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Welcome to our site, we review STD testing services and provide you with our professional recommendation where you can get tested discreetly, for an affordable price, with fast results.
Special HIV early detection RNA test available, accurate after 9 to 11 days after possible exposure. Overall, paid STD testing via a reputable service is well worth the money, results have the same accuracy, but with additional comfort, faster results and total privacy. Although the CDC and ASHA doing a a lot of prevention work, the are more than 1 million new Chlamydia and Gonorrhea infections in the United States each and every year. Chlamydia and Gonorrhea infected individuals have a significantly higher risk getting HIV when having sexual intercourse with a HIV infected person. There are two common ways of testing, to see a local doctor or testing center or to do a discreet test at home. Select a professional partner lab near you location by using the ZIP code search feature on the website, the next lab is probably just 5 miles or less away. Once the analysis is finished you can view your results online on a secure page only you can access with your login.
Although the tests are extremely accurate, please note that all STDs have a so-called window period.
Make sure to protect yourself and your sexual partners until you have the final result if you are assuming you could have a STD, always use condoms! Blood tests can be used for a huge variety of purposes: allergy testing, diabetes testing, genereal health checkups, pregnancy testing, comprehensive heart health testing, cancer testing and many more, including but not limited to STDs. A cheap, easy and discreet way is simply visiting Personal Labs, the site offers a huge variety of tests. A question we get asked very often: Is there any reliable test that doesn’t require sending a blood sample anywhere, maybe something that works completely without any blood sample? Unfortunately, the majority of the population forgets to consider STD testing as an important event that we should be planning to do at least once a year too like we do with vacations and family visits and the dentist and what not.
It’s sad too – because STD transmissions have NOT gone down like the threat of Measles, Mumps Rubella, Polio and such.
So, my advice (whether you are a planner or not) is to plan ahead at least for this anyway and make an STD screening part of your list of to-dos every year if you are sexually active with more than one partner. ANY LAB TEST NOWA® in San Antonio,TX offers several ANONYMOUS and CONFIDENTIAL STD tests and Value Panels include Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Herpes I, HerpesII, HIV, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C.
Unlike other facilities, ANY LAB TEST NOW offers a Comprehensive STD Value Panel - which tests for eight (8) STDs. If you or your partner have any of these symptoms it is important to get tested immediately. Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) caused by a bacterium that can damage a womana€™s reproductive organs (infertility) if left untreated. Chlamydia and Gonorrhea are both sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) that are caused by a bacterium and have similar symptoms such as discharge and painful urination.
Comprehensive STD Panel>>>> $229.00The Comprehensive STD Panel (urine and blood) tests for several sexually transmitted diseases at the same time at one low price, including HIV, Syphilis, Herpes I and II, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Hepatitis B and C. Gonorrhea DNA, Urine STD Testing >>>> $89.00 Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) caused by a bacterium that can cause numerous reproductive and health issues if left untreated. Hepatitis B Surface Antigen STD Testing >>>>$49.00 There are several types of hepatitis a€“ each caused by a different hepatitis virus. Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver that can be contracted through unprotected sex, using contaminated needles, or other causes. Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is most commonly transmitted sexually, but can also be contracted through IV drug use and less likely, blood transfusions. The Syphilis Test detects antibodies to the bacterium that cause the disease in blood, body fluid or tissue. At the moment they are the only company offering a full 10 panel test which also includes Hepatitis!

You first order your test online, select a lab locations nearby, visit the lab and then wait for your results.
What’s the advantages of a service like STD Check Dot Com compared to free STD testing? Meeting a friend, relative or neighbour in this situation is a rather unpleasant imagination. The number of free clinics is very limited in most areas, you have to drive and wait for a long time. Chlamydia is also one of the most common reasons for female infertility if an infection isn’t detected for many years. Testing is easy and comfortable, so there is no reason not to do it, especially if you have a new partner and want to make sure you are both healthy and sexual intercourse without condoms isn’t a major risk. Home test kits must meet high standards to be absolutely reliable, so using FDA-approved tests that physicians is vital. Your confidential test results are reviewed by a licensed doctor, no-one else has access to them. That’s the time you have to wait after exposure and possible infection until the bacterial, viral or antibody level is high enough for reliable testing. They often allow an early diagnosis of severe diseases, so getting your blood testing at least once a year is absolutely recommended. Take control of your health care, they even offer a very good symptom checker with detailed listing a symptoms of many common diseases and dangerous health conditions. The coupon is valid for all orders, no matter which type of test, no matter how many tests.
31 states with more than 8% of all adults suffering from diabetes, zero states with less than 5%. This isn’t an early detection test and the accuracy of the result strongly depends on following the manual exactly, step by step.
In July 2012 the FDA approved (see USA Today) the first at home mouth swab test called OraQuick. It’s still much better than not testing yourself at all, but the additional comfort comes at the price of less accuracy than blood based tests. Despite the fact that we live in an advanced day and age, people who  otherwise go in for regular medical checkups, just feel too shy to even ask  their doctor for an STD test.
Well, I suppose our bosses generally already control that for us for work but other things like vacations, dentist appointments, family visits, dating, marriage, etc, etc – wouldn’t it be nice if we just received an update that it’s time to go and do that activity without having to mess with setting it all up to begin with? Yes, for one (and the obvious reason) there is not one overall vaccination that we can give to everyone but two (and this is the big reason) because it is somewhat of an “out-of-sight out-of-mind” concept we hold as a society about STDs. If you think you have a sexually transmitted disease (STD), like HIV, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Syphilis, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Herpes I, Herpes II it's important to get tested for your own knowledge and before you possibly transmit to another person. This Value Panel is recommended because you may not know which STD you may have (considering some have similar symptoms). ANY LAB TEST NOW is different than other providers in that you don’t need a doctor's order, insurance or appointment. Viral hepatitis can be contracted through unprotected sex, using contaminated needles, or other causes. 100% discreet and anonymous, the results of the test(s) will be available online in 1-2 business days or less and only accessible with a special login.
Especially those two most common STDs may cause only mild or no symptoms and can often only be found with proper testing. Do never buy any unapproved cheap tests from China or any sources that are not trustworthy!
For Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Trichomoniasis this period is very short, a week on average, often only a few days.
Heart diseases are the number one cause of death with almost 600,000 deaths in the US each year.

