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High Point Furniture Market was founded in 1909 as a convenient way for home furnishing retailers and manufacturers to meet to conduct business. One respected researcher on climate change and Arctic greenhouse gas conditions is University of Utah Professor of Physics, Timothy J. Climate change is efficiently melting the Arctic which contains huge quantities of carbon dioxide (CO2) and trillions of tons of methane (CH4) below the permafrost. Many scientists are saying it arrives when the CO2 eq emission concentration exceeds 600ppm (it is now at 385 ppm CO2 eq) where mean earth temperatures increase above 4 degrees Celsius. Both Professors Garrett and McKibben agree that catastrophic environmental consequences cannot be avoided unless we start NOW rapidly transitioning away from fossil fuels and cutting GHG emissions at the sensational rate of 5% a year! So there’s a long, long way to go to get down quickly to an annual reduction rate of 5%. In this regard, burning natural gas produces 36 parts of water vapor to 44 parts of CO2 by weight — a much lower fraction than any other hydrocarbon. Just a few thoughts from someone who is totally convinced we are faced with a serious threat to life on Earth.
It is somewhat frustrating just when we are on the threshold of achieving energy independence from the Middle East to be told that we need to leave all that fossil fuel in the ground, but that’s precisely what we need to do. As far as wealth creation is concerned, plenty of wealth was created in the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th centuries before the internal combustion engine was even invented. Perhaps we should put the Army Corps of Engineers to work putting more solar and wind power into place.

We had a chance in the 19th and early 20th centuries to not be a cotton, petroleum, and wood based world.
If we are really serious about global warming, we should think out of the box we have put ourselves in and take a doable approach without turning us back to the stone era. For example, if we plant ten rows of trees along the both sides of all highway network in USA with dripping irrigation systems and good forest management, we can easily sequester more than all of CO2 emission by all automobiles in USA around the clock, which is about 600 million metric tons of CO2 a year. If we put this reforestation into a continent scale, just in north America, not in dry desert environment areas, we can reverse the whole trend of global warming due to CO2 accumulation in the air. Remember that reforestation is the least in the capital demanding and the most energy efficient among all sequestering measurements scientists can ever propose. Kathy Shea is the Executive Director of NC Interfaith Power and Light.¬† She is an amazing speaker and will bring the entire series into focus and inspire¬†us to Go Greener! Lisa shares her new designs and how Chelsea House discovered her via Kahn Design Group’s new website.
If you are wondering where to get your interior design fix until then, look no further than the online interior design mood board creator, Olioboard.
Sadly, political leadership and public opinion move at a lethargic pace — particularly when it comes to such fundamental change based on new scientific evidence that challenges a deeply rooted style of living, economic growth culture, and powerfully vested traditional energy interests. We need to take a U-turn from achieving oil and gas independence in order to achieve independence from extinction of our species due to fossil fuel pollution.
If our survival as a species is at stake, the various armies of the world need to get involved implementing non-polluting energy sources immediately even if we have to put wealth creation on hold for a few years.

If you contact him, he may know colleagues in California who are well-informed on this carbon dioxide-methane intensive region. The process starts when carbon dioxide and methane emissions translate into heat-trapping gases, then into melting ice, then into rising oceans and storms, then into destruction of food supplies, then into inability of plant and human life to survive. However, assuming an effective, timely transition from fossil fuels to renewables occurs, fossil fuels can play a role intermittently filling the gap in demand and supply. We need to go back to modes and models of wealth creation that existed prior to any oil being taken out of the ground although we don’t need to go back entirely to the horse and buggy days because we know how to create non-polluting energy. Many of our ancient forests still intact and petroleum extracted on a very small scale for very specific usages. Garrett sees climate change as a fight between human beings and physics … where the physics of climate change becomes irreversibly deadly unless something is done IMMEDIATELY to drastically reduce GHG emissions worldwide.
In the meantime perhaps we should consider horses and buggies until all cars are electrified. McKibben has reseached, fossil fuel companies have 2,795 gigatons of CO2 in their fuel reserves in the ground!

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