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Letter I, cast bronze letters, 50mm high, 10mm thick, Times New Roman font, patina vintage finish. Letter F made from 3mm thick polished brass with stud fixings on the back for fitting onto brickwork. The letter J, the letter J in a brushed gold stainless steel with threaded rod stand off fixings.
Chrome lettering in a Times Bold Bevel Face, ideal for shop signs and Garage Signs and for Restaurant or Hotel Signs, also used for property name signs. We have a website just for Chrome Lettering which has some more information you may be interested in. ClipArt ETC is a part of the Educational Technology Clearinghouse and is produced by the Florida Center for Instructional Technology, College of Education, University of South Florida.

Made from sweat-wicking stretch-jersey, this high-performance cropped top is finished with breathable mesh sleeves and a softly elasticated hem to ensure it stays comfortably in place during yoga and dance classes. The perception of colour varies due to the environment the photo was taken and due to any photo editing. Most of our acrylic lettering is made and supplied with stand off cup and cap fixings glued to the back of the letters for easy fixing onto a wall. The gold colour appears quite dark in this image while the same type of gold appears more lively in some of our other images, check out our Gold letters website for more images on this font. They feature a soft denim body with blown out and patched threadbare destruction down the front and roll cuff hems. This black bomber jacket is made from exceptionally lightweight shell that's both quick-drying and waterproof.

Detailed with vertical stripes and lined in smooth black leather, this miniature design is the perfect size for your makeup, cards or keys. Luxe linen in a fitted shift silhouette is adorned with hand applied multi-colored embellishments at neck, waist and pockets.
Vegan leather, open-toe sandals feature a gladiator upper of laddered straps woven through a center strap for a caged effect.

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