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If you are considering to have STD testing because you’re not  sure of  a possible STI, it sure is the right thing to do. The reason to undergo a complete STD test  is to ensure that you are free from all types of STIs.
Combined, these tests cost a fraction of the cost if you undergo all these tests one by one.
All our registration is code based, so no one other than you knows the type of testing  you are about to undergo.
If you test positive for any of the STDs, then you can get professional advice at our labs. If you don’t want to visit a lab to submit the samples personally, you can ask for a sampling kit during registration. After you’ve collected the samples, seal it with the transparent pack provided and put it into the dispatch container. After the testing is complete, you would be intimated either by email or by phone as per your preference at the time of registration. The only disadvantage with these types of STD testing is it’s takes a