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If you want to save a significant amount of money at home, one of the most rewarding things you can do is to minimize your home energy use. A home energy assessment (sometimes referred to as an energy audit) will show what parts of your house use the most energy and suggest the best ways to cut energy costs. Planning smart purchases and home improvements will maximize your energy efficiency and save you the most money. A more advanced alternative to performing a DIY energy assessment is to get advice from your state energy office, utility, or an independent energy auditor (see References for professional organizations). You may have noticed that the pie chart presented in the above article does not include transportation-related costs, which are normally a large part of our living costs. Using an acronym isna€™t always the best way to market a product, so herea€™s hoping that consumers wona€™t ignore this one because it has an odd name. Smappee CEO and founder Stefan Grosjean says awareness leading to behavior change, plus the ability to remotely power devices off with Smappee Comfort Plugs, will reduce the typical consumera€™s energy bill by 12 percenta€”enough to pay for the device in about one year.
Smappee says its sensor can identify a refrigerator's energy consumption discretely from that of a toaster. Youa€”or an electrician, if you dona€™t feel comfortable working inside your breaker boxa€”clamp a pair of sensors to the main power lines coming from the grid into your circuit-breaker panel.
The sensors measure fluctuations in the magnetic field emanating from the electrons flowing through the cables and send the information to the Smappee box.
The box uploads this data to the cloud via your Wi-Fi network, where Smappeea€™s servers analyze these patterns, disaggregating the data to identify the consumption signature for each device in your home. Grosjean says Smappee can measure consumption down to a single watt, but its technology wona€™t be able to uniquely identify a device consuming that little power. Smappee has also developed very low-cost plug-in modules that can be used to remotely power-off devices.
The Smappee app reports on each device's energy consumption throughout the day, week, month, and year. Smappee also supports IFTTT, Applea€™s Homekit, and Googlea€™s a€?Works with Nesta€? protocol to make it easy to integrate with other smart-home devices. If your home uses solar panels that are connected to your breaker panel, an additional sensor will report the energy those panels are generating, so that you can measure your homea€™s net energy consumption (or production, as the case may be). The Smappee app offers tips for reducing your homea€™s energy consumption, and it uses gamification techniques to motivate energy conservation. The standard Smappee will be priced at $249, with the model capable of supporting solar panels selling for $349. Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores. Michael is TechHive's lead editor and covers the connected-home and home-entertainment markets. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. That is easy and you are now saving 100% on the electric bill, because the appliance can no longer draw any electricity through the plug to maintain a standby mode if your Paper Shredder even has that feature. Another tremendous drawback caused by us when using Paper Shredders is that most of us fail to recycle the shredded paper collected in the bin. If you’d like to reduce your electricity bill, it can pay to do a full energy and efficiency audit of your home, and to then take action on some of the lower-hanging fruit of efficiency measures, such as adding better insulation, installing a smarter thermostat, switching to LED lighting, killing vampire energy devices, and upgrading appliances to more efficient models.
After those aspects of home electricity consumption are addressed, the next best thing you can do to reduce your electricity bill is by investing in renewable energy, which can put money back in your pocket, month after month, for the next couple of decades (at least). The way our residential energy infrastructure is set up makes complete sense historically, because other than a home boiler or furnace (which burned oil or coal on-site for heat), it was the standard to generate energy (often by burning coal or natural gas) in a central location and then distribute it to individual homes as electricity. Why should we burn a dirty fuel off-site, and then send it across the county or city (with losses along the way), when we can tap in to a virtually limitless source of energy that produces no pollution, right on the roof of our house?
For home or business owners looking to reduce their electricity bills with solar, there are at least a couple of options to choose from, depending on the physical location of the building, the amount of cash or credit available to the owners, and the amount of rebates or solar incentives in that city or state. Outright ownership of a home solar energy system is the other big option, and although it requires a bit more up-front, the long-term savings are much better, and homeowners can also take advantage of the solar incentives, which they can’t with a solar lease. The third option, which is not available in all areas, is participating in a community solar project, or solar garden, which allows residents to purchase as few as a single solar panel to as many as it would take to offset a significant portion of their electricity use.

