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ENCON Club is purely a voluntary non-profit group activity of students aimed at practicing energy conservation and environment protection. Reducing energy consumption is not only suitable for those people, who want to save the environment.
But understand that you do not have to follow every step in order to reduce power consumption, just try some of them and you will notice the changes. Close ventilation openings in the rooms that you use rarely , for example in the guest bedroom. Viola Morales, Green piece member and independent blogger provides tips about how to safe energy in your house by installing vinyl window in Sandy Springs home and using Energy efficient appliances. This gives a platform for the members to acquire, process and share knowledge on the subject.
Even if you will do two or three steps, you can save energy, money and resources of Mother Nature.
Two or three glass units, filled with argon gas are perfect for keeping warmth in the house, not allowing the cold seep.
If tinted windows do not look quite attractive on the front of your house, you can do it on the back windows.

For example, the use low-flow devices (such as shower heads) that can be installed on the top of of new energy-efficient water heater. If they are holding air in the gas duct until it reaches its destination, the oven will be over-processing. Kochi Refinery started ENCON clubs in the year 2002 with the ambitious aim of associating with the younger generation in protecting and preserving the environment.
You can take something big, such as solar panels or small type such as turning off the light. Additional or new insulation on the ceilings, walls and attic, along with stamping or sealing gasket, proper vinyl windows and doors will prevent from cold drafts and air leaks to keep heat in the house during the cold winter.
Solar panels help to reduce energy costs by producing a little more of your own electricity. The main objective of this ENCON Club is to drive home the message of energy conservation and environment protection in the minds of students, by planning and organizing regular activities.
When it's hot, the same improvements help to keep the cool air from the air conditioner in the house during the stuffy summer. Replace all old clunkers on devices that are certified with standard power-saving appliance.

This is because the fluorescent lights are shining longer than usual at eight to twelve times.
The use and copying of any information or materials, without written permission of a€?TANGRA a€“ AVa€? ltd, is forbidden and will be prosecuted with the full force of the law. Even a combination of incandescent lamp with fluorescent ones can reduce energy consumption in the home.
Some energy-efficient changes are the just for the one time relief like replacement windows in Roswell. When it comes the time to replace kitchen appliances, washer, dryer, water heater or furnace, check the different models and features, so you will know which ones consume less amount of electricity.

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