistamines act by inhibiting the release of histamines that cause itching and allergic attack.
However, prior to taking such medication, one might need a doctor’s appointment since such medication can cause serious side effects such as hypertension and kidney problems. Mild soaps are good for eczema since it encourages the body’s own production of essential oil to heal skin. If you are under intensive medical treatment and take regular prescribed drugs for chronic medical afflictions like diabetes or hypertension, you must remain informed about which variants of painkillers or anti-allergic pills are best suited for you. When it comes to the best over the counter medicine for eczema, it still pays to consult a physician to fully cure eczema.

Even a harmless aspirin may react adversely with other medicines to put you in serious danger. Always practice caution while procuring over the counter medication.Over the Counter Vitamins - the Importanc Of VitaminsVitamins are natural supplements and boosters that your body needs.
Normally, the essential vitamins like Vitamin C or E are classified as over the counter vitamins. Most doctors certify the sale of free vitamins because they are essential components for your good health and well-being. Vitamin overdose can lead to a lot of unforeseen medical emergencies and conditions that may require serious medical assistance. For example, Vitamin A is no longer sanctioned as a component for multivitamins as it is known to cause birth defects if consumed in high and regular doses.Free Antibiotics - the Popular OnesAntibiotics are popular antibacterial drugs. Ailments like the common cold, influenza or even fever will make the consumption of antibiotics compulsory for you. These side effects can get worse if you don’t take the antibiotics that are best suited to your disposition.

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