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Spiritual Healing is the ability of one or more persons to be the instrument, or means, of restoring mental, emotional and physical health to another, through the application of spiritual energies from a non-physical dimension. We are all just the channels of healing energy, and spirit help, where they can if possible, even if it gives peace of mind, to the recipient, we as humans, cannot not cure an illness, only beyond our world, can spirit, manifest a miracle, and yes!Miracles can happen, as long as you as a human know, that you cannot promise, a person to be healed. Choose a spa package for someone special, or let them choose whatever they desire with a Champneys gift card. As president of Soul to Soul Publications and founder of Luminescence Magazine, she is dedicated to providing literary works that uplift, inspire and encourage globally. Katherine's small beautiful collection of poems take the reader with her as she journeys to know both self love andGod's love. There are many healing methods, but divine energy has no confined faith, creed or nation and it is wide-spread in many faiths today.
It is a completely natural process and is complementary to all forms of treatment as it is non invasive. Gabrielle is the author of the forthcoming books entitled Insight, Soul Intuition, and Soul Evolution.

No two auras will be exactly alike, no matter how similar, because just as fingerprints relate only to the person they came from, so the aura relates only to the one person it surrounds. The Healer links to the healing energy in a method called ‘attunement’ and is a channel through which the healing energy flows to the person. The spiritual state of yoru heart is the beginning of all opportunity, failed chances, and pragmatic evolution.
Healers work with their hands at a short distance from the body, or sometimes with a light touch. All it requires is unconditional love, and compassion for others, and you can develop your spiritual self. So at this time of year I love to challenge myself and others to do some spiritual spring cleaning. It is deeply relaxing and can help to release at a profound level enabling your body to heal at its own pace and in its own way. Most people experience a variety of sensations from warmth or coolness, tingling or pain coming to the surface (and dispersing) as the energy goes to work.

There may be times when you experience an emotional release as part of the healing process. So are you surrounding yourself with people who speak to the nature of your movement towards pragmatic evolution or are you surrounding yourself with people who have no look towards that. People don’t necessarily have your demise in mind, but if you surround yourself with people who don’t even care about their own growth how can they possibly care about yorus? This includes planning maintenance, growth steps, and thoughts towards those who will be in your world.

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