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In this article, we would like to present a tool for your use in your evolutionary process and provide our thoughts on how we understand its role in the spiritual transformation humanity is currently undergoing.
For those who are new to this method, Reiki is a form of hands-on healing that transmits universal life force energy for healing. The life force energy that is transmitted in a Reiki healing session is the building block for all forms of life within your universe.
When the Reiki provider opens to channeling this energy, it is transmitted in the highest frequency suitable for the receiver, thereby furthering the individual's spiritual development along with the healing. As each of us embodies our soul's true purpose, we will become divine channels of this life force energy. This opening magically blesses, honors, and offers healing to both the provider and the receiver.
It is also helpful for healing plants and animals, for bringing added life force to the food we eat, and for replacing discordant energies found in homes and other environments with higher frequencies that are appropriate for those who are on the spiritual path. Reiki is one of the healing modalities that have been provided as part of the divine plan for our use in this time of planetary transformation. Even at that time, this healing system was not new to humanity, but had been intentionally veiled for many centuries from the masses for its preservation.
It is an ancient tool from the Eastern Mystery Schools and it is our belief that the Temple for Reiki Healing is still located in the higher dimensions in the Himalayan Mountains. From the time Reiki was again introduced in the early 1900's, its use has been nurtured into its current form by individuals who were entrusted with its well being. Until then, it was taught under a veil of secrecy and the cost of becoming a Reiki Master, one who is fully attuned to the energy, generally cost many thousands of dollars.
In any system, there is a need to keep a balance between maintaining the integrity of the system and updating it to reflect the needs of the changing times. Instead of fully embracing the unifying qualities that Reiki so beautifully represents, there have been some who have seen within their presumed powers the possibility of representing themselves as having the best or most powerful use of the energy. This is certainly ironic; the power and true magic of universal life force energy is its unifying nature and its ability to bless all who come in contact with it.
We share our perspective here in hopes that Reiki can fulfill its intended purpose for humanity.
At the same time, it transports those who open to receiving the energy into an elevated state of divine union and bliss. Experiencing these states of awareness is helping individuals worldwide to open to the higher energy frequencies and move forward on their evolutionary journeys.
Those who are blocking this spirit of unification in the use of Reiki have not yet opened to its full potential. It is time for us all to move forward and upward, so it is important that the use of Reiki energy be returned to its pure form, as a vehicle for unification rather than separation. We would also like to take this opportunity to provide some suggestions for the use of Reiki energy for those who have been attuned to its use.
The energy field is multi-dimensional, and energy flows from the higher dimensions into the third dimension by moving through different layers of the energy field.
Considering the way energy flows through the energy field, there are ways to transmit Reiki energy more directly. The hands are used to focus the energy by cupping them around a chakra and sending the energy directly into the energy center, or placing one hand on one chakra and the other on another chakra to transmit energy between them.
When viewed energetically, the chakra system and the layers of the energy field provide a roadmap that can help with healing at all levels. With an understanding of the physical, psychological, and spiritual significance of each chakra, the Reiki provider can feel how energy is flowing through the system and help the client to understand the significance of any blockages he or she perceives.
We would further like to share with those who use Reiki energy a symbol that we use to counteract the energy of separation that has permeated our planet.
This symbol may be added to any of the other symbols to bring unity to the healing process and to unify the energy field on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

