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Molluscum Contagiosum is a discomforting skin condition affecting many children and adults around the world. It is a common viral skin infection that gives rise to painless, hard lumps over the skin surface.
The condition results in the development of tiny, painless papules over the skin of sufferers. The infection occurs when the skin of a child directly comes into contact with a lesion on the body of another child or an adult. The virus may also spread through contact with objects contaminated by the virus, such as towels, toys, clothing, faucet handles or doorknobs. Irritation caused to the lesions due to activities like scratching, rubbing or shaving may spread the virus to adjacent skin. Individuals with a compromised immune system due to underlying disorders, such as AIDS, may suffer from a rapid worsening of MCV. Physicians usually diagnose the condition by simple observation of the physical appearance of the papules.
If lumps show up in the genital area, doctors may consider the infection as an STD and carry out further tests. An extremely large number of these papules can be indicative of an underlying deficiency of the immune system. Topical medications, such as those used to cure psoriasis and acne or remove warts, may be effective in removing the nodules. Tea tree oil has powerful astringent (causes compression of body tissues and canals) properties that are effective in stopping the spread of the lesions. In many cases, topical application of these OCD creams and ointments ensures faster recovery and quick resolution of the symptoms. Homeopathic treatment is not only effective in curing the condition but also removing any chance of recurrence of the disease at any time in future.
However, immunosuppressed people (or individuals having a compromised immune system due to conditions like AIDS) may suffer from a rapid worsening of this skin disorder. Molluscum Contagiosum is commonly found in women who exercise in gyms, ride bicycles frequently or have multiple sexual partners. The bumps often heal without treatment.In some cases, however, women may suffer from itchiness or irritation in the lesions. Women with this condition should abstain from sexual intercourse or have intimacy with only one partner who does not have sex with any other individual. It is a condition characterized by the development of MCV lesions on the genitals of adults. Men suffering from Genital Molluscum (or MCV lesions on the penis) as well women suspected of having it on their vagina should refrain from having sex until complete resolution of the infection. In people with severe cases of MCV infection, the nodules and the surrounding skin region turn red and swollen.
Know about the physical appearance of these lesions with these useful Molluscum Contagiosum photos. If you have symptoms similar to Molluscum Contagiosum, visit your health care provider immediately.
White spots on the tongue may be a harmless sign of moderate dehydration that requires no intervention or it may also appear as an alarming feature of an underlying organic condition. Drinking plenty of water and maintaining high hydration can help in removal of temporary white spots.
Description: Oral thrush (also known as oral candidiasis) is a fungal condition caused by Candida albicans. Description: A condition seen mostly in middle aged individuals and is characterized by lacy white patches that can spread to adjacent structures of oral cavity like gums and teeth. Treatments: Most cases resolve spontaneously without requiring a medical intervention with good oral hygiene and maintaining abstinence from alcohol consumption and smoking. Description: Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease that is seen most frequently in individuals who perform unprotected oral sex on someone with positive symptoms of genital syphilis.
Treatments: It is recommended to speak to a healthcare provider for management of symptoms via oral penicillin. Description: Precancerous or cancerous conditions of mouth may also present with oral spots or patches that may also be associated with an outgrowth, weight loss, pain symptoms, frequent bleeding and difficulty in performing oral functions (like chewing, swallowing or talking). Treatments: If you are developing symptoms like weight loss, frequent bleeding from mouth without any gum disease and progressive hoarseness of voice, it is recommended to see your healthcare provider at earliest convenience for detection of precancerous lesions.
Description: Leukoplakia is a trivial condition seen mostly in the setting of tobacco exposure that causes tongue cells to divide at a higher rate to produce white patches.
Treatments: It is recommended to speak to your healthcare provider about these lesions and besides maintaining oral hygiene, make sure to avoid all irritants that may lead to this condition, like tobacco chewing and smoking.
