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In addition to traditional reflexology which relies on reflex points, modern reflexologists also consider the feet in and of themselves.
Again, by using this specific, highly specialized relaxation technique, reflexology is able to relax a specific area of the body enough to improve the blood supply to that area. The purpose of the lymphatic system is to cleanse and purify the body and lubricate the muscles. Certified Reflexologist in WinnipegExhale Reflexology offers in-home, mobile service to the Winnipeg area. Contact Exhale Reflexology to find out how this relaxing, all-natural therapy can help you with your aches and pains. Reflexology Helps PregnancyReflexology is a safe and natural way to help with so many health concerns due to pregnancy and conception.
Read about using reflexology to help with pregnancy health and call us at (204) 470-5269 or email to book your Exhale Reflexology session today! Manitoba Blue Cross Direct BillingExhale Reflexology is pleased to offer direct billing to Manitoba Blue Cross plans that include reflexology.
What happens in an Exhale Reflexology treatment?Exhale Reflexology will complete a health record along with an in-depth assessment of your feet. The treatment lasts about an hour and will leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and sometimes even sleepy.
Reflexology for Plantar FasciitisPlantar fasciitis is a common diagnosis for pains in the heel, foot arch or tight feeling in the calves. Reflexology can help by relieving the pain of plantar fasciitis by relaxing and stretching muscles and ligaments in the feet.
Contact Exhale Reflexology today for a consultation on how reflexology can help your aches and pains.
Now Accepting Visa and MastercardExhale Reflexology is happy to announce that we are now accepting secured Visa and Mastercard payments through Square. What are the benefits of reflexology?Reflexology can assist in natural healing, and has benefits that improve digestion, better sleep, reduced back and neck pain as well as an overall sense of relaxation.

Exhale Reflexology Gift CertificatesNow you can give the relaxing and healing gift of reflexology!
Reflexology is an ancient art of healing where you apply pressure to certain reflex points on your hands or feet. The left foot represents the left half of your body and the right foot represents the right half of your body, the same goes for the reflex points in your hands. Using both hands hold onto the spine area with the palm of your hands on top of the foot and thumbs at the bottom. Rotate toes beginning with the big toe and ending with smallest, hold the toe at base and gently move into circular motions.
Applying pressure to the balls of your feet will relieve discomfort from your lungs, airways, heart, thymus gland, chest and shoulders.
Reflexology helps with pain, stress, tension, insomnia, sinus headaches and much more, if you begin to regularly give yourself reflexology treatments before you go to sleep you will ensure a good nighta€™s rest allowing your muscles to loosen up for a tension free sleep.
By pressing these specific areas of the feet, every organ, gland, muscle and body part is affected. The health of one's feet is a big concern; feet that are healthy and pain free are very important for one's overall well being and are an important consideration in reflexology. This is accomplished by applying a precise pressure upon specific reflex zones in the feet to achieve a highly specialized relaxation in the corresponding area of the body. When the nerves improve, the instruction also improves, and as a result the body itself improves as well. It is in the hands and feet that blood transfers from arteries to veins to return back to the heart. This will then allow improved transportation of nutrition, glucose and oxygen which that area of the body needs in order to function properly. Reflexology, which is not invasive but persuasive, can enable the body to obtain and maintain this healthy condition. A reflexologist has a knowledge of how the body’s reflexes correspond to your organs, glands and body parts.

Reflexology, though it feels amazing for your entire body is not a foot massage, it is much more than that; there are no lotions or oils used in reflexology. In order to preform reflexology on yourself you will need to learn where each and every limb, organ and gland in your body is located on your foot, when applying pressure to these points you are stimulating the corresponding limb, organ or gland. Remember to dim the lights, maybe set up an ambiance, music, candles, you want the area to be relaxing and calming, reflexology is for the mind, body & soul.
These techniques are unique to traditional reflexology and are different from the motions used in other types of massage. Through applied pressure to the soles of the feet, targeted parts of your body can be stimulated and made to function and heal naturally.The chart below shows how reflexology relates to your body and through continued treatments can help idenitify and assist in your own healing process. A more concise pressure is then applied to specific reflexes of the feet, depending on your individual needs for therapy. Most people experience less pain and improved mobility when walking or standing after three to six reflexology sessions. The purpose of reflexology isna€™t to just help your feet feel amazing but to make your entire body feel amazing and healthy.
Just keep in mind; reflexology does not take the place of a doctor, if you are having chronic problem contact your physician.
By working on a certain area, the corresponding part of the body receives improved nerve, blood and lymphatic supply.
Stress, which is responsible for 80% to 90% of ailments, can act like a tourniquet, wrapping around the body, squeezing so tightly that it causes an impediment of blood flow which results in an a deprivation of blood to other parts of the body. Other than that, relax, keep the alcohol before bed to a minimum, drink plenty of water and enjoy. The lymph flows in one direction only, toward the heart; also every lymphatic vessel begins and ends in the hands and feet.

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