We would also like you to know that you may visit the Reiki Healing Temple in the Himalayas in your meditations for help in your healing process and with the use of this energy.
This site has been created and maintained by Awakenings Institute and Holistic Communications. There are numerous reiki symbols that reiki masters use and some even claim that one symbol is stronger or more correct than another. What is important to know is the healing energy does not come from the symbol itself but from the focused intent of the user. One of the most important components of reiki is to leave the "human ego" out of the equation. Th E A Tt Unements Of Usui Reiki Ryoho, Ascension Reiki And …And wish to complete their attunements in Usui Reiki and be attuned to the Master Level.
Reiki – Wikipedia, The Free EncyclopediaAt this stage, Takata also introduced the term Reiki Master for the Shinpiden level.
Reiki Symbols – Five Traditional Usui Reiki SymbolsThis Master symbol represents all that is Reiki.
REIKI: Accessing The Human Energetic SystemThe fourth Reiki symbol is communicated during the process of the third level attunement, providing initiates the ability to activate the If the practitioner is a Reiki III Master, the Dai-Ko-Myo can be added to heal the soul. The SymbolsThe second Usui Reiki symbol is SEI-HE-KI (pronounced say-hay-kee) and is also used in most The most advanced healing symbol is DAI-KO-MYO (pronounced day-ko-myo) which works at the highest spiritual level. Usui System Of Natural Healing – Made By Aeonglobe40 Dai Ko Myo (the Mastery symbol) I have experienced working with the Dai Ko Myo as the falling into place of all previous knowledge. The International Center For Reiki TrainingThat will continue to send Reiki to yourself and others.
Practitioner level includes the Master attunement, attuning your to a more highly-refined frequency of Reiki. Until that time, being attuned to Reiki opens the energy channels and provides a bridge that allows anyone to transcend his or her limitations and use this miraculous energy for healing. Reiki energy may be transmitted in person, at a distance, and can even transcend time to send healing into the past or the future.
As many of you who use this energy understand, the time for this secrecy and the related high costs has ended.
For Reiki, this means that the energy is available to all who honor it and that all who use it have access to the same quality of energy. When the methods for transmitting Reiki energy were passed along to the Western World, the use of the hand positions that have now become the standard were developed to compensate for your Western Civilization's limited understanding of the human energy field. There are seven main layers that hold the human form in the third dimension, along with literally hundreds of layers that hold the energy field in place multi-dimensionally. Then cover the extremities, through points in the shoulders, elbows and hands, along with the hips, knees and feet.
The distortions that have infiltrated the Reiki energy have been corrected there, so the Reiki Healing Temple and its healers channel pure life force energy. It is not the healer doing the healing but the universal energy of source being passed and offered.
We are today going to give you some detailed information on Reiki balancing symbol Sei Hei Ki, which is also known as emotional Reiki symbol. Some people May be Usui Reiki Masters and Masters The Attunement of Reiki Ryoho IV РShihan The Teacher Draws the Dai-Ko-Myo symbol in the air and sends it into the group. I know quite a number of reiki symbols, and I used them frequently Πuntil I received my Master attunement. As humanity opens to embrace higher frequencies of energy on the spiritual path, Reiki can provide a powerful healing tool for many people and as such needs to be available to all in an affordable way. Spanning these layers is the chakra system, which is composed of major and minor energy centers that connect these energetic layers and transmit energies from the higher dimensions into the physical body.
This temple is available for anyone to go to for healing and to request healing for others or those who have misused the energy.

I dona€™t spend my valuable time resisting evolution instead I look back to the beginning and honor the original teachings and let life unfold from there. It was also once believed that the reiki symbols should never be put into print for being sacred and secret.
Therefore it does not matter what symbols you decide to use from all the sources available. This is also known as Reiki symbol number 2, as many Reiki practitioners try to keep the name and symbols of Reiki symbols limited to Reiki energies. The symbol is seldom used for any particular purpose other than as a reminder that Reiki is love and available to everyone. Ko- Humbly Carries the Light, (Fire being Carried, Light Bearer) The The Teacher Draws the Dai-Ko-Myo symbol in the air and sends it into the student. Yet as you can see today healers have opted to share rather than to create and fulfill an illusion of secrets. And once I had a horse fall asleep and nearly loose her balance before realizing she needed to keep herself up. A session of reiki for animals is usually much shorter in general than humans.
Sei Hei KiI know that Reiki symbols and most of the information about Reiki has to be under behind curtains for all those who know Reiki and are attuned. The Usui Master symbol -Show it to students, explain usage, practice exchanging Reiki using the Usui Dai Ko Myo. It is natural for animals to be connected with source energy and thus rarely fall out of balance with it. However, my heart says that I should share everything I know or learn, since everyone has the right to know and understand on what do we do.
Healing of any kind should be shared with everyone who asks. Do you want to learn how to do reiki with horses and all the hand positions plus a whole bunch more?
Due to this privacy only, energies who are unaware about Reiki, think about it as a black magic or some sort of spell or think that it needs a lot of hard work and time for performing a successful healing. I do advise in the beginning to learn them this way however if you find your inner self calling you to do them differently, please follow that intuition. However, our articles here have been proving them that Reiki is a simple scientific process, where we just use a cosmic and universal energy, so as to burn blockages. We do need to be positive, do meditations and have faith on it, and then only, we are able to do a good Reiki healing.Today, we are sharing and are about to discuss Reiki symbol Sei Hei Ki, which is one of the integral symbol in Reiki and should be used in every Reiki healing. This Reiki symbol is very much important in Reiki healing and should be used in every Reiki healing. Without using this Reiki symbol, our healings may be felt incomplete and even after getting result, we feel like something is missing. This Reiki symbol directly strike at Heart Chakra, making the person understand and accept a better Reiki energy. If we lost or misplace anything, we should visualize this Reiki symbols on all sides of the room or place, where we feel it is lost. There are many such interesting experiments and stories attached to this and other Reiki symbols.
Once we start using them and have our full faith on them, they will be able to help us in showering and spreading better Reiki energy all around us.
We are thankful to you all and our fellow energies, and my gratitude is specially for Mr Navneet Mathur and Jitender Kumar who helped me with these drawings and creating this blog. I know that without their support, it would be difficult for me to be here or sharing any of my thoughts or visions with you all.

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