Granted, not every home or business is going to be able to reduce electricity bills and benefit from solar in exactly the same way, simply due to the wide variety of different situations. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. You can conduct a simple home energy assessment by doing it yourself (DIY) or, for a more detailed assessment, contact your local utility or an energy auditor.
To determine the insulation R-values in different parts of your home, visit the Air Leaks and Insulation section. A professional energy auditor uses special test equipment to find air leaks, areas lacking insulation, and malfunctioning equipment. He has a passion for solving environmental challenges using a common sense, pragmatic approach whenever possible.
Smappee (ita€™s a sort of an acronym for Smart App for Energy Efficiency) is a sensor that measures the total electrical power that your home draws from the grid. He also admitted that major appliancesa€”washing machines, air conditioners, and refrigerators, for instancea€”can drown out lower-power devices. Grosjean described a scenario where you could write an IFTTT recipe that would turn the lights on in your bedroom when the morning coffee is ready (because the coffee makera€™s energy consumption would drop off after it completes its brewing cycle). Smappee is new to the North American market, but Grosjean says the concept was fine-tuned for more than a year in Belgium and the Netherlands before being rolled out to the rest of Europe. The app will also support multiple sensors, so you can set one up in your primary home and a second in your vacation home, and track them both with the same app. Smappee is sending us an evaluation unit, so look for our hands-on review in the coming weeks. Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links.
He built his own smart home in 2007, which he uses as a real-world test lab when reviewing new products. However, if you do want one for any type of security reason (identity theft, etc.) then please turn on your Paper Shredder only when used. The constantly evolving world in which all businesses must operate necessitate a commitment to being energy efficient. And our dependence on dirty energy sources, such as coal, for electricity generation is also hitting us where it hurts, in the form of increased air pollution and poor air quality, which has been implicated in both short- and long-term health issues, especially in children. However, the amount of electricity used at home was much less then than it is now, and with our heating systems now shifted to electric-based devices instead of furnaces and boilers, and with the addition of electric air conditioning systems and an exponentially larger number of appliances and gadgets in the home, it’s starting to make less and less sense. Generating electricity on-site, with a rooftop solar system, and sending the excess on to the grid for neighbors to use, offers a cleaner and more efficient (not to mention more direct) way of powering homes and businesses. As a result, leasing as a pathway to solar has taken off, with some 70% of the US homes going solar choosing a solar lease. Financing a rooftop solar array can be done in a variety of ways now, from PACE loans to conventional loans to solar-specific loan vehicles, and while cash on the barrel is still the cheapest option (avoiding interest payments), financing this renewable energy investment will still yield a return as good as (or better than) investing in the stock market or buying a bank CD (certificate of deposit). The community solar owners then receive a credit for the power produced by those panels, which reduces their electricity bill by that amount. If you don’t use much electricity to begin with, the payback period for solar is going to be much longer.
Stay up to date on the latest news, ask questions, or just see what others interested in solar energy are saying. Yungrae Kim, Korea Energy Management Corporation, Korea at the IEA DSM Programme workshop in Seoul, Korea on 18 April 2007.
The auditor analyzes how well your home’s energy systems work together, and compares the analysis to your utility bills.
When not here on this web site, Rik works as a principal environmental consultant for a global engineering and environmental consulting firm. That's not unique, but Smappee's ability to uniquely identify each appliancea€”large and smalla€”is new.
And while Smappee can identify electrical consumption from home lighting, it wona€™t be able to tell you which light is powered on. The company has also released an open API to encourage other manufacturers to tap into Smappeea€™s capabilities.

Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. Do not leave them on waiting around for hours, days, or weeks to shred one page of bank correspondence.
You can mount your Power Strip on the side or back of the table so it is within easy reach. The good news is that we can address both of those issues on a very personal level, by having a home solar energy system installed, which costs much less than you might think. For buildings with appropriately sized and sited solar arrays, the owners or residents can reduce electricity bills anywhere from 25 to 100%, while also lowering peak energy prices for everyone and helping to make the local grid more resilient.
After the initial payback period (5-7 years, depending on the situation), a home solar system will continue to reduce electricity bills for decades afterward, with little to no maintenance or additional costs. This option may cost more per watt than a complete solar system which is owned outright, and won’t yield any of the national solar tax credit benefits, but can be a feasible method of getting started going solar without committing to a home-sized system.
After gathering information about your home, the auditor will recommend cost-effective energy improvements that enhance comfort and safety. And because they operate on a very low frequency (43MHz) they should offer excellentA range.
This will allow you to shut off your Shredder and then turn off the switch on the Power Strip stopping all electrical consumption. And, by pairing home solar with an electric car, the payback time on the solar array is shortened, while also cutting fuel costs to near zero.
For older homes that will need a new roof in the next few years, it may make much more sense to do that first (and to add a lot more insulation above the ceiling at the same time) than to install solar panels and then have to remove them for the roofing project and re-install them just a few years later.
Consumers will be able to program the app to power-off devices automaticallyA when low energy consumption indicates the house is probably vacant, but someone forgot to turn off a lamp or TV. When a screen or a computer is not being used, they should be put into sleep mode to reduce the amount of electricity they are using. Leaving computers and screens turned on whilst someone has their lunch break will cost the company hundreds over the course of a year, yet it will take a few clicks to tun everything off for the hour.Indeed, it has become pretty common practice to leave a computer on in hibernation mode over night to save the employee a few minutes in the morning. This means that the computer has been drawing electricity all night long for no really productive value. However, a full kettle being boiled for a single cup of coffee, is one of the biggest wastes of energy in an office.
Thinking through how many times this would happen in a day in a typical office will immediately show you how much you could save.A coffee machine will only boil enough water for one cup, which will take a fraction of the time a full kettle will take to boil. The machine will only ever boil enough water for one cup, even though it will store a whole kettle’s worth of water.
Most offices lose the majority of their heat through the windows, when a simple solution would greatly reduce this and keep the heat in. A set of blinds can be hung in a window in under 5 minutes, but will immediately create a barrier to both the heat leaving the office and the cold transferring through the window into the office. A set of blinds can be opened in the summer to allow the sunlight into the office and shut to keep the heat in.
The blinds can also offer a degree of privacy to open plan offices which are only separated by glass walls.If blinds are not a practical solution due to the position of the windows, a glazing film can be put onto the window to act as a transparent reflective surface. By reducing the amount of heat leaving, you are immediately reducing the amount of energy needed to keep the office comfortable.None of these suggestions are going to take over the working day.
They can go completely unnoticed by employees and yet become one of the first things which the accountants see on the monthly reports. Turning off a computer, installing blinds and only boiling the water you need may seem miniscule, but will clearly impact your energy consumption.A post by C.

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