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Coca Cola in Japan has announced that it has voluntarily been striving to reduce power consumption in its vending machines in an effort to address the power shortages that have affected Japan since the earthquake. The effort will run from December 2011 through until March 2012 and will conduct energy saving measures by stopping compressor functions in the peak hours. The heat pump technology mentioned is a technology which actually absorbs the heat from the surrounding atmosphere and converts it into electricity by using a compressor.
Since the announcement, Coca Cola have also decided that starting in 2012 that, wherever possible, new vending machines will have LED lighting for the product displays which use much less energy than standard light bulbs. It is expected that these new energy saving advances in Japan are likely to be used across the world in all new Coca Cola vending machines as a means of protecting the environment and costing less money to run. A new theory on why we have such biodiverse islands, while some are literally desert has been long in coming, but itA’s here. We donA’t know whether captive breeding or supplementary feeding should be the answer for what has been a successful programme for the bearded vulture or lammergeier. When dolphins are 'rescued' in various countries, the car given seems to be ill-considered. An extraordinary revolution is transforming our world a€“ real-time connectivity is fundamentally changing the way we innovate, collaborate, produce, govern and live sustainably. Mobility, broadband and cloud are the primary enablers of change where 15 billion connected; video enabled devices by 2020 will drive an appetite for video that will create unprecedented challenges and opportunities. A career with Ericsson offers outstanding opportunities for professional and personal development in a truly global organization.
Built around the capabilities of the 32-bit ARM7TDMI-S microprocessor core, the FRIDA II platform integrates brand new hardware and firmware that has been optimized to guarantee the highest efficiency at any point of operation. Exploiting the possibilities offered by its core processora€™s fast response and computational abilities, the embedded firmware integrates an ultra-fast response-loop algorithm.
Ericssona€™s proprietary dead-time control algorithm has also been augmented with additional functionalities to reduce switching power losses and ease component stress during switching, even further increasing the outstanding reliability of the original FRIDA I platform.
Compared to the FRIDA I platform, the implementation of a highly advanced power controller, in conjunction with control algorithms, has made it possible to reduce the number of components used in the FRIDA II platform by approximately 10%. The first product based on the FRIDA II platform will be a quarter-brick advanced bus converter, called the BMR456, which will deliver an output power of 400W and above; followed by a new eighth-brick format device, the BMR457, which will deliver an output power of 250W and above.
Over the last few years, we saw numerous new battery technologies being proposed by different research institutes. If you cannot increase the amount of charge available for your device, the next best thing is to increase the amount of work that it can do with the same amount of charge. Fortunately, all the latest components available play a part in helping engineers design more efficient circuits.
Another important aspect is the quiescent current of the components being used in the system. Abhishek Kumar, business development manager-power management, Texas Instruments (India), shares, “Quiescent current is important because battery life is determined by the total current drain composed of quiescent current (mainly in standby conditions) and load current. Mobile devices typically have their operating systems tuned for better battery life by making several special features available to designers. Power system designers are demanding even higher input voltage ranges from their component power suppliers. To know how to select low-power MCUs for your project, you may please refer to “How to Select A Microcontroller” article published in Dec.
Abhishek advises design engineers to keep in mind many factors in their system architecture and design during development.
These idle modes ensure that the system merely sips power when not in use while at the same ensuring sufficient power for intensive number-crunching sessions.
At times it also becomes necessary to remove certain popular features or at least replace them with good alternatives.
Since the Internet of Things is already here, designers also need to consider the penalties of having an always-connected device. Pratul Schroff, MD of eInfoChips, advises, “In these cases, one thing that is being done is to scale down the processing speed or the clock speed, so that they only need low power. You can influence your system’s uptimeIt’s time designers stopped pointing to battery technology as the reason for awfully low uptime on their devices. New microcontrollers that reduce power consumption in Enabling advanced contextual computing functionality in next-generation handheld consumer devices, Texas Instruments (TI) has announced new MSP430 microcontrollers (MCUs) that reduce power consumption in "always on" applications like smart phones, tablets and accessories.

