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PERIPHERAL GIANT CELL GRANULOMA: arising from the periosteum or periodontal membrane as a PURPLISH-red nodule consisting a mutlinucleated giant cells in a background of mononuclear cless and RBC's outside the bone on the gingiva or alveolar mucosa usually in the anterior to the molars. HERPAGINA: a nontreatable mild infection caused my a mixture of coxsackie A virus localized to the posterior soft palate and nasopharynx that onsist of multiple small shallow ulcers resembling a herpetic infection that lasts for approximately one week. HIV HAIRY LEUKOPLAKIA: white patches of teh lateral borders of the tongue with the tendecny for VERTICAL LINEAR FOLDS found in latency states of HIV+ patients with the thickened epithelium containing an upper zone of clear cells most of which contain EBV may be Unilateral or bilateral white with a corrugated vertrical appearance. MEDIAN RHOMBOID GLOSSITIS: Another Example permanent result of CANDIDA ALBICANS in conjuction with other factors. RECURRENT HERPES LABIALIS: Episodic occurrances of a cluster vesicles and shallow ulcers localiced to the lateral aspect of the lips in patients with latent herpes simplex. Episodic occurrances of an intraoral clusters of symptomatic shallow punctate ulcers, commonly but not exclusively on the mucosa overlying the greater palatine foramina typically appearing after dental procedures in the area, usually on gingiva firmly attached to the bone.
HERPES ZOSTER A regional occurrence of the Varicella-zoster Virus that appears are vesicular eruptions of the skin or mucosa in a distinctive unilateral pattern.
Recognize the CLASSIC SIGN: RED HALO commonly encoutered, painfull, superficial ulcers of the oral gland-bearing mucosa that occur episodically in clusters of one two five lessions.

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