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In the valedictory of wildlife week jointly organized by department of Zoology, University of Lucknow and Regional Science City, Prof. Like spectacular inauguration, this wildlife week turned festival had its promising and splendid closing ceremony. Shri Samarendra Kumar, Project Coordinator, Regional Science City, Lucknow in his welcome address said that in the year of bio diversity, it was a great occasion to organize wildlife week where the visitors can learn a lot and recognize that a€?Science is funa€?.
After this the most anxiously awaited ceremony of prize distribution was held, in which about more than 50 prizes in the form of useful books with certificates were given to the position holders. Regional Science City, Lucknow in association with Department of Zoology, Lucknow University, South Asian Network of the International Zoo Educators Association SAN-IZE and Directorate of Environment U.P. At the end of the day a mimicry competition was organized under the supervision of Dr.Richa Shukla and Padma Saxena to carve out the mimic talent among the participants with the theme of wild life conservation. On its second day of Wild Life week, which is jointly organized by department of Zoology, University of Lucknow and Regional Science City Lucknow, there was a debate competition on central theme of wildlife conservation in both Hindi and English language. Around 60 students from six different local schools, colleges different departments of University of Lucknow participated in the debate with full enthusiasm and zeal. After the debate competition it was the time for the students to scatter their light of their poetic talent in Poem Recitation competition in both English and Hindi, which was judged by Prof. The exhibition of posters and paintings on wild life theme was also a major attraction to the participation and also to the visitors to regional Science City.
On third day there was an interesting and informative lecture on a€?Aquatic biodiversity of Uttar Pradesha€? with special reference to conservation of turtles and crocodiles delivered by Dr.Shailendra Singh, Scientist from Turtles Survival Alliance.
A painting competition on Wildlife theme was organized in pre lunch session in which 50 participants from different colleges, schools and various department of University actively participated and shown their concern for conservation in a creative manner using colors-pencils, and imagination- skills. On the fourth day of the wild life week celebration which is being celebrated at Regional Science City, Lucknow in association with Zoology Department, Lucknow University, a greeting card making competition on topic a€?Aquatic biodiversitya€? was held in two groups-group A (for students of class 9 to 12th standard) and group B (for students of University and various colleges) in which 70 participants from various schools, colleges and University of Lucknow participated and showed concern for the conservation of the wild life in their creative creations. After the card making contest, a written quiz competition on wild life conservation was organized in which awareness of about 120 participants pertaining to wildlife conservation was tested. Shri Samarendra Kumar, Project Coordinator, Regional Science City, Lucknow informed that during the celebration on 5th October, 2010 a Mehndi design contest and Slogan Writing competition will be organized for students of schools, colleges and university.
On todaya€™s programme about 200 students and teachers from different schools, colleges and University of Lucknow participated enthusiastically. The proceedings of sixth day of wildlife week, being celebrated at Regional Science City, Lucknow in collaboration with Department of Zoology, University of Lucknow, started with the informative lecture of Dr.Dhruvajyoti Basu, In charge, Katerniaghat Foundation, (NGO) on the topic a€?Conservation of Gharial and Critically endangered animal endemic to North Indiaa€?. Prof.Pankaj Mathur, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics and Astronomy, University of Lucknow delivered a lecture on the topic a€?Rossler Model for Deterministic Chaosa€?. In the last session of the day there was Rangoli competition a€?Wild Lifea€? was organized for the students of schools, colleges and various departments of University of Lucknow. Inspired by Life, Powered by CreativityLaunched in 2008, DesignSwan is a web blog devoted to uncovering (and sharing) the latest and greatest design, inspiration, graphics and technology from all over the world. Tio, called by its designer Tim Holley, is a ghost-shaped light switch that gives kids a visual reminder of how much energy they’ve used by leaving lights on. In a brilliant piece of visual positive reinforcement, Holley’s program lets kids grow a “virtual tree” which gets bigger and healthier the more energy they save. Make your Orlando homes energy efficient and save yourself some cold, hard cash every month on your energy bills.

