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You’ve already heard the ordinary tips in school: turn out the lights when you leave a room, turn off the TV when you’re not using it, and open windows in your house instead of using the air conditioning. One easy way to save water is to consider what activities you do every day that require you to use the most water, like bathing. It’s often stated that taking a bath requires more water than a shower.  In reality, that depends on how long you shower and how quickly water flows out of your showerhead. Generally, taking quick showers under a low-flow showerhead is the most efficient way to save water while getting clean. Think back to your typical school day.  How many worksheets does your teacher hand out every day?  Now take that number and multiply it by how many kids are in your classroom, by how many classes are in your school, how many in your county…well, you get the idea. If you don’t have a recycle bin in your classroom, ask your teacher for one.  If you do, great!  Make sure you and all of the other students recycle as much paper as possible—every sheet can go to save a tree! Tired of waiting in line to get dropped off at school or to get picked up from soccer practice? Carpooling can make pick-up and drop-off lines for school and other activities quicker since less cars are waiting.
Carpooling is when a group of people who need to make the same trip agree to take a single vehicle together.
If your parents think carpooling is too much of a headache, show them that there are many tools available to help them keep the details straight.
The Painting Competition on Energy Conservation 2014 was organised by Art & Craft Department of St.Joseph's School, Greater Noida. I heard earlier this afternoon of the death at the age of 76 of the distinguished chemist Sir Harry Kroto. Along with Robert Curl and Richard Smalley,A  Harry Kroto was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1996 for the discovery of the C60 structure that became known as Buckminsterfullerene (or the a€?Buckyballa€? for short). Harry had a long association with the University of Sussex and was a regular visitor to the Falmer campus even after he moved to the USA. I remember first meeting him in the 1988 when, as a new postdoc fresh out of my PhD, I had just taken over organising the Friday seminars for the Astronomy Centre.
I met him in campus more recently a couple of years ago when we met to talk about some work he had been doing on a range of things to do with widening participation in STEM subjects.
The Beard Liberation Front, the informal network of beard wearers, has said that training for the ancient May Day tradition of Beard Waggling has reached its final day around the UK. The beard waggle involves shaking the beard vigorously from side to side and in doing so stimulating air currents that can cause objects to levitate slightly. A reblog to mark the centenary of the birth of Claude Shannon, pioneer of information theory.. In 1847, the self-taught English Mathematician George Boole (1815a€“1864), whose two hundredth birthday we celebrated last year, published a very small book, little more than a pamphlet, entitled Mathematical Analysis of Logic. Although very ingenious and only the second published non-standard algebra, Hamiltona€™s Quaternions was the first, Boolea€™s work attracted very little attention outside of his close circle of friends. There's a very general notion of endomorphism object that specializes to endomorphism monads, endomorphism operads, and the codensity monad.
It seems pretty natural, but I tried guessing what it would be called on the nLab and failed. This short book is about the equally short life (une vie brA?ve) of the young mathematician Maurice Audin, killed or executed by French special forces (Massua€™s paratroopers) in Algiers during the Algerian liberation war.
You can't make these things up!CERN's Large Hadron Collider, the world's biggest particle accelerator located near Geneva, Switzerland, lost power Friday.
In the past, wea€™ve talkedA on this website a bit about the mysteries of galactic cosmic rays, orA charged particles from outer space that are mainly made up of protons.
As mentioned above, the HESS Collaboration used observations of gamma raysA from their array of telescopes to do this analysis. Figure 2: The red shaded area shows the 1 sigma confidence band of the measured gamma-ray spectrum of the diffuse emission in the region of interest. The area they studied is known as the Central Molecular Zone, which surrounds the Galactic Center.
HiRISE Principal Investigator Alfred McEwen explains an imaging technique known as Super-Resolution Restoration (SRR), and how it could come in handy for high-resolution imaging of the Red Planet. A guide to interesting stuff going on in space science, space exploration, and space advocacy. Yes, I felt I couldna€™t really be myself in Italy so I decided to move to London to continue my studies.
Yesterdaya€™s retirement do reminded me that I had neglected to mention another retirement, this time from the Science and Technology Facilities Council.

Diane Greening is retiring at the end of this month from her position at STFC where, among many other things, she provided valuable support and guidance to the Astronomy Grants Panel.
