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There are certain things I just can’t unplug all day long, so I bought these power strips to help me save. Don’t forget you can get this to your doorstep within 2 days for FREE with Amazon Prime. Our goal is to provide you with resources, from meal plans and recipes to debt management tips and budget tools, to equip you to become CEO¬†of your home.
Where you see a purple question mark you can hover your cursor over this symbol for more information.
Please be aware there are 2 different profile coefficients for domestic customers and 6 profile coefficients for business customers. The same principle is applied to gas, only this time the names are different to reflect the energy you are using. Please be aware there is one ALP for domestic customers which is used in the example above and a further 8 ALP for business customers.

The Registered Office of First Utility Limited is Point 3, Opus 40 Business Park, Haywood Road, Warwick CV34 5AH, UK Registered in England & Wales No. When you pay by variable direct debit you are paying for all of the energy you use (in the same way that you pay your telephone bill.) This bill is for the January period, remember winter bills are often higher value than summer bills.
Like electricity it is updated a couple of times a year depending on how often your existing supplier submitted your meter readings into the central database. Every energy company uses these companies to exchange data when customers switch or have a meter changed or read. We have the most detailed bills in the industry and are in regular consultation with consumer group Which? This is generally updated a couple of times a year depending on how often your previous supplier submitted meter readings to this centralised database. A typical domestic AQ is 20,500, meaning that a typical domestic customer would consume 20,500 kWh each year.

One of the key points that may delay us with creating your first bill when you switch to us is using these third parties to verify your opening meter reads.
Information needs to be collected regarding your meter read history with previous suppliers and this occasionally takes longer than we would like.
Each month we also need to verify your meter reads, if you are submitting them, before we can use them to calculate your bill.
If you have a smart meter and your reads are sent to us automatically, we still have to have these verified.

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