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Perhaps you have a whole new approach to something or a new product or new business lined up.
No matter what the reason is, the first round of hard work is done: You evaluated everything, reviewed all the pros and cons, researched and did a business plan. Now, we just want to check with you on the numbers you crunched for your expected G and A costs, (general and administration). Especially, since most Home Office appliances today continue to draw electricity even when off.
The Energy Star Label has been in town since 1992, but is it the MOST energy efficient protection? Some people also say it is in need of a major upgrade to deal squarely with major appliances? Well one step nobody is going to do is to literally pull the plugs on each appliance when you are done using them.

So don't hesitate to look into equipment such as an office phone system that is also a Fax machine which can also make photo copies with plain paper.
Most of us, ofcourse make it a point to waste as less energy as possible at our homes but when it comes to our work places; do we forward the same consideration? Perhaps you are just looking to change that extra bedroom into a Study or an at home work space to make some things easier for your outside the home job. Some times the basic costs to operate all those Home Office appliances that use energy, is passed up.
A few watts here, a few watts there, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, means you will have an electric bill even when you are on your two week vacation or off for a holiday or weekend.
While this 1992 program identifies appliances that have lower operation costs than other models, this star DOES NOT automatically mean you are buying the model that is the most energy efficient one made. We need to make it a habit to be conscious of where when and how to save energy to do our bit for the world around us.

Which is why, whenever we use that photocopier just before leaving the office, making sure that it has been switched off helps saves almost enough energy to make 1500 copies. Yet, the electric bill sure can add up, because even though each appliance on its own may not consume much energy, all together they will have a high cost. Having a Printer and Scanner as one unit will use less energy than two separate models drawing electricity.
The more phone lines, higher the consumption, because even low voltage consumption starts to add up.

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