You do not need to do everything on these lists but if you pick a few of the easiest things and implement them, watch how much money you save. Bhoomitra Dev, Chief Guest, opined, a€?Wildlife is diminishing in forest but increasing in township and we can witness it live in the newspapers.a€? While addressing about 400 enthusiastic audiences including winners and participants in different competition, esteemed teachers and prestigious dignitaries, he elaborated the greed and insensitivity of human beings towards wildlife and quoted a€? A new species named eco- criminal has evolved and they are engaged in illegal trade of endangered animals worth Rs. Dev enunciated that students are not careless but cared less and they are also not useless but used less.
He also informed the audience about various unique galleries, shows and fun based programmes are being regularly organized for persons of all ages. Kumar, Project Coordinator, Lucknow, briefed about the programme and various activities to be undertaken in seven days. There was much enthusiasm for Essay competition in which 130 participants took part in Hindi and English in Junior and Senior categories. In his lecture he explained the relation between mathematics, life, wildlife and social life. And the product in this post is designed for this purpose, teaching today’s children to save energy with an interesting and visual way. You can download free the Green Energy – Save Life wallpaper hd deskop background which you see above with high resolution freely. He further said that world is not human centered, because we are living in an age of guided missiles with misguided men. Singh, Chief Provost, University of Lucknow, termed the whole event as hard work oriented and the enthusiastic involvement of youths has turned it into festival.
The inaugural ceremony Wild Life Week Celebration was held in the auditorium of Regional Science City, Lucknow, About 200 students, teachers from different colleges & university of Lucknow participated in the function. Mishra, Vice-Chancellor, Lucknow University was the Chief Guest of the function and he expressed his views by emphasizing the importance of the vanprastha ashram as those who have served the society during their mature age need to serve the forest in the late years of their life.
He informed about the biodiversity based Scimax Show featuring the Dolphins and the 3D show a€™SOS Planeta€™ brings alive the thrill of dangers being faced today. Srivastava explained about biodiversity and types of diversities as Genetic, Species, Ecological and Cultural.
Debate and discussions are the best way to find something pragmatic and stir their thoughts and expressions for the related topic. Ashok Kumar, Department of English, University of Lucknow gave individual tips to all the participants and also told about the communication skills. Maintaning the tradition of wildlife conservation Judges were honored by small plant saplings duly planted in pots.
Basu in his lecture gave details of the habitat and reasons for the decline of population of the Gharials and the imbalance due to that in the ecosystem.
And if you dare to leave that light on for more than eight hours, sweet little Tio turns into a raging red hulk, complete with frown mouth and angry eyes. Also if you can download a resized wallpaper to fit to your display or download original imageDownload hd wallpapers of Green Energy – Save Life.
Every year there is approximately 6-10 billion dollars ivory trade is witnessed and in the year 1990, 1 lac elephant were killed for tusk of elephant, skin of tigers .Since, elephants, tigers and rhinoceros are indicator species they need to be conserved. Sharma, Head of Department, University of Lucknow, informed about the different competition organized throughout the week where about 400 participants of 20 colleges, 27 schools, various departments of university and NSS, NCC cadets took part in various activities like essay writing, poem recitation, quiz, debate, slogan writing, mimicry, mehndi and rangoli based on different themes of wildlife.

Further he opined that biodiversity if getting imbalanced and if we do not get aware will face many problems as we are facing today. Vice-Chancellor, Lucknow University was the guest of honored he advised that if the balance in biodiversity is disturbed it will lead to imbalance in nature e.g. By laying emphasis on cultural diversity he said that cultural diversity serves biodiversity.
After his lecture he also showed a movie to the students and audience which was having all the vital information about the habitat, breeding, and nesting of the animal.
But he won’t just visually remind your kids about their energy habits; information from the light switch is sent to Tio’s computer program so the entire family can see how they’re doing.
He also said that nature neither rewards nor punishes, but we have to bear its consequences.
Lectures by eminent experts of wildlife were regularly organized with movie show, 3D movie show based on wildlife theme. Meena Mishra, Mrs, Vice- Chancellor, University of Lucknow showed unique and noteworthy relation of yoga with animals elaborating the importance of both.
Crocodiles and Vultures at the verge of extinction is the consequence of human activities either directly of indirectly. The movie was also having the brief detail of working of Crocodile Rehabilitation Center, Kukrail Lucknow which is giving its full efforts in rehabilitation of the animals from the last many years. Besides, an exhibition of photographs and posters related to wildlife was displayed in the galleries. It is a timely and contemperary issue and thus need of the hour is to make students aware and they should try to minimize the harm. About 30 students from different schools and colleges and different department of university participated in the poem recitation competition in post lunch session. A photo exhibition on the central theme of wildlife conservation was also organized where it was depicted that a photograph is not just a picture. He further said that we all know about different types of energies like mechanical, chemical, and electrical energy, but there is one most important form of energy is a€?youth energya€?, the strength of which we must realize and also appreciate.
He beautifully concluded his thoughts by quoting the word of Stephens Hawkins a€?Who is more intelligent Bacteria or Human Beingsa€?. The audiences were mesmerized by beautiful but remarkable poem on central theme a€?Dona€™t Let them be Historya€? of Wildlife Week. Students from various schools, colleges and various departments of university were watching the exhibition with great curiosity. If we look at the action of the two life forms bacteria did not did any thing that went against their survival but human have done many.

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