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Prostate cancer is the most common malignancy in males (except for skin cancers) and the second for causing more deaths, being second only to lung cancer.
Despite the high mortality, most prostate cancers tend to have slow growth, being restricted to the prostate years without causing metastasis.
The prostate is a gland the size of a walnut (3cm in diameter) with approximately 20 grams of weight and present only in males. The prostate is part of the male reproductive system and is responsible for secretion of a fluid alkaline (high pH) which protects the sperm from the acidic environment of the vagina and increases their mobility, facilitating the arrival of the same egg. How does close relationship with the urethra cause changes in the size of the prostate compressing it and making it difficult to drain the urine, leading to symptoms of prostatism, will be explained further. As the prostate leans against the rectum, it can be palpated by digital rectal examination, one of the simplest methods of evaluation of the gland.
We do not know that prostate cancer arises and there are few risk factors, the main thing is the age, this cancer is rare in patients younger than 40 years and extremely common after 80 years.
Because prostate cancer tends to have slow growth, remaining asymptomatic for many years, many older people have the disease and do not know about it. Prostate cancer Symptoms of prostate cancer usually occur due to obstruction of the urethra by the tumor. Instead of benign prostatic hyperplasia which is symmetrical and grows in the prostate uniform, the prostate tumor is located and has irregular growth. In the illustration we show two examples of prostate cancer: the left, which grew up next to the urethra causing its compression and to the right the one that comes out of the urethra and causes urinary symptoms only when being very large.
Here it is noteworthy that, for the reasons explained in the previous paragraphs, these urinary symptoms are more common in benign prostatic hyperplasia than in prostate cancer. Currently the majority of prostate cancers are detected at early stages, before they cause symptoms, through the PSA, prostate ultrasound and digital rectal examination. Hematuria and hematospermia (blood in urine and semen respectively) may occur in prostate cancer, but are not common symptoms.
Some patients, who are not tested for disease screening, can only find out when the prostate tumor metastases begin to cause symptoms. To avoid situations like these, international urological societies recommend screening for prostate cancer for all men over 45 years old.
The above score evaluates the severity of prostatic symptoms, but does not differentiate between BPH, prostatitis and cancer. The PSA is a marker of prostate disease, collected by blood tests, which rises in BPH, and especially in prostate cancer.
When the PSA and digital rectal examination raise suspicion of neoplasia, a prostate biopsy should be performed. Once the diagnosis of cancer is made, you should evaluate the degree of invasion (tumor stage) and aggressiveness (Gleason score).
The Gleason score is obtained after analysis of prostate biopsy, going 1-10, the higher is the value, the more aggressive cancer are the cells. Patients with signs of local tumor invasion, Gleason 6 or PSA greater than very high, there is a high risk of disseminated disease and bone scintigraphy must be performed to identify possible bone metastases. For more detailed information for the treatment of prostate cancer read about medicine Casodex. It is important to realise though, that very early prostate cancer generally does not cause any symptoms at all. Cancer that has spread to other areas of the body is called metastatic or secondary prostate cancer. Other symptoms that may occur are weight loss, particularly in elderly men, and difficulty getting an erection (where you haven’t had difficulty before). The information presented on this website is not intended as specific medical advice and is not a substitute for professional medical treatment or diagnosis. Prostate cancer is almost certain death because at this point the body is being affected by age. Obese men also run the risk of having prostate cancer as excess fat in the body is already affecting and causing a strain on the body’s organs. If a man is suffering from prostate gland issues already, then it is pretty obvious that he may develop the signs and symptoms of prostate cancer as well.
A lot of people are not aware of this, but this is actually one of the main causes behind the prostate cancer. Lifestyle or the way you spend your each and every day of your life can be a reasons which might trigger the prostate cancer.
During prostate cancer, doctors recommend that person to take some good amount of rest to give the lower abdominal portion and the gland involved in urination to be in a rest phase as well.
If a person is consuming good amounts of calcium, then he might be going through the phase of prostate cancer.
If a person consumes low amount of water, then he will be suffering from prostate gland problems. Suppose you need to urinate but when your in the toilet it takes time for the urine to start, this is the first sign of prostate cancer.
There may be three explanations as to why your urinary tract burns when you urinate, firstly it is possible you are suffering with an infection, secondly you may have a kidney stone and thirdly you may be suffering with prostate cancer. Sometimes prostate cancer can cause sores on the urinary tract these sores can bleed at times therefore it is quite normal for a prostate cancer patient to be wary of the fact at some point blood will be coming out with his urine.