They will also further reduce power usage by reducing the amount of lighting used on the vending machines on the illuminated models outside during the day and will switch off all lighting 24 hours a day on vending machines that are installed in doors. Effectively, it means that vending machines with heat pumps can use the hot air expelled when cooling products to be used to heat up other warm goods in the vending machine.
They are also looking for further ways at producing vending machines that use less energy without compromising the user experience.
Now the Arctic is defrosting and sea levels even affect your seaside holiday, perhaps it is too late.
The answer is in this paper which tries to establish exactly how the future should be for this unique species, in both Europe and Central Asia. This was implemented to help reduce the power consumption by keeping the CPU in low power mode for longer periods. If you continue to browse the site, we assume you are fine with how we use cookies on the web. The companya€™s new FRIDA II platform integrates an unprecedented number of technical innovations and industry firsts to make a significant contribution in further reducing energy consumption. The platform offers a tightly regulated output voltage (2%) across the entire operational range a€“ from 36V to 75V a€“ together with an unprecedented output response to input disturbances such as line transients.
The algorithm adjusts parameters to guarantee output voltage will always be contained within a narrow band-gap, and remain tightly controlled whatever the input conditions, over the input voltage range from a low 36V to a high 75V.
This combined with a unique integrated transformer layout and the use of leading-edge power transistor technologies enables the FRIDA II platform to deliver the high level of performance required in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) applications. Through close cooperation with board and systems designers, the company was the first to release a 21st century power architecture that can be fully integrated into the rest of the digital chain of processors and associated components.
That is why we decided to check with the top engineers in the industry how they have been enhancing battery life in their devices. While working on a project that focuses on operating with very low power consumption, it is of paramount importance to choose components that improve the power system performance within the constraints of the project’s current budget.
The latest power switches offer very low resistance, standby and shutdown current, and also protect against current-overload and short-circuit conditions in a circuit.
A combination of these solutions will enable engineers to build more efficient circuits that would consume much less power. Quiescent current is the current flowing through the system or component when no load is being driven.
Faster, lower-loss switching topologies such as zero current switching, zero voltage switching and sine-amplitude conversion are allowing significant improvements in power system performance.
Android utilises a system called ‘wakelocks,’ which is a set of patches to the Linux kernel that allow a caller to prevent the system from going to low-power state. In all the embedded systems it is the software that controls the hardware and thus plays an important part in optimising the power of the system as a whole.
However, a monolithic converter is still required due to the complexity of the layout, EMI concerns and lack of performance, including an insufficient amount of power-output channels or load capabilities, etc. Power consumption by processor cores can be controlled in a big way by utilising the various sleep modes available. This is definitely much more complex than simply estimating how much current the CPU consumes when active. Therefore design the system to run as slow as practical in all the operating modes that you have decided,” advises T. Moreover, in our pursuit of better performance, we have moved away from proprietary cores towards ARM cores. It runs about 2.5 million lines of code on the Flash player, and that does take quite a bit of computation power. Typically, the operating frequency in a modern mobile device is 1 GHz but we scale it down to 20 MHz at other instances where processing power is enough to handle the data but the power consumption remains controlled. Milind Gandhe, associative vice president, semiconductor business line, explains how Sasken Communication Technologies ensures low power consumption in its designs: “Power consumption of the device is directly proportional to the leakage current. But given the unprecedented talking about carbon limitations and political action, the classic crunch could come next year, when there could be a slight cooling. They could even end up in commercial aquarium shows, but they certainly rarely make it back to the sea. Ever since I started using Linux I have been under the impression that because it's less bloated than Windows it would be much less power hungry.

Delivering lower power dissipation in end-customer systems a€“ decreasing the requirement for hard cooling a€“ the new platform will also bring higher reliability, lower CO2 emissions and lower Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO2). The platforma€™s integrated transformer and feedback components have also been specially designed to meet 2250 VDC isolation requirements for applications requiring this high level. However, no one is really sure how long it would take to get these new technologies into commercial form and therefore there is no point in waiting for them at this point of time. One way to do this is to utilise power saving techniques on top of your low-power components. On the other hand, the latest low-dropout regulators (LDOs) make less noise and offer high ripple rejection and low standby current.
For embedded designs, engineers can utilise microprocessor supervisory circuits, power switches and LDOs,” explains Kay Annamalai, director of marketing, Pericom Semiconductor. Nitin Gupta, lead engineer, µEnergy Applications, CSR India explains where and how to optimise. The technology to achieve this performance was developed in-house and utilises a clamp-switch to minimise losses in switching the main FET. Monolithic voltage converters are available with single output and multiple outputs,” adds Brian. Depending on the application being developed, standby current, peripheral current or data logging current may have a more significant impact on battery life than CPU power,” he shares. Power devices with dynamic voltage scaling as an inbuilt feature will help lower power consumption of the CPU in mobile devices,” adds Abhishek. This has enabled us to have different products, each targeted towards high performance, standard low power and even ultra-low power,” explains Affa Au, director-marketing, South Asia, Fujitsu Semiconductor Asia (Pte) Ltd. If it takes the device 0.5 second to come back up to operational speed, that is likely acceptable.
So we make sure that a lot of our designs are basically centered at minimising leakage current.
Covey once said, “Proactive people focus their efforts on their circle of influence.” Designing an efficient circuit is under your influence. Other industrial devices that have real-time control functions like a robot are more safety-oriented.
It was one of the main reasons for Adobe to discontinue support for Flash on the embedded side and support HTML 5 that is gaining a lot of acceptance today,” explains Mrinmoy Purkayastha, associate vice president-marketing, and Somenath Nag, director-business development and marketing, ALTEN Calsoft Labs.
Altera released a new white paper discussing their efforts to reduceFPGApower consumption in their latest process. You can also use parallel processing of the memory system to access more data in one access. The controller part probably consumes a small percentage of the energy use compared to the motor drives and so controller power saving is less desirable,” explains Brian Brown, vice president of marketing, embedded computing, Emerson Network Power. This paper discusses what they are doing in the area of IO power, Dynamic Power, and Static Power.
All of the new MSP430F525x microcontrollers include easy-to-use software and support to help designers get started quickly. Phoronix did a test last October to see the power consumption of XP, Vista, Fedora 8 and Ubuntu 7.10, you can see the results here.
The new MCUs are compatible with MSP430Ware software so developers can access code examples to simplify development and speed time to market.
Additionally, the new MCUs are code compatible with existing MSP430 devices, enabling a broader range of scalability across TI's ultra-low-power MCU portfolio.
I'm sure there are some very lean distros out there that use very little power but they tend not to be very user friendly.
All this however is not going to deter me from installing Ubuntu on the eee pc 1000.To help Linux users reduce their power usage, a handy little tool called PowerTop has been created.
This application will show you the software components that are preventing optimal usage of your hardware and make suggestions for both hardware and software configurations to reduce power consumption.

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