Ia€™m sure I speak for everyone in the UK Astronomy community when I say thank you to Diane for her sterling service at STFC and wish her a very long and very happy retirement! SpaceX's announcement that it will send Dragon capsules to Mars demonstrates the advantage of having a clear plan to explore the red planet. Serbian artist Ivica StoA?iA‡ used Clementine and Kaguya data to give a glimpse of the phases of the lunar farside. While that Standard Model is a very good description of the subatomic world, some important aspectsa€”such as particle massesa€”come out of experiments rather than theory.
The hunt was on to create a grand unified theory, or GUT, that would elegantly explain how the universe works by linking three of the four known forces together. Linking the different forces into a single theory isna€™t easy, since each behaves a different way. The electroweak theory unified the electromagnetic and weak forces by proposing they were aspects of a single interaction that is present only at very high energies, as in a particle accelerator or the very early universe. To find out which uses less water, try closing your drain the next time you take a shower.  If the bath fills before you’re finished showering, you may be better off sticking to a bath, unless you can shave time off your shower by becoming more efficient. To cut more time off your shower, turn the water off while you’re soaping up or consider shampooing every other day.  Some people find that their hair is healthier this way, and they can save lots of shampoo, conditioner, and water! Trees are not only fun to climb or to sit under—or in—but they help keep the air we breathe healthy and provide an important part of the environment. If there’s only writing on one side, use the other side for drawings, making lists, or working out those messy math problems. Recycled paper can be sent to a paper mill where it is ground up and used again.  That means no new trees need to be cut down in order to produce recycled paper—great news, especially if you like the outdoors! For example, if you and Danny both live in the same neighborhood and go to the same school, riding to school together would be an example of carpooling. If your parents are worried about your safety, show them you always buckle your seatbelt by not having to be reminded to wear it when you ride with them. Frazier, and Worapree Maneesoonthorn, we arXived (and submitted) a strongly revised version of our earlier paper. One speaker called off his talk just an hour before it was due to start so I asked if anyone could suggest someone on campus who might stand in.
This was the first modern book on symbolic or mathematical logic and contained Boolea€™s first efforts towards an algebraic logic of classes. His friend, Augustus De Morgan, would falsely claim that his own Formal Logic Boolea€™s work were published on the same day, they were actually published several days apart, but their almost simultaneous appearance does signal a growing interest in formal logic in the early nineteenth century. It also seems that a€?relative endomorphismsa€? is used to mean something else in operad theory. Maurice Audin was 25 when he died and the circumstances of his death remain unknown, since the French army never acknowledged this death and never returned his body to his family, but he presumably died under torture. Engineers who were investigating the outage made a grisly discovery -- the charred remains of a weasel, CERN spokesman Arnaud Marsollier told CNN.If you are a weasel kind, be forewarned!
The color scale shows the number of gamma rays per pixel, while the white contour lines illustrate the distribution of molecular gas.
The red lines show different models, assuming that the gamma rays are coming from neutral pion decay after the pions have been produced in proton-proton interactions. A They found that the distribution of gamma rays mirrored the distribution of the gas-rich areas, which points to a hadronic (coming from proton interactions) origin of the gamma rays. A The typical explanation for Galactic cosmic rays, supernova remnants, is unlikely here: in order to match the data and inject enough cosmic rays into the Central Molecular Zone, the authors estimate that we would need more than 10 supernova events over 1000 years. A They could either be accelerate in the accretion flow immediately outside the black hole, or further away where the outflow terminates.
I write three articles a day about new research being published, mainly on physics and astrophysics. Ia€™ve served on that panel myself and I can tell you ita€™s no picnic, not least because therea€™s just not enough money to go around so many applicants are bound to be disappointed.
New accelerators in the United States and Europe turned up unexpected particles that theorists tried to explain, and theorists in turn predicted new particles for experiments to hunt. Physicists first linked the electromagnetic force, which dictates the structure of atoms and the behavior of light, and the weak nuclear force, which underlies how particles decay. Scientists began working to link this electroweak theory with the strong force, which binds quarks together into things like the protons and neutrons in our atoms.

Electromagnetism is long-ranged, the weak force is short-ranged, and the strong force is weak in high-energy environments such as the early universe and strong where energy is low.