Other possible causes of white patches on tongue include Streptococcus Pyogenes infection, a bacterial infection that may develop in the setting of sore throat, white spots on red tongue or red spots on white tongue.
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A painful condition, sores under the tongue may keep a person from eating or speaking properly. Tongue sores are generally caused due to physical injury, trauma, bacterial or viral infections, and tonsillitis.

White tongue sores may indicate several things, the most common being leukoplakia and lichen planus.
If the white sore is due to lichen planus, a white lace like pattern may be found on the inner side of the cheeks. If you get a red sore under the tongue, it may mean that there is some underlying medical condition which needs to be taken care of. Moreover, there are some drugs such as those which help in controlling high blood pressure, diabetes, and diuretics which cause painful tongue sores, besides swollen tongue. Sore under the tongue may be caused due to several conditions, so you need to take preventive measures. What does it look like?, diseases, pictures, What does herpes look like?, What does ringworm look like?, what does shingles look like?,what does poison ivy look like,what does look like, what does staph look like, how does it look like, what does mrsa look like and more – FIND OUT HERE!
Find out more about the condition as well as its causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. The lesions are commonly found to have a central core consisting of a white, waxy substance. They are often found to arise in skin regions that have been scratched by a person or irritated in some other way. If they suspect any serious underlying condition, scrapings from the infected skin region may be taken and held under a microscope.
Adults displaying genital molluscum contagiosum rashes should be properly screened for STDs. Hence, physicians may prescribe a topical anesthetic to lessen discomfort in sufferers before using non-surgical procedures. For a more soothing experience, drop the oil in bath-water and soak it in for at least 15 minutes.
Over-the-counter (OTC) remedies only offer symptomatic relief and do not treat the cause of the condition as such. In people with healthy immunity, the condition generally resolves on its own but may take a long time to go away. The MC virus spreads easily and children mostly acquire it from schools or day care centers. They may also get the condition from sexual contact with an MCV-infected male or due to non-sexual viral transmission from children or adult males. Sexually active women may reduce the risk of suffering from MCV infection or other STDs by using latex barriers such as dental dams, finger cots and condoms. If sex is continued, there is a high chance that the infected person will transmit the virus to their partner. If scratched excessively, the nodules may give rise to secondary bacterial infections on the skin surface. Although they do not offer complete protection from viral infection, they may reduce chances of getting or spreading sexually transmitted conditions.
The Molluscum contagiosum images will help you in getting a true idea about how the condition looks like.
This will help you check the condition at the earliest and also prevent development of new symptoms or aggravation of a possible underlying STD. Most cases of white spots on the tongue are due to collection of cellular debris, dead cells and bacteria that gives tongue a white appearance.
However, if your white spots are not disappearing with homer remedies or is associated with pain, swelling or discomfort in the tongue, or your white tongue lasts for more than 2 weeks, you should see a healthcare provider at earliest convenience.
The creamy cottage cheese like spots are hard to remove with scarping and may bleed on forced removal. Other helpful home remedies include frequent gargling with warm saline, use of lozenges and oral anti-fungal creams. Healthcare providers also suggest stress management and decreasing the intake of spicy foods for control of symptoms.
The primary lesion may start within 10 to 90 days post exposure and start off with the development of small painless oral ulcer that may erode and develop white or dirty yellow spots in the oral cavity and tongue.
Avoid sexual intercourse during active infection to prevent transmission to your sex partner. It may also be associated with other immune mediate or inflammatory conditions of the tongue and may be refractory to ordinary brushing or scarping. Braces work by applying continuous pressure over a period of time to slowly move teeth in a specific direction.
While consuming food, many people bite their tongue and this may result in development of sores. Usually, this condition is caused due to reactions to other medications such as oral hypoglycemics and Beta Blockers. Additionally, there are some types of anemia like iron deficiency anemia and pernicious anemia, and conditions like vitamin B12 deficiency and folic acid deficiency which may be responsible for this situation.