Semen in the urine shows that there is a sever irregularity in the functioning of your reproductive system, which is your prostate in particular. If you’re suffering from prostate cancer, then one might be facing some serious difficulty in erection as well. A person will be facing an urge to urinate during night time if they are suffering from urine prostate cancer.
It is located at the base of the bladder and surrounds the initial part of the urethra, the tube that carries urine from the bladder to the penis.

An enlarged or irregular prostate size due to the presence of a tumor can be easily identified by this method.
It is a tumor that is usually indolent, slowly growing and may remain asymptomatic for several years. As humans began to live longer, the diseases of the prostate begin to become increasingly frequent. In fact, it is estimated that between 50% and 80% of men above 80 years have prostate cancer at some stage of its development. However, because the disease tends to progress slowly, this obstruction usually becomes apparent only in advanced stages of cancer as well. Therefore, depending on the area where the cancer arises, there may be no compression of the urethra and, therefore, symptoms of an enlarged prostate. In these cases you must also think of kidney stones, urinary tract infection or bladder cancer.
The vast majority of cases of erection difficulties in the elderly are not caused by prostate cancer. If the tumor arises away from the urethra, it will cause metastases before they cause urinary symptoms. The differential diagnosis involves a digital rectal examination, the measurement of PSA, transrectal ultrasound and prostate biopsy.
The prostate surrounds the first part of the tube (urethra) which carries urine from the bladder to the penis.
The growth and function of the prostate depends on the male sex hormone testosterone, which is produced in the testes. If you would like to know more about the Prostate and Prostate Cancer, please drop us an email with your name and address explaining that you would like some information. Believe me, these are not good odds — and this is not a disease you want to mess around with. Brownstein recently collaborated with Newsmax Health to make available a special male health video presentation: The 5 Early Warning Signs of Prostate Cancer.
Brownstein will also reveal how using certain prescription drugs to relieve the symptoms of an enlarged prostate can actually increase your risk for prostate cancer. Click here now to prevent or defeat annoying and potentially deadly prostate problems — before it’s too late! The prostate is a small walnut sized organ that is located in the man’s reproductive system, exclusively in the urethra and deals with the exclusion of urine from the body. Above the age of 60 a man starts to reduce fighting off bacteria as white blood cells reduce. Our bones grow weak, our strength starts to wane, we no longer feel like we could run that extra mile.
And in your old age when your body is not able to function like it used to obesity can cause something as fatal as prostate cancer so stay healthy at all times to stay safe. If you come from an African-American background then you have a high chance of developing the problems of prostate cancer better than anyone. A person suffering from prostate cancer should blame this reason at the first place, since residing in an unhygienic environment can make him sick easily and can also lead to urine infection which can further trigger prostate cancer. People don’t really know about this but it is one of the most potential prostate cancer causes. Consuming low amounts of water can be one of the prime issues of dealing with prostate gland issues. At this point the cancer forming on the prostate is reducing function thus causing a delay in urination. The burning may be due to the build up of urine in the prostate because of the irregular flow. If this occurs a doctor is required immediately before there is further harm to your prostate. Though the prostate is small it has a very important role to play in your reproductive system and when this is tampered with then it is a possibility that the system shall be corrupted. A lot of men experience this and this can be said to be one of the most potential prostate cancer symptoms. There are a number of cases, when a person suffering from prostate cancer can get an early checkup and also put an end to such pain and aches as well. Since both diseases are very common in the elderly people, the patient may even have hyperplasia and cancer together, but the symptoms are usually caused by the first. The next illustration shows an example of tumor that is not detectable by digital rectal examination. When they occur in patients with advanced age they cannot be processed, since the risks and consequences of treatment are not justified on one with a life expectancy less than that required for tumor progression. Tumors with metastases are treated with drugs that are hormonal blockade (inhibition of testosterone) and generally have a poor prognosis. Sometimes the first symptoms are from prostate cancer cells which have spread to your bones.
In this video, you’ll discover how easy it is to keep your prostate healthy, reverse an enlarged or inflamed prostate that makes urination difficult and painful, and protect yourself from cancer in this vital gland.
Brownstein is also the author of 11 best-selling books on major health topics, and editor of one of the most popular health advisory newsletters in America — Dr. The prostate plays a key role in the functioning of both a man’s reproductive system and his waste system. Old age is wrought with many diseases with prostate cancer being one of the more serious ones.
Along with physical restrictions old age also brings with it problems like heart problems and breathing problems. This is because alcohol is exiting your body via your urinary tract therefore in your old age if you consume too much alcohol you run the risk of upsetting your prostate which may cause gas in the area followed by sores which is then followed by prostate cancer.

