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USC Viterbi, Northrop Grumman establish institute to develop advanced optical materialsThe Northrop Grumman Institute of Nanophotonics and Nanomaterials will explore the properties of tiny structures and materials. Have classical guitar, will travelEver on the go, a USC Thornton musician is well on his way to international success. Adena Bauer co-founded Spark USC, a group that helps students collaborate on entrepreneurial projects and tap into their creativity.
USC Viterbi student finds her calling in computer science and businessAdena Bauer co-founded Spark USC, a group that helps students collaborate on entrepreneurial projects and tap into their creativity.
Pilot program shares 3-D recorded testimonies gathered by USC Shoah Foundation, which preserves stories of genocide survivors and witnesses. USC’s Maja Mataric notes that robots do not generate the sort of intimidating presence humans often do, and that they are able to repeat requests infinitely where humans will innately burn out. Using an application that develops the most effective patrol routes, a team of USC researchers is proving that technology has a role to play in protecting wildlife.
USC’s student health services grew over two decades under the watch of the resilient administrator, hiker and singer.
The administrator serves as a key strategic, business and legal adviser to the university’s senior leaders. USC Stem Cell study examines bone formation and vertebrate evolutionColleagues explain how a shared gene directs the development of bone-forming cells.
Extensive research, superlative design and strong oversight yield an uncommon USC Kaufman building, dean of operations says.
How do you create a dance building from scratch?Extensive research, superlative design and strong oversight yield an uncommon USC Kaufman building, dean of operations says.
To save suicidal teens, listen to their voiceHigh-tech acoustic software can help clinicians identify young people at risk and step in before lives are lost. Christopher Hutton performs with the Pointsett Piano Trio, which includes violinist Deirdre Hutton and pianist David Gross. Cello player Christopher Hutton looks ahead to Piatigorsky FestivalNew Zealand native wants to observe master classes with many cellists he’s never had the opportunity to see in person. Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta calls for ‘tough leadership’ to emerge this election yearThe California native believes the country is at a crossroads: It could boast a strong economy or be divided by fear and prejudice.
USC Wrigley Institute introduces food cultivation to local studentsAn outreach program couples aquaculture with hydroponics to teach youngsters about science and other key subjects.
USC’s Ron Avi Astor is among 200 professors united by Jill Biden to support a nationwide initiative.
The NoseKnows team celebrates its win at the Maseeh Entrepreneurship Prize Competition during the USC Viterbi Awards. Viterbi Awards ceremony spotlights engineering luminaries and the school’s top startupsThe event honors winners of the Maseeh Entrepreneurship Prize Competition and first Min Family Engineering Social Entrepreneurship Challenge. Even a simple motor task elicits not-so-simple activation of the neural pathways of a child with autism, left, compared to those of a typically developing child. Neuroimaging helps reveal brain-body links in autism researchResearcher uses state-of-the-art techniques to assess the brain’s ability to turn sensory information into a motor response.
Race-neutral policies and their impact on communitiesUSC student forum examines issues of race and social justice in planning, policy, development and social work. Why Prince’s passing hits homeAs fans continue to mourn the passing of the music legend who died April 21, USC scholars reflect on his legacy — and our emotions. Sara Fenton built her award-winning video installation around a non-functioning drinking fountain at the library. Digital installation wins USC Libraries Wonderland AwardDoheny Memorial Library’s ornate fountain sets the scene for reenactment of a sequence from Lewis Carroll’s whimsical classic. USC Marshall students win a global competition with a proposal to de-mine Angolan land and turn it into farming property.