If you get sores, try and look for treatment options so that they don't cause further discomfort. Unlike other skin lesions, these do not generally appear as red or swollen until scratched. A skin biopsy may help in an accurate diagnosis and ruling out the presence of other underlying disorders. Removal of individual papules through surgical procedures like freezing, de-coring, needle electrosurgery or scraping has been found to result in scarring (formation of scars in the operated areas).

Allow the solution to soak into the skin region for a minute and then wash off with clean water.
The nodules may last for a few months or even several years before disappearing completely. The condition is contagious and may spread from direct skin-to-skin contact or touching objects containing virus, such as clothes, toys, bedding and towels.
The condition is characterized by the development of small lesions that are slightly pink or pearly-white in color.
The condition is characterized by the development of firm, round bumps over the skin on the sex organs, thighs, pubic region, below the waist or buttocks. This is an extremely contagious virus and gets transmitted through direct contact with the skin. If the skin is irritated, the infection may persist and even spread to adjacent skin areas. Serious organic conditions that may also present with white spots on the tongue include a variety of fungal or bacterial infections or in some cases pre-cancerous conditions of tongue or oral cavity.
The infection mostly involves tongue but may also spread to sides of the cheek, roof of palate, tonsils and other parts of oral cavity. You can also consult your healthcare provider for evaluation of cause and management of symptoms. Other essential factors that may also play a role in pathogenesis include positive family history of cancer, excessive alcohol consumption and immuno-compromised conditions like HIV.
Although trivial to begin with, if proper management is not done, it can evolve into a pre-cancerous condition over time due to abnormal cell division that may accumulate mutations over time. In order to avoid complications like rheumatic fever or streptococcal induced glomerulonephritis, it is recommended to timely manage every case of sore throat. Tongue sores can be painful at times, and you may find it difficult to perform normal activities like talking and eating.
These sores may develop on the inner side of the lips or cheeks, or on the base of the gums.
As with all medical condition, the doctor knows best, so consult one if you find complications.
In later stages, these bumps may get elevated and become round and flesh-colored in appearance.
The papules are usually located on the genitals, buttocks, inner upper thighs and lower abdomen in grown-ups. They ultimately vanish without leaving any scar, unless the area has been excessively scratched. For most children, the condition is not too discomforting and goes away naturally with time. During sexual activities, the genitals and the pubic regions are exposed and come in direct contact.
There are a number of infectious conditions that may present with changes in the appearance of tongue. It is also reported in babies born to mothers with infected birth canal (with vaginal candidiasis).
In case of infantile oral thrush, make sure to frequently wash pacifiers and water bottles of the baby and avoid breast feeding to prevent re-infection. Some healthcare providers suggest that it may also have an association with stress and spicy foods. Other common causes include dehydration or low water intake, long history of alcohol consumption and certain antibiotics.
Most of the time tongue sores are caused due to common cold or flu, but there may be other complex reasons such as oral cancer, STD, etc. Many a time, ailments like diabetes or anemia results in skin disorders, which may in turn effect the tongue surface. If you get these symptoms, get it checked as it may be due to a fungal infection or in some cases a form of cancer.
The presence of lesions does not affect activities like going to school or taking part in sports. In all such cases breast feeding should be stopped until the infection is controlled in the baby with the help of anti- fungal creams. Most people who are on steroid inhalers are also at risk of developing white patches due to possible fungal infection (fairly common in chronic asthmatics or immuno-compromised patients). Sometimes, this condition also include sore under throat and tongue, canker sores, white sores, mouth sores, and red sore. Moreover, sores may also be formed if bacterial infection starts to develop in the oral cavity. Fever blisters are usually on the corners of the mouth or outside the lips, while canker sores are inside. There's no specific age group of people to get canker sores, but the most susceptible are teenagers, and women in their 20s. The chances of canker sores are high in case of mouth injuries, menstrual periods, food allergies, poor nutrition, and stress.

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