Generally during prostate cancer, a tumor starts to develop i the prostate gland and this is one of the reasons behind the spread of severe prostate cancer. This is one of the most sighted issues in men and generally in men belonging from such clans. There are more than one type of prostate cancer but somehow all of them are related to this symptom.
A person living a bad lifestyle will be suffering from some serious health issues which may also include prostate gland problems and other issues such as urine infection, and even stomach discomforts. Calcium can easily trigger the occurrence of prostate cancer and this is one of those basic reasons why a person will face some serious prostate gland issues and later on have to be hospitalized for his prostate gland condition.
These discomforts don’t go away generally and it can take a bad turn for which the individual might have to be admitted in an hospital.
This is the early stage so it is treatable though not completely this will give you a fair fighting chance before the disease takes over your body completely. This shows there is an irregularity in the flow of urine through your prostate indicating a possible cancer. Semen in small amounts in your urine will show you that you might be suffering with prostate and need doctors help immediately. Red and Processed MeatEating a lot of red and processed meats is unhealthy for several reasons, one of which is it may increase your risk of prostate cancer. Though it is common knowledge that prostate cancer normally affects people who are above 60 years of age it is not rare that a young spritely man in his twenties does not get this cancer.
Old age also brings the problem of prostate, prostate normally occurs in people of the older age because it deals in the malfunctioning of the urinary gland. One should detect and get rid of it in the fist place only as if it spreads then it can make a man really sick.
Cancer on your prostate slows down the functioning of you kidneys and reproductive system therefore it is extremely likely that at some point you will find it difficult to urinate freely. This is one of those signs and symptoms through which one can detect if they are suffering from prostate cancer or not. Studies show that men who ate the most red meat were 12 percent more likely to develop prostate cancer and 33 percent more likely to have advanced cancer than those who ate the least amount of red meat.2.
There are several causes of alcohol which all lead o the death of the man suffering with prostate cancer. If you are having trouble urinating get yourself checked for two things, one is a kidney stone and one is prostate cancer. Generally these people have a bad physical upbringing and get addicted to foul medications pretty easily (exceptions are possible), which is why they get addicted to alcohol and develop the different signs of prostate cancer. Asian people suffer from the symptoms of prostate cancer the most due to this particular reason. Non-organic MeatNonorganic meat encompasses the majority of the meat available on the market, including beef, pork, lamb, veal, and poultry raised using conventional methods that involve the use of hormones, antibiotics, and steroids, as well as animals being fed food they were not meant to eat. Among all men, the lowest number men with prostate gland issues belong from Asian and Latin American background. A person suffering from prostate cancer will be facing some severe issues such as a person is not supposed to eat a super heavy diet as he grows up If he maintains a rich diet, then he might be facing some sever gastric issues as well.
Cattle, for example, evolved to eat grass, but they are fed corn, soybeans, and other grains because it fattens them up faster for slaughter. Studies have shown that even though it has been found in younger men it is quite rare in men below the age of 40. One, the American Cancer Society notes there is evidence that high intake of calcium, mostly through supplements and dairy foods, has been linked with a greater risk of prostate cancer, especially aggressive cancer.
Two, many dairy foods are high in fat and cholesterol, and may also contain hormones, all of which can have a negative impact on prostate health4.
Canned Tomatoes and Tomato ProductsAlthough it is true tomatoes and tomato products support and promote prostate health, especially because of their high lycopene content, you should avoid tomato foods packaged in cans. The resin linings of tin cans contain bisphenol-A (BPA), a synthetic estrogen that can leach into the tomatoes because they are acidic. The lining of the bags in which microwave popcorn is popped contains chemicals, including perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) that may be associated with infertility in humans. Because PFOA accumulates in the body, scientists worry that the chemical may reach a cancer-causing level in people who are exposed to it for too long.
Nonorganic PotatoesPotatoes can be a very good nonfat, high-fiber food choice, but beware: they are exposed to several doses of poisons. Potatoes absorb herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides from the soil, they are treated with fungicides while they are growing, the vines are sprayed with herbicides before harvest, and then once the potatoes are dug up, they are treated again to prevent them from sprouting.
French Fries and Potato ChipsFrench fries and potato chips are two popular foods in the United States, and also among the most unhealthy. One reason is that deep fried potatoes and potato chips are laden with saturated fat and salt.
Two, potatoes contain an amino acid called asparagine, which when heated to more than 248 degrees Fahrenheit (as in frying and baking) can form acrylamide, a substance determined to be a a€?probable human carcinogena€? by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, based on studies in lab animals.
Imagine the catfish that's sold in the markets, most of them are fed with hormones and chemicals. These chemicals are accumulated in their fats and are dangerous to humans when consumed on the long run.

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