It’s much better to get screened early and often so you know for sure and then can help fight off a virus or a bacteria easier should they have been transmitted to you in your last sexual encounter. It’s taboo to discuss over the water cooler and no one really wants to hear about it either. Plus now, like with many other items on your list, it can all be set up over your smart phone without speaking to anyone.
While there is no need to panic, there are many good and valid reasons to get your blood tested now.
While 99% of the people who are HIV negative received the right result with this test, only 92% of the HIV positive people in the test group were correctly detected as carrying the virus. Kind of scary especially knowing that there are in fact STDs that are passed without people knowing about it because either their partners never told them or they never knew they were infected themselves to begin with. These symptoms are very similar to Chlamydia, so you might want to consider the Comprehensive STD Panel. This means there is a chance of about 8% that the test delivers a false negative result in case you are HIV positive. If an STD test confirms the existence of a disease early enough, it can be completely curable, maybe just with a course of proper medication.
Our smart phones allow us to find, book and schedule pretty much anything…yes, even dating and I would have to imagine too by now that some young couple has at least planned a big majority of their wedding from one of their hand-held devices.
Movies do often imitate real life situations and that is why we like them so (though I’ve never heard of anyone waking up with a tiger in their bathroom!) but unfortunately, even in serious dramas, most movies always leave out the real-life STD scares and burdens.
Some STDs do not even show any symptoms in many people and that is why they are passed so easily and how we come to nickname them “The Silent Killers”. It’s also the main reason over 80% of the population has Herpes in which a big majority still don’t even know they have it.
STDs such as herpes, syphilis, and cervical cancer in the case of women cannot be detected through a single blood test or urine test.
There are multiple blood tests that are used in various combinations to confirm whether or not you are infected by any of these diseases. I need to go get tested for STDs as soon as I can!” That real life threat and a scene at the lab getting tested is conveniently left out 99% of the time. All this needs professional help and it is impossible to do it yourself.However, there are some STD tests which can be done at home. This is especially helpful if you are shy to approach your doctor, if you suspect such a disease, don’t wish to have anything in your medical records, or in rare cases if the doctor has refused to carry out STD testing.
The STD tests that can be done at home are a Chlamydia test, gonorrhoea test, trichomoniasis test and an HIV test.Safe and secure You need to order these tests online in most cases. Once you have ordered one or more tests, an unmarked package will arrive at your doorstep, always shipped discreetly.
It generally takes a maximum of three business days for the package to arrive once you have placed an order for a STD test. You will have to take a urine sample, blood sample or a saliva sample and just follow the instructions that will arrive with your package. This method of STD testing not only happens in the privacy of your home, it is also completely safe. Also your privacy is kept intact and none of these tests show up on your insurance record, and your personal information is kept confidential.Once you have completed the test from your end, you will have to mail the samples as instructed in the pre paid, pre labelled package that was sent to you with the STD test that you had ordered.
Difference Between a HIV Blood Test and HIV Urine Test and Reliability HIV Testing Laws and the Release of HIV Test Results Top 10 States With the Highest STD Rate Some STD Fast Facts What Are the Testing Windows for the Most Common STDs Quick STD Testing Lowers the Stress of Treating the Infection Home STD Testing vs an STD Test That Must Be Done With a Lab VisitTESTIMONIALS“I was hesitant about the accuracy of a home hiv test at first, but after learning that this is FDA approved, I gave it a try. All of you are very friendly, it was everything I was looking for in this type of situation.

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