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Whether you run a small business, office or restaurant, taking steps to improve your energy efficiency can pay off for years to come. Funding is available for upgrades to lighting, equipment and energy-efficient new construction.
Lighting is typically the biggest energy expense for offices and small retailers, so upgrading to energy-efficient lighting is an effective way to save energy and trim your operating costs. For supermarkets and smaller food shops, refrigeration can account for over 50% of electricity costs, making it a crucial area to target for energy savings.
The Energy Efficiency for Small Business Program is a program run by the NSW Government to help small businesses save money by reducing their Electricity consumption.

For instance, replacing an old, inefficient air conditioning system with a high efficiency system can reduce heating and cooling costs in your office, shop or factory by up to 40 per cent.
Coordination assistance by an assessor to install energy saving improvements, at no cost to your business (up to four hours). Upgrading the efficiency of HVAC systems can reduce consumption and keep your restaurant comfortable, which is good for both guests and staff. Or by simply switching to energy efficient LED lighting you can cut lighting electricity use by up to 75 per cent. If your business spends around $20,000 a year on electricity or employs up to 10 people you can join the Energy Efficiency for Small Business Program today.

Based on your assessment, ecoeel will deliver a customised Action Plan to guide the roll-out of energy saving initiatives at your site.

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