So, by minimizing the number of old worksheets, old notebook papers, and journals you throw in the trash, you’re not just helping trees—you’re helping yourself, and everybody else! Check out these tips and suggestions online to make carpooling easier for you and your family.
We begin by demonstrating that reduction to a set of sufficient statistics of reduced dimension relative to the sample size is infeasible for most state-space models, hence calling for the use of partial posteriors in such settings. Someone suggested Harry, whose office wasA  nearby in the School of Molecular Sciences (now the Chichester Building).
I've been fascinated by this particular flower, for example, which seems to be constructed out of several smaller flowers! He was a member of the Algerian communist party which had then been outlawed by the French authorities for supporting Algerian independence. Note the lack of cutoff at high energies, indicating that the parent protons have energies in the PeV range.The blue data points refer to another gamma-ray source in the region, HESS J1745-290.
A From the gamma-ray luminosity and amount of gases in the area, it can be shown that there must be at least one cosmic ray accelerator in the region. A They do note that the required acceleration rate is a few orders of magnitude above the current luminosity, but that the black hole may have been much more active in the past, leading to higher production rates of the protons and other nuclei.
Those long and difficult meetings in Swindon would have been even tougher without the patience and good humour of the office team, especially Diane. The result was the Standard Model of particles and interactions, a theory that is essentially a catalog of the fundamental bits of matter and the forces governing them. To unify these three forces, scientists have to explain how they can be aspects of a single thing and yet manifest in radically different ways in the real world. Time you spend outdoors is time you don’t spend using electricity.  Grab your brother, sister, or neighbor and ride bikes or build forts in the backyard. Then we give conditions [like parameter identification] under which ABC methods are Bayesian consistent, when using an auxiliary model to produce summaries, either as MLEs or [more efficiently] scores. I was very nervous as I knocked on his door a€“ Harry was already famous then a€“ and held out very little hope that such a busy man would agree to give a talk in less than an houra€™s time. What a wonder, and of course, there's just one example of its parent plant in the entire patch, so once it is gone, it's gone. Maurice Audin was arrested on June 11, 1957 for hiding a fugitive and he died in the following daysa€¦ The book is written by his daughter, MichA?le Audin, also a mathematician, and a writer of several novels around mathematics and mathematicians. A Additionally, the energy spectrum of the diffuse gamma-ray emission from the region around Sagittarius A* (the location of the black hole at at the Galactic Center) does not have an observed cutoff or a break in the TeV energy range. A If this is true, it could solve one of the most puzzling mysteries in cosmic ray physics: the origin of the higher energy galactic cosmic rays. After being in a classroom all day, it’s fun to run around outside or even just lay on the grass and see what shapes the clouds make.
Indeed, for the order of accuracy required by the ABC perspective, scores are equivalent to MLEs but are computed much faster than MLEs.
In fact he accepted immediately and with good grace gave a fine impromptu talk about the possibility that C60 might be a major component of interstellar dust. It does not dwell on the death since so little is known but rather reconstructs the life of Maurice Audin from bits and pieces, family memories, school archives, a few pictures, some grocery bills of the Audin familya€¦ The style of MichA?le Audin is quite peculiar, almost like written thoughts or half-thoughts at times, with a sort of surgical distanciation that makes the book both strong and touching. There are so many games you can play. For some new ideas, check out The Green Hour by Todd Christopher.
We also tackle the dimensionality curse that plagues ABC techniques by numerically exhibiting the improved accuracy brought by looking at marginal rather than joint modes. That is, by matching individual parameters via the corresponding scalar score of the integrated auxiliary likelihood rather than matching on the multi-dimensional score statistics. The approach is illustrated on realistically complex models, namely a (latent) Ornstein-Ulenbeck process with a discrete time linear Gaussian approximation is adopted and a Kalman filter auxiliary likelihood. And a square root volatility process with an auxiliary likelihood associated with a Euler discretisation and the augmented unscented Kalman filter.A  In our experiments, we compared our auxiliary basedA  technique to the two-step approach of Fearnhead and Prangle (in the Read Paper of 2012), exhibiting improvement for the examples analysed therein. Somewhat predictably, an important challenge in this approach that is common with the related techniques of indirect inference and efficient methods of moments, is the choice of a computationally efficient and accurate auxiliary model.

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