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Targeted treatment of sensitive areas (zones) on the feet and the corresponding reflex point for the purpose of relieving symptoms is called reflexology. Reflexology has proven to be productive in treatments of asthma, bronchitis, colds, cough, sinusitis, hypertension, diabetes, circulatory disorders, headache, fatigue, psychosomatic complaints, inflammation of the colon, disorders of the digestive tract, gastritis, ulcer (ulcer) in the stomach, problems of the menstrual cycle, menopause, back problems, lumbago, neuralgia and dermatological problems . However, there are certain precautions and reflexology should not be used during internal injuries, high temperature, internal and external wounds, in pregnant women and people who have a pacemakers. Nerve endings that are placed on the fingertips on the hands and feet transmit information along the spinal cord to the brain and then to the individual parts of the body. Nowadays feet are neglected and even up to 90 percent of people have some kind of foot deformities. Man is, in fact, lost direct contact with the environment and nature when, walking barefoot, directly stimulates the reflex points.
This entry was tagged asthma, brain, bronchitis, cold, dermatological problems, diabetes, fatique, feet, fingertips, gastritis, hands, headache, health, how to, hypertension, inflammation, lumbago, menopause, nerves, neuralgia, reflexology, sinusitis, spinal cord, treatment, ulcer, zones. Our humble and hard working tootsies are a relative minefield of pressure points, and through the simple art of massage, come yet again to dutifully serve the rest of our body.  So go on!  Give them a treat!!  Moisturise, love, attend to, massage, and show them some appreciation for what they do, and you will discover yet another channel, to relax, tone, stimulate and nourish your entire body. The essential oils in this massage blend are all well known for their fortifying, cleansing and healing actions on the respiratory system, and for their abilities to ease coughing and relieve congestion.

Reflexology works in three ways: relaxes, stimulates circulation and promotes energy balance within the body. Once in the body, there are dysfunctions, it is the entire organism is out of its equilibrium. Treatment should not be painful, but if there is certain pain, it can be considered as a good indicator of latent problems and used for further treatment.
Schedule areas on the feet reflect the organization of the body to the extent that the organs of the right side of the body represented in the right foot, and the left bodies side organs are on the left. Research has proven that over time at the nerve endings in the foot accumulate calcium salts and crystals of uric acid that prevents normal stimulation of glands and organs.
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Reflexology treatment balances every gland, organ, muscle, tissue and cell in the body, increasing the body’s systems in a fully functional normal state.
It is desirable in the beginning not to interrupt treatments that for a few moments can be painful, because it is a process of healing.

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In reflexology treatments reflexes made through specific points and zones, sending impulses in the diseased part of the body.
If the pain is localized, it is sharp and piercing, and if it is dull and deep, a reflection of an organ or some other distant points. So join us here at Magnolia Plantation to experience the beauty of its gardens and its rich history today. Reduced intensity of treatment reflex points causes analgesic or pain relief, while strong intensity carried stimulation to remote areas.

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