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I can rest my case assuring you how many times I have suffered from canker sores, waking up in the morning and not being able to speak because the lip brushes the sore against the teeth, or having problem chewing because of the round wheatish white sore just won’t let the food be chewed. I am sure many of us have been through those painful days when a stupid little sore ruined your whole day because you can’t talk properly, eat properly and even laugh properly.  Also known as mouth ulcers, canker sores are ulcerous conditions often formed in the oral region either on the gums, inner side of the lips and even on the inner top of the mouth. But when these sores keep happening over and over again, a strict stable remedy is definitely called for. We all look for easy home remedies to cure the problems we face if not the alternative go visit a doctor.
Usually they just come and go on their own but even then there are times when they take their sweet time in fading and those days are quite harmony disrupting.

While there are always some medical remedy to something and everything, canker sores are something which can easily be treated just sitting at home. Especially the avoiding of citrus fruits like oranges or grapes and even fruits like apple or pineapples since these aggravates the ulcer regions.
Just visit a medical store and buy some oral cream or mouthwash to keep your oral health clear and clean.  But all that is before the canker precautions. Also your inner mouth surrounding maybe allergic to certain food like nuts or chocolates or any vegetables. If you use normal powder tea in containers, put some in a soft muslin cloth or just buy some tea bags from your grocery and after you’re done using it for tea, the wet tea bag can be pressed against the canker.

The reason is mainly due to lack of specific nutrition in your body especially Vitamin B, iron or zinc deficiencies.
At times stress or tissue cell damage can also be a cause.  Also a weak immune system may be a reason for such a sore to occur.

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