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Reflexology is an ancient healing art based on the principle that there are reflexes on the feet which correspond to every part, organ and gland of the body. Reflexology is an ancient healing art that has been around for thousands of years, practiced throughout history by many cultures. Modern day reflexology is largely based on techniques developed by Eunice Ingham, an American physiotherapist, in the 1930's. Another theory is that there is a network of energy pathways running through the body, similar to the traditional meridian system used in acupuncture.
A commonly held view is that toxins in the body build up and because of gravity, residue tends to end up in the feet. Reflexology improves circulation, the blood's capacity to carry vital nutrients where needed and remove toxins and waste products more efficiently. Reflexology also acts to reduce pain by encouraging the body to create endorphins and the gentle pressure applied to the reflexes interrupts the pain cycle.
Preventative health care can save a lot of time, money and frustrations and maintain a good quality of life. I first became interested in reflexology several years ago after a stressful situation in which my car was hit from behind in highway traffic. Since that time, I have never encountered a client who didn't truly enjoy a reflexology treatment.
Reflexology works to balance the body as a whole unit, therefore it can help with a variety of ailments such as migraines, back pain, menstrual problems, digestive complaints and depression to name a few. When it comes to disorders, it is important to realize that there is no such thing as an instant cure. As difficult as it is to design research studies for its effectiveness, there are surprisingly a lot of studies that have taken place all over the world. An American study was able to demonstrate that it significantly reduced symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome. Since I started practicing reflexology, I am repeatedly amazed at how accurately the feet reveal the state of the body. Anna Ambrosio is a Natural Health Therapist, certified Reflexologist and Holistic Nutritionist. Anna Ambrosio is a Natural Health Therapist, member of the National Association of Naturopaths and the Canadian Order of Practitioner's in Naturopathy.
The Reflexology acupressure therapy is more effective than any other non medicine user therapy. The highly effective and beneficial Jain Reflexology evolved by us after extensive research and development and is the advanced version of Reflexology Acupressure therapy. We have the following tests through which we can find out the best mode of treatment for staying fit and fine. If there is one therapy which stands all the tests listed above, it is decidedly Jain Reflexology. In ancient times, India was acknowledged as a prominent centre of knowledge, science and learning, where people from foreign countries used to come in their quest for acquiring knowledge. Acupressure Technique and the way it operates the technique of getting relief from ailments by exerting pressure on various reflex points in the body is called Jain Reflexology. According to the technique of Jain Reflexology, the disruption in the circulation of blood in any organ of the body or that in the nervous system or accumulation of waste matter or crystal in the opposite ends of the organs relating to the nerve system of palms or soles is the causative factor for ailments in the body.
Ailments afflicting the body cannot only be identified but also be cured by pressing reflex points in the feet.
At times various organs of the body do not function properly due to faulty habits of eating or defective life style. The physician decides about the pressure to be exerted on reflex points of body fora particular period of time on palms or soles of feet prescribed under the treatment.
Jain Reflexology does the vitally important job of affording serenity to the deepest layers of the human body, mind and conscience.
Apply Jain Reflexology therapy keeping in view the mental and physical condition oft he patient.
Reflexology relaxes and activates the healing powers of the body and balances the biological systems. It is based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet (and hands) which correspond to every part, organ and gland of the body. A natural and drugless way to reduce stress and improve circulation, reflexology is becoming increasingly popular as part of the alternative health care movement.