An investment idea whose time has come for AngolaUSC Marshall students win a global competition with a proposal to de-mine Angolan land and turn it into farming property.
Zach Galifianakis gives stand-up lessons to aspiring comedians on ‘this desperate art form’You may have to supply your own audience or perform in a cage to protect yourself against beer bottles, the battle-tested comic tells USC students. Trustee Lydia Kennard’s gift will boost renovation at USC East College PrepNew funding goes to charter high school preparing students for success at college and beyond. Coming into its own: New drone video shows USC Village progressConstruction is in high gear on the $700 million project that will change how Trojans live and learn. Tim Story spoke at the Jack Oakie and Victoria Horne Oakie Masters of Comedy Lecture Series. Directing hit comedies is serious business for Tim StoryThe alumnus learned his craft on music videos before finding success at the helm of films like Ride Along and Barbershop.
Zhejiang Chinese Medical University (ZCMU), a medical institute of higher learning in Zhejiang province, provides programs in fields of medicine, science, engineering, management and literature (arts) with Chinese medicine being its main focus.
ZCMU is situated to the south of Qiantang River in Hangzhou (capital city of Zhejiang province), a city renowned for its history and culture. Inspired by the spirit of "seeking the origin at high aspiration", the university has achieved leaping development in recent years as a result of 5 decadesa€™ arduous efforts by several generations. University ProfileZhejiang Chinese Medical University (ZCMU), a medical institute of higher learning in Zhejiang province, provides programs in fields of medicine, science, engineering, management and literature (arts) with Chinese medicine being its main focus.
Applicant QualificationsInternational Education College is situated in the downtown of Hang zhou the city called "the Paradise On Earth". Standing in the northeast of Zhejiang province with 180 kilometers south to Shanghai, Hangzhou is the provincial capital and the College of politics, eco- nomy, culture and tourism in Zhejiang province.
Weather here belongs to subtropical monsoon climate which is character-ized by clearly divided 4 seasons, mild weather, plenty of sunshine and rai- nfall. Millions of people in the West today utilize traditional Chinese medicine, including acupuncture, herbs, massage and nutritional therapies.
Given the complexity of the language and concepts in these texts, there is a need for accurate, high-quality translations, say researchers at UCLA’s Center for East-West Medicine.
Authors Sonya Pritzker, a licensed Chinese medicine practitioner and anthropologist, and Hanmo Zhang, a China scholar, hope the publication will promote communication in the field and play a role in the development of thorough, accurate translations.
The document highlights several important topics in the translation of Chinese medical texts, including the history of Chinese medical translations, which individuals make ideal translators, and other translation-specific issues, such as the delicate balance of focusing translations on the source-document language while considering the language it will be translated into. It also addresses issues of technical terminology, period-specific language and style, and historical and cultural perspective. The final section of the document calls for further discussion and action, specifically in the development of international collaborative efforts geared toward the creation of more rigorous guidelines for the translation of Chinese medicine texts.
Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine School is famous for its enclosing wall of 300 traditional Chinese medicine names, and corresponding four god animals like Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird and Black Tortoise, displaying a long-standing and well-established history of traditional Chinese medicines.
Directions: Take Subway Line 1 to Sihui station or Sihui East station, transfer Batong Line to Li Yuan station. Antitumor effects of traditional Chinese medicine targeting the cellular apoptotic pathway.
Medicinal Herbals with Antiplatelet Properties Benefit in Coronary Atherothrombotic Diseases.
Effects of Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs for tonifying Qi and kidney, and replenishing spleen on intermittent asthma in children aged 2 to 5 years old. Effects of sea buckthorn oil intake on vaginal atrophy in postmenopausal women: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Looking Beyond the Terrestrial: The Potential of Seaweed Derived Bioactives to Treat Non-Communicable Diseases.
Anti-obesity effects of Yerba Mate (Ilex Paraguariensis): a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial.

The Therapeutic Potential of Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) Diterpenes for Alzheimer’s Disease. A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial to assess the bacterial anti-adhesion effects of cranberry extract beverages.
Plants used during maternity, menstrual cycle and other women?s health conditions among Brazilian cultures. The Zika virus may be even more dangerous than previously thought, affecting one in five pregnant women who contract it, scientists in Brazil say.
11 attacks experienced transition challenges and needed time to figure out what to do after the military. USC Dornsife student develops philanthropic appThe East Asian languages and cultures major simplifies — and personalizes — the process of donating to charity through his app Drops.
The history of the University dates back to the year of 1953 when it was first founded as Zhejiang Vocational School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, on the basis of which it was later developed into Zhejiang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1959.
The beautiful scenery and the reasonable layout of a well-equipped campus make it an ideal place for study and research. Qiantang River Bridge: turn right under the Qiantang River Bridge to Dongxin Road, turn left go 1 km along the road to Pune, 500 meters walk to the foreshore Wen Road, turn left, walk 100 meters to reach the school. Renaissance Bridge: Bridge rehabilitation over the foreshore text straight to the elevated road exit, turn right to the foreshore text Road, four kilometers away get to school. Qianjiang Third Bridge: Go straight to the next Qingjiang Qianjiang Third Bridge Road, turn right to the Jiangnan Road, 9 kilometers away to the Dongxin Road turn left, go 1 km turn left along the road to the pump, take the 500 meters turn left into the text of the Foreshore Road, 100 meters away get to school. Historically as one of seven famous ancient capital cities in China, Hangzhou is one of China's key scenic tourist cities with a long history and rich culture attracting tourists from home and abroad. The yearly average temperature here is 16.2a„? with 230-260 days of no-frost period and 76% relative humidity. To that end, the center has published a document that includes a detailed discussion of the issues involved in Chinese medical translation, which is designed to help students, educators, practitioners, researchers, publishers and translators evaluate and digest Chinese medical texts with greater sensitivity and comprehension.
For example, depending on historical circumstances and language use, some translations may be geared toward a Western scientific audience or, alternately, it may take a more natural and spiritual tone. The school is rated as the education base of traditional Chinese medicines in Tongzhou and the tourist education base of traditional Chinese medicines in Beijing. It has been authorized to confer mastera€™s degrees since 1978 and doctoral degrees since 1998. The website presents the overall information on China in the following respects: universities, primary and secondary schools, interest schools, admission procedures, scholarships, study programs, tuitions and fees, study tours, cultural characteristics, educational policies, living in China, online Chinese learning, etc. Universities need to support them to the fullest extent, they note, including through the Yellow Ribbon Program. In terms of related hospitals, ZCMU has 3 directly-affiliated and 7 non-directly-affiliated hospitals. Funded by a UCLA Transdisciplinary Seed Grant, the document is available for free in both English and Chinese (PDF format) on the UCLA Center for East-West Medicine website. The year 2003 saw the establishment of Postdoctoral Research Station and in February 2006, with the approval of Ministry of Education, the school was renamed as Zhejiang Chinese Medical University (ZCMU). It embraces a number of distinguished professors, renowned TCM doctors, well-known experts and leading researchers in their respective branches of learning.

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