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A recent study even found that  day-by-day stimulation of reflexology points can be extremely useful and effective in treating chronic sinusitis. For treatment of allergies and their symptoms with reflexology, massage the areas of the nose, sinuses and lung areas of the feet.
All of these are reflexology points and all of these points and zones correspond to tissues of the sinuses, which need to be stimulated to be effective. Apply pressure using the thumb and index finger for about twenty to thirty seconds, nearly one to three times each and every day to each of the points.

With a little effort you or someone you love could be enjoying the sun, feeling allergy free (and medication free) in no time. As always, we are happy to demonstrate these for you in person, at your next appointment and even provide some relief through their use combined with massage techniques that boost you immunity.
A bit of discomfort might be felt here but be sure and continue, as it will eventually solve the issue. These are great points to remember if you or someone close to you, suffers from debilitating sinus issues.

The most effective points sit on the tips of all ten toes, along with all of the fingers – except the thumbs.

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