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Karmafan: I wonder if any porn girl ever got pregnant from some rich guy in Dubai and if so kept the kid?
I confirmed that Dave was arrested and held in Van Nuys until he posted bail yesterday (Sunday). He was a super nice guy, his thick Brit accent was a bit hard to understand but he always came across to me as someone who either never really knew he was as famous as he was or that it simply never went to his head. We always spent some time at adult shows, which is where I first met him years ago, he always attended and was always super nice to everyone, even those not in the biz. While it was a year that tested me in many ways it was really nice to get all the birthday wishes here, on the social media sites and even donations to the site and phone calls and so on…Thank You guys, it really is nice to get those. So I was thinking tonight that with technology at the pace that it is it is very likely that the first person who will live to be 200 years old has already been born and given that and the advancements in medicine and healthcare that will happen, so has the first person who will live to be 1000 years old. I like Happy Holidaze and because of that I am going to refrain from any bad news from now il after my birthday (Dec 26th) and instead I want to focus on good things.  The first of which is Rodney Moore. Rodney (David Perry) and I both came into the biz in the early 90s and we both kind of recognized the facial niche as being a good one, today it’s the standard ending, back then it was maybe once in 25 scenes, so we catered to it, we also both primarily shot amateurs and we both saw success. My hats off to an amazing talent and a good friend for many many years.  I am proud to share this channel with my readers! For something like this to actually happen would require APAC to do more than just the usual hashtag activism, they would have to write this as a “performer Bill of Rights and then get behind it. But you should read this, and my hats off to Colin and Angie Rowntree whose employment contract this is.  It would be a great basis for a performer bill of rights and if done correctly it could bring positive attention to the industry from mainstream and from lawmakers, something that is sorely lacking these days.
At Sssh and Wasteland, our goal is to make you feel comfortable and safe as a performer and to provide you an enjoyable work environment on each and every shoot.
With those guiding principles in mind, here are the specific policies and best practices we adhere to – and if at any time you feel there’s a good policy which needs to be added, please tell us. Prior to each shoot, we will ask you to show us your state or federally issued photo ID that shows your date of birth as being older than 21 and complete our 2257 document. At the time of booking, please let us know your food allergies, as well as your likes and dislikes. Beverages (including, but not limited to water, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, Gatorade, soft drinks) and healthy snacks are available at all times, including on-set. Beverages (including, but not limited to water, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, Gatorade, soft drinks) and healthy snacks are available at all times, including on set. Events that have occurred over the past couple of weeks have revealed to us that even some of the industry’s most senior members are still shockingly uninformed about testing policies within the adult film business. We hope to provide a service here by setting the record straight for performers, directors, producer, and agents alike who may be unaware of what the truth is and what the law says in regards to STD testing within the adult industry. For approximately two decades, the self-imposed standard in the adult industry was that performers tested for STDs once per month, and were expected to have a test no older than 30 days at the time of shooting.
There was no discussion or input from models, producers, agents, directors, oranyone else that might be affected by a change in testing policyprior to such recommendation So then what we had was one woman from a completely unelected organization, who is not involved in production or medical testing, telling the whole industry what their testing policy should be.Not only that, but she did so without consulting anyone within the industry about how such a change in testing would affect their business. It is intended as a means by which to involve production in taking on some of the cost to ensure that their employees are tested according to their chosen protocol and standard. Currently and in all the years of the adult industries operation thus far, there has never been a specific set of standards set in place by Cal-Osha for the adult industry,The industry has beensubject to the Blood Borne Pathogen Regulation of 1992, the same as any and all other industries in which saliva, body fluids, blood or OPIM (other potentially infectious materials) may be exchanged.
In the last five years there have been many hearings and a review by Cal Osha with the intent to change the regulation specifically focused to the adult industry and such recommendation by them to the Federal Standards Review Board has now been received by that board and with certainty will result in implementation of a new standard, the time line of which is unknown currently but expected to be in the first half of 2016. That new standard expected to be revealed in the first half of 2016, is expected to require specific testing – solely paid for by the employerand will require universal use of condoms for all penetrative acts,To be clear no such standard is currently in place nor has even been.
The writer chooses to make clear this is not a suggestion and certainly not a recommendation, but that is how the regulations currently stand in combination, between the City of Los Angeles, The County of Los Angeles and the State of California. We’d like to take the opportunity to address some common misconceptions we hear–even from veterans of the business. Again, totally false.The FSC originally had nothing to do with testing at all, and at some point they decided (without anyone ever asking them or electing them so to do) that they were going to control testing.