Applying pressure helps to break up these deposits and corresponding organs benefit from an increased flow of energy.
Other than the circulatory system the body also has other ways to remove toxins - for example, the lymphatic system and digestive system.
The negative effects of emotions, attitudes, stress, lifestyle and improper eating can throw the body out of sync. While some people use it as a complimentary therapy for their ailments, others use it for general relaxation, for the sense of extreme well-being they experience after a session.
In one Chinese study, it was shown to reduce free radicals (charged molecules that attack healthy tissues) in the blood stream.
This includes children, people confined to wheelchairs, pregnant women, to help ease the symptoms of the common cold or to provide comfort and reduce pain, as a complimentary therapy in the treatment of a complex illness or for those who already enjoy good health. If a person has a headache at the start of the session, most of the time it will be completely gone by the time the treatment is over.
India is a country where various types of ornaments are worn on the body and they are viewed as a symbol of good luck.
Acupressure has not only been a therapy, but it has also been a vital component of our life style. To remove this waste matter or crystals, pressure is exerted on pressure points of palms and soles according to the requirement of treatment.
Getting relief from the ailment by pressing prescribed zone in the body is what is known as 'Zone Therapy'. However, they start functioning smoothly again when the reflex points of those organs of the body are pressed. What happens then is that the water comes out with great force and the filth lying in its way is washed away by the sheer force of flowing water.
This pressure rejuvenates the body by regulating the circulation oft he blood and causing bio-electricity to flow in the body. The main objective of Jain Reflexology is to check the disease, to eradicate it and to prevent its resurfacing.
But there is no need to panic as the acupressure therapy accumulates the ailment before eradicating it. Specific pressure is applied to precise reflex points activating the body's inherent healing power. Footwork is depicted in relics of the past including a pictograph from an Egyptian tomb dating back to 2350 B.C. Pressure applied to reflexes in the feet sends a signal to the peripheral nervous system and then enters the central nervous system where the brain can process the information. Imagine ten longitudinal zones, 5 zones on each side of the body, starting on each toe of each foot, running up the length of your body to the top of your head.
When the body is under stress, energy reserves are quickly depleted and less energy is available to fight infections or make repairs.
It can appear as an inability to concentrate, a lack of motivation for things we usually enjoy or a physical feeling of tiredness. Blood samples from 56 people with varying illnesses were taken before and after thirty minutes of treatment. One group received treatments with a trained Reflexologist, once a week, while another group received placebo treatments. Reflexology is a unique therapy and can be an important, enjoyable part of your total health care plan. She is a registered Holistic Nutritionist and is a certified Reflexologist by the Reflexology Association of Canada. Similarly, stomach is pressed when it aches and we get relief from all sorts of discomforts by pressure, but do not know acupressure. This mode of treatment was in vogue in India even 6000 years back, the reference to which is found in ancient scriptures (Granthas). When treatment is given through detection of ailment from the palms of hands, then it is called 'Hand Jain Reflexology'. Just as today a particular mechanism operates in various types of machines which cause them to stop automatically when they get overheated or when two wires in a machine get accidentally connected and the machine restarts operating smoothly after the 'reset' button is pressed.
It is a must for us to have knowledge of our body if we wish to stay fit through Jain Reflexology.
Its purpose is to promote better health and well-being on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

The brain relays messages to internal organs and glands in order to make adjustments such as getting more nutrients and oxygen into the cells. The transverse zones would be the head and neck corresponding to the toes, the chest to the balls of the feet, the abdomen to the arch and the pelvis area to the heel. Reflexology helps balance all body systems, stimulating an underactive area or calming an overactive one. Reflexology has the effect of increasing the flow and movement of these systems by decreasing stress held in the body.
By opening up any blocked pathways in the body, we feel better about ourselves, renewed and in a better mood, both immediately after a treatment and for several days afterwards.
Then the minor aches, pains and general fatigue that are often the forerunners of more serious complaints begin to show themselves.
You can take it to the garage for a tune-up and even trade it in for a new one if the problem is serious.
The human body is amazingly resilient, able to take an enormous amount of abuse before symptoms show up and then it can respond extremely well if treated with care and kindness.
In addition to a reduction of free radicals there was an increase in anti-oxidative enzymes. The client almost always feels an immediate relief with a release of pressure in their sinuses.
Studies and training at the Institute of Natural Health Consultants and the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition ensure that her approach to health care is natural and holistic for harmony of body, mind and spirit. They are credited with popularizing it and this is why today this mode of treatment is referred to as' Chinese Therapy'. Eunice Ingham have made significant contribution to the development of this way of treatment called Reflexology.
Nervous system as well as blood circulatory system starts operating normally and we become vibrant again thanks to the technique of acupressure applied on the body. Electricity keeps flowing through all the fingers of hands and toes of feet as also through the middle of the head. Similarly, when treatment is done thorough detection cum identification of ailment from the soles of feet, then it is referred to as 'Foot Jain Reflexology'. Diseases take roots in our body when some unwanted materials start accumulating in these pipes. Therapy is applied on the exact point and reflex points where there is pain instead of giving much importance to the ailment or the organ. Keeping this in view, brief description is being given about human body in the following chapters.
Reflexology can be an important addition to an overall plan for a healthy lifestyle along with proper eating habits and exercise.
This had a profound effect on me and it was then I decided to study reflexology as a healing technique and incorporate it into my work as a natural health therapist. The results showed that a treatment of 10 minutes (5 minutes on each foot) produced immediate and significant effects on their perception of pain and nausea. In Japan this style emerged and became popular as 'Chattiest got full recognition and its training centres also came up. When we press the reflex points and release the pressure, the circulation of blood in the related organs speeds up and the unwanted matter accumulated there gets removed.
Since all body systems are closely inter-related, anything that affects one part will ultimately affect the whole.
Since you can't trade in your body for a new one, it makes sense to treat the one you have with as much care as possible. The reflex points of this bio-electricity flowing through the body are there in both the hands and feet.
The position of various reflex points and how they are related to various organs and glands of the body has been depicted through various pictures in this book. Acupressure lies in the genesis of various things like wearing bracelets in hands, anklets on feet, necklace on neck, earrings in ears, putting black threads around the necks of small children, grinding cereals at home, washing clothes, etc.
Reflex points of various organs of our body keep getting automatically pressed through Padmasan, Ardhapadmasan, Sukhasan,Vajrasan, etc.

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