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This will directly affect our wallets, so reducing energy consumption will definitely be a goal for governments, for cities, and for the individual over the next 10 to 15 years and even longer. This includes eating the house, leaving lights on, heating water for showers and baths, and the use of gasoline to driver cards.
Look for energy reducing devices, such as LED lights or fluorescent lights, energy-efficient appliances, better gas mileage cars and so on. It is amazing how quickly the dollars can add up when you’re saving or reducing your energy consumption. This is just the start in terms of reducing energy consumption and putting more dollars in your wallet. Analyze your savings to figure out how much you’re actually saving by reducing energy consumption in your daily life and that of your family. For some the scientific reasons to reduce energy consumption aren't enough incentive to switch off their appliances, which is why this app is offering cash rewards.

Ohmconnect aims to reduce energy consumption by monitoring energy use nationwide to determine what they call #OhmHour. It is pretty simple, just look at everything you do and ask yourself am I using energy that I’m paying for out of my wallet. How many times have you made special trips for an item that could have waited until the next day when you’re driving past that store anyway. Everything you do and everything you purchase should have the idea of reducing energy consumption in mind. For example if you can turn the temperature on your furnace down by a couple of degrees at night you probably will save two or three dollars a day in reduced energy usage. Apply the same approach to turning lights off, washing dishes with a fully loaded dishwasher, washing clothes with a fully loaded wash machine and dryer, reducing your trips by car, walking instead of riding in a car, and combining errands to allow you to make one trip instead of several.
Ohmconnect is a mobile application that lets homeowners know the best time to turn off their devices.

According to Springwise, major energy companies use a combination of power sources, which makes it difficult for customers concerned about their carbon footprint to detect where their exact energy comes from. Users gain points whenever they power down and participate in #OhmHour, which gets them cash. If if history can be relied on, the price of gasoline is going from $.26 a gallon, can you believe that!, Two over four dollars a gallon in the last 20 or 30 years.
Over the winter, let’s assume four months, or 120 days, that is close to $400-$500 in savings depending on how much you decrease the temperature and how large home you have. We can fully expect the cost of gasoline to continue to increase and that will drive everything higher including heating or homes, driving our cars, and even the price of our groceries that we purchase.

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