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Side Note: Although there is no single nomenclature for writing chords and scale symbols, I will use what I feel is the most widely used. In the graphic below, I’ve written out all seven modes of the Melodic Minor scale in the key of C Minor. Let me remind you: Don’t wait until you have these modes completely under your fingers to use. About the Author – Joe Sanchez is a freelance musician with 30 years experience, playing National festivals, theaters, club circuits, private events, session work, and clinics. Welcome to our Free Piano Chords section where you learn how to build all kinds of chords in all keys. Next in our free piano chords lesson, we take a look at diminished chords and the notes which form them. Diminished chords are triads as well, and consist of three notes, the root, flat third, and flat fifth of the scale. Looking for a piano chord chart with pictures of the piano keyboard? Check out our Free Piano Chords Chart pages. Next in this free piano chords lesson we learn how to build a seventh suspended fourth chord. A minor ninth chord is formed by combining the root, ?3rd, 5th, ?7th and 9th of the major scale. Next, in our free piano chords lesson we learn how to build a thirteenth flat ninth flat fifth chord. Dermatitis herpetiformis is a VERY itchy rash (more on that below), but it can also be an important clue to solving your IBS puzzle.
If you have IBS symptoms and an itchy, burning rash, you may have celiac sprue disease or some other gluten intolerance.
One very common cause of dermatitis herpetiformis is a problem digesting gluten, which is a protein found in many grains. In fact dermatitis herpetiformis is often called other names like celiac rash, or gluten rash. If you have IBS symptoms like cramping, chronic diarrhea, chronic constipation and also have the skin rash described above, there’s a good chance you have gluten intolerance or celiac sprue disease. If gluten was causing your IBS symptoms, and those go away too, so much the better (I haven’t eaten gluten for years!). Otherwise… There are other kinds of food intolerance that can cause a dermatitis herpetiformis rash or something that looks similar. There are also medications, and antibiotics that your doctor can prescribe to help this agony. White (caucasion) people are much more likely to get dermatitis herpetiformis than Black or Asian people.
I admit I don’t know much about lupus rash, but I just read about it, and it seems it CAN come and go.

It’s also one of the most important scales on which to learn to improvise, because some of the most important chords in Jazz come directly from the modes of the Melodic Minor scale.
Remember to play these exercises through all 15 Melodic Minor scales, not just a few favorites in which you are comfortable.
Over the years he has played and recorded across many genres of music, including Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Rock, Top 40, Afro-Cuban and Latin Jazz.
We shall start with major chords, then move to minor, diminished, augmented, dominant seventh, minor seventh, major seventh, minor sixth, major sixth chords and so on.
This chord consists of four notes, the root, flat third, flat fifth and double flat seventh of the scale. We shall take things a little further and look at major sixth, minor sixth, seventh ?5th, seventh ?5th, major 7th ?3rd, minor 7th ?5th and seventh suspended 4th piano chords. A 7th suspended 4th chord is formed by combining four notes, the root, 4th, 5th and ?7th of the major scale. To form a 9th augmented 5th chord you combine the root, 3rd, ?5th, ?7th, and 9th of the major scale.
To form a 9th flatted 5th chord you combine the root, 3rd, ?5th, ?7th, and 9th of the major scale. A seventh flat nine chord is formed by combining the root, third, fifth, flat seventh, and flat ninth of the major scale. To form an augmented 9th chord you use the root, 3rd, 5th, ?7th and ?9th of the major scale. We shall learn how to build eleventh, augmented eleventh, thirteenth, thirteenth ?9, and thirteenth ?9?5 chords.
An augmented eleventh chord consists of the root, 3rd, 5th, flat 7th, 9th and sharp 11th of the major scale. To build a thirteenth chord you use the root, 3rd, 5th, flat 7th, 9th, 11th and 13th of the major scale.
To form a 13th flat nine chord you use the root, 3rd, 5th, flat 7th, flat 9th, 11th and 13th of the major scale. To form a 13th flat nine flat five chord you use the root, 3rd, flat 5th, flat 7th, flat 9th, 11th and 13th of the major scale. Dermatitis herpetiformis is a rash that is closely tied with gluten intolerance and… Gluten intolerance can cause IBS symptoms. One reason I keep using the technical name is because gluten or celiac sprue are not ALWAYS the cause.
AFTER your gluten antibody tests, you can try a food elimination diet or food challenge diet. I was just reading that if you have the genes for it, celiac disease can be “activated” by surgery, pregnancy, childbirth, viral infection, or even severe emotional stress!!!!!
Did you do some kind of allergy testing with them, or did you you do a food elimination diet?

I read the brain bending science gunk and the wild rumors, then do my best to turn it all into something useful and readable for folks like you and me. In this lesson we’ll break down the Melodic Minor modes and their corresponding 7th chords. Begin your work as I described in my first lesson – sing the scale (without playing it), first using the letters, then the corresponding numbers. Share it with your friends using the tiles below, and hit the LIKE button if you’re of a mind! These blisters often burst or get scratched open because the skin is so irritated and itchy.
Because the protein is stuck to parts of the intestinal tract, the person’s bowels can be irritated, inflamed and damaged by eating gluten.
In other words you can try completely avoiding gluten for a little while and see what happens.
I was diagnosed with IBS a few months ago after suffering for some time with bloating, incredible pain, constipation etc etc – you know the drill. I would strongly suggest going to see you medical professional before changing your diet (which is a real pain in the butt). If you stop eating gluten for a while, then get tested, the test will say you don’t have the antibody. It’s probably a good idea to work with a dietitian so you get enough vitamins and minerals, etc.
More recently (the past 6 months) I have been suffering with an itchy rash on my neck and bottom of my jaw line which flares up for what seems like no apparent reason.
True to his belief that learning should be ongoing endeavor, Joe has studied extensively with Matthew Garrison, and also studied with John Patitucci and Lincoln Goines.  Joe proudly endorses Fodera Basses. It can also cause anemia and other vitamin deficiencies because the damaged bowels don’t absorb food properly.
The doctor said it was most likely eczema and gave me some steriod cream for it but it didn’t do anything. There is no test for Lupus, they just rule out other things so I will definitely be mentioning this next time I go in. If you have a keyboard, it’s also a great idea to sound the chords as you play the scales, so that you hear how the notes move through the chord. Thank you for this post, I would have never thought these things might be linked (and the tiredness, the hayfever, aching joints etc etc).

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