We encourage producers to decide for themselves what makes sense for their companies, for their productions, to ensure the health of the performers they employ, and to realize that the FSC does not make laws, and does not have the power to tell you what to do with your business without consulting you. This is comical to say the least  I am attac hing the entire response here because I know I have many readers who are industry attorneys and others who will be interested in the entire document. Despite the fact that we live in an advanced day and age, people who  otherwise go in for regular medical checkups, just feel too shy to even ask  their doctor for an STD test.
He has been charged with a Class F felony, that is a Felony that requires a minimum of one or more years incarceration if convicted. That’s pretty heavy but in the grand scheme of things it is probably necessary for our survival.
And Colin and Angie…Good job and thank you for the use of your written policies and procedures.
While making our movies is a professional endeavor and we take it seriously, we also want you to have fun.
The way we see it, you don’t work for us as a performer; instead, we are honored to have the opportunity to work together with you.
We want these policies to be as effective and comprehensive as possible and we greatly value your feedback.
As a performer, you ALWAYS have the absolute right to say “no” – even if what you’re saying no to is something you’ve already agreed to. While negotiating, please know that we pay a flat day rate and do not pay per scene, except where noted. We want you to “own your part”, and we love to hear feedback on how we can make your character stronger, better, and true to life. If there’s someone you’ve always wanted to work with but never had the opportunity, we’ll reach out to them and try to bring them on board. In some cases, portions of these interviews may be used in “behind the scenes” footage, as well, but the primary purpose is simply to document our agreement and to ensure you have been given every opportunity to consider your prospective performance and agree to all its details.
If you are taking pictures, please check with all of the crew that they consent to being in your photos for twitter, instagram, etc. There are many misconceptions, misunderstandings, false information, and flat out lies that are still, to this day, being repeated around the industry regarding testing policy. The decision had no basis in science, and in fact Diane Duke had spent the previous three (3) years defending the industry’s long standing 30 day protocol, arguing publicly on numerous occasions how effective it was. As a performer: do you think it’s ok for someone outside of the business to tell you that you have to pay twice as much for testing all of a sudden, without so much as asking for your input? In our opinion this wasn’t fair to directors, production companies, or talent especially who were just expected to agree to, and pay for this. It is the adult industries responsibility as a whole, to ensure that performers are tested, and that testing is both effective and affordable for performers. Film LA is the authority for issuance of film permits in the County of Los Angeles, which all film producers and productions are required to have if shooting in LA County.
In fact -an adult film producer shooting today in Los Angeles who has a Health Permit, and a Film Permit and uses condoms for all penetrative acts is not required to have the performers have any kind of medical test whatsoever. Many well-known producers accept a 30 day testing standard.We at Direct Models would estimate that approximately 50% of our producer clients operate a 30 day testing protocol. Perhaps a testing facility, just as AIM (Adult Industry Medical) used to do very well, previously. We encourage you to question whether or not those people imposing them are educated, elected, authorized and have the best interests of the business at heart in seeking to impose such regulation.
Health screening lab tests may or may not alert you and your doctor to serious medical conditions and are not intended to be a substitute for a physician's examination.
If we can extend our lives that long then space travel becomes more feasible, we may actually be able to populate another planet or planets in another solar system well before our sun dies. We find that when performers are involved in creative decision making, it yields a better, more realistic and erotic scene, because your passion and commitment are translated to the viewer, making the entire production more enjoyable for everyone involved.
Shooting will only resume after a check-in with you, and after both you and the advocate consent to continuing.

We want these policies to be as effective and comprehensive as possible for both you and us, so we greatly value your feedback.
In fact there is no law to this day,-federal or state,-that requires the adult industry to test at all. A decision like that should have involved a discussion by members of the adult community who are actually involved in producing the content the FSC was trying to regulate. Unfortunately, not all agencies have implemented this policy on behalf of their talent and many have refused to implement the program as a result, depriving their model clients of even this small financial relief, but doing so in the belief (in some cases) that producers will bias against hiring of their models if implemented so some of the agencies state.
It might be “our shoot,” but it’s your body and your mind; performer consent and enjoyment are paramount for both Sssh and Wasteland, so your choices and limits will always be respected and honored, without question. A plan for how to pay for this policy should have been put in place, and there should never have been an assumption that it was OK to dump the financial burden solely onto performers. Direct Models has found no producers requiring 14 day tests unwilling to contribute $20 per scene toward such increased testing cost for performers.
Some of them switched to 14, realized it didn’t make sense for them, and switched back to 30. There is actually no law whatsoever that requires performers to test for STDs to work in adult films. If an STD test confirms the existence of a disease early enough, it can be completely curable, maybe just with a course of proper medication. Again, we want you at all times to feel safe and have fun – so if for any reason you aren’t, just let us know.
In September of 2013, Diane Duke of the Free Speech Coalition (FSC), under pressure from AHF(the organization responsible for Measure B,-‘the condom law’), decided to put forth a unilateral decree that all producers should switch to a 14 day testing standard.
It is important to keep in mind that the FSC is a completely unelected organization, who does not participate in any actual adult film production what so ever. We of course believe that models should have to test for STDs to work in the adult business, – but it is factually incorrect to say it is a law. STDs such as herpes, syphilis, and cervical cancer in the case of women cannot be detected through a single blood test or urine test.
There are multiple blood tests that are used in various combinations to confirm whether or not you are infected by any of these diseases. All this needs professional help and it is impossible to do it yourself.However, there are some STD tests which can be done at home.
This is especially helpful if you are shy to approach your doctor, if you suspect such a disease, don’t wish to have anything in your medical records, or in rare cases if the doctor has refused to carry out STD testing. The STD tests that can be done at home are a Chlamydia test, gonorrhoea test, trichomoniasis test and an HIV test.Safe and secure You need to order these tests online in most cases.
Once you have ordered one or more tests, an unmarked package will arrive at your doorstep, always shipped discreetly. It generally takes a maximum of three business days for the package to arrive once you have placed an order for a STD test.
You will have to take a urine sample, blood sample or a saliva sample and just follow the instructions that will arrive with your package. This method of STD testing not only happens in the privacy of your home, it is also completely safe. Also your privacy is kept intact and none of these tests show up on your insurance record, and your personal information is kept confidential.Once you have completed the test from your end, you will have to mail the samples as instructed in the pre paid, pre labelled package that was sent to you with the STD test that you had ordered.
Difference Between a HIV Blood Test and HIV Urine Test and Reliability HIV Testing Laws and the Release of HIV Test Results Top 10 States With the Highest STD Rate Some STD Fast Facts What Are the Testing Windows for the Most Common STDs Quick STD Testing Lowers the Stress of Treating the Infection Home STD Testing vs an STD Test That Must Be Done With a Lab VisitTESTIMONIALS“I was hesitant about the accuracy of a home hiv test at first, but after learning that this is FDA approved, I gave it a try. All of you are very friendly, it was everything I was looking for in this type of situation.

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