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On Monday March 30, Scottsdale Lincoln Health Network (SLHN)) announced a new brand and a new name: HonorHealth. SLHN was created in October 2013 from the merger of Scottsdale Healthcare Hospitals (SHH) and John C.
HonorHealth reports its workforce is made up of 10,500 employees, 3,700 affiliated physicians and 3,100 volunteers. Overview: How can an organization move from a top-line focus to a top-value focus without driving the organization into financial ruin? The Arizona Health Care Foundation would like to invite you to the 2016 AHCF Benefit Golf Tournament at the McCormick Ranch Golf Club in Scottsdale, Arizona. BATON ROUGE – On December 10th Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals Secretary Bruce D. LSU has been working to accelerate a system redesign through public-private partnerships over the past several months due to Congress's sudden action in July that reduced Louisiana's Federal Medical Assistance Percentage (FMAP) rate to the lowest it has been in more than 25 years. LSU officials in October announced a plan for bringing their budget to balance with these unexpected FMAP reductions that keeps all hospitals operational and maintains critical services, including the medical home-model clinics that provide much of the care to recipients in the public hospital system today.
In the first stage of these partnerships, the partner hospitals will collectively make payments totaling $12.1 million in the LSU system, allowing them to avoid previously planned staff layoffs at the public hospitals and maintain patient services at the existing locations as the partners involved progress toward final agreements. The terms of each of the public-private partnerships preserve the patient services and graduate medical education programs already in place at the three public hospitals, while providing opportunities for increased access to specialty care and enhanced medical training through work with the partner hospitals. The partner hospitals will lease the property of Interim LSU Hospital and its successor University Medical Center – New Orleans, Leonard J.
Each of the partners will expand their roles in the clinical care, medical research and education programs provided through the LSU hospitals.
Each partner will make a series of milestone payments, when the memorandum of understanding is formally executed, when the cooperative endeavor agreement is executed and when the partnership is formally enacted. Local officials and hospital leaders from each of the respective regions praised the agreements as a positive step in creating a stronger, more sustainable public hospital and graduate medical education system.
Leaders at these hospitals have each signed a memorandum of understanding to formally enter into a partnership.
While the terms of each partnership will vary based on patient volume and graduate medical training opportunities provided in those regions, each agreement to establish a public-private partnership is designed around the needs of that community, and is driven at the local level.

Robert Biron has worked in the community hospital sector over 23 years in various capacities, primarily at the senior executive level with a focus in finance and information management. Robert has a diverse educational background including a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree from the University of Waterloo, and a Mastera€™s of Health Science (MHSc), Health Administration degree from the University of Toronto. In 2011 Robert was presented with a Leadership Award from the Society of Graduates of the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation of the University of Toronto for his demonstrated leadership and innovation in community engagement. Greenstein and LSU System Executive Vice President for Health Care and Medical Education Redesign Dr. Frank Opelka at the MOU announcement for ILH at the LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans.
The final, and most instrumental, part of this plan involved establishing public-private partnerships. These payments are part of the hospitals investment to strengthen the local health systems and lease the public hospital property from LSU.
Chabert Medical Center in Houma, and University Medical Center – Lafayette, including the hospitals and their affiliated outpatient clinics, from LSU.
The public hospitals will continue serving as the safety-net hospital in their regions for people who are uninsured and high-risk Medicaid recipients, who will continue to have access at the existing LSU hospital locations.
These memoranda will be presented to the LSU Board of Supervisors at a special meeting on Friday, Dec.
The agreements are designed for the partner hospitals to work with LSU to keep patient care in the local community and reduce patients' need to travel for health care beyond their locales.
His professional credentials include a Canadian Health Executive (CHE) designation, Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), Chartered Accountant (CA) with a specialization in information technology (CAa—?IT).
Over the years, Robert has participated in a number of working groups and committees for the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) and he has also served as a hospital peer reviewer for the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.
Asthma, eczema, seizure, anxety, food & chemical sensitivities, constant ear, nose & throat infections, digestive issues plus so much more!! Penny moved to Australia with her family in 2004 and decided it was a good time for a career change.Penny initially completed a Certificate in Psychology, before a degree in Nutritional Medicine. The merger, touted as one that would create efficiencies and improved population health, features a common management structure and governing board for the non-profit.

Frank Opelka held events in three regions of the state to announce that agreements have been reached to form public-private partnerships involving three LSU hospitals. This funding loss has prompted immediate and significant reform of the State's health care programs.
The LSU staff will continue working at these facilities to maintain academic and clinical services, with the partner hospitals assuming responsibility for facility upkeep and operations. Once the Cooperate Endeavor Agreement (CEA) is finalized, the payments can be credited toward the cost of the lease of the public hospitals and their related facilities.
Lafayette General is the perfect partner to begin the next phase of building a better, stronger UMC. Previously he served Northumberland Hills Hospital (Cobourg, Ontario) as their President and CEO from 2008 to 2013. In 2014, he obtained the Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP) designation from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.
He has also sat on numerous boards of health care organizations and agencies, including most recently, the Chair of the Board for the Hospitals Diagnostic Imaging Repository Service (HDIRS) from 2012 to 2014.
Penny joined ASD Healthy Life in August 2015 after successfully operating her own business for two years.Penny believes that “food is medicine and that medicine is food”. Interim LSU Hospital and its successor University Medical Center in New Orleans will partner with Louisiana Children's Medical Center; Leonard J. Once the memoranda are approved, LSU will work with the hospital partners to finalize cooperative endeavor agreements that detail the terms of the new relationships. Chabert Hospital in Houma has reached agreements with Ochsner Health System and Terrebonne General Medical Center; and University Medical Center in Lafayette has formed a partnership with its neighbor, Lafayette General Medical Center. It is vital that the digestive system is functioning well, to be able to fully digest and absorb food. If the digestive system is not functioning well, even the best food will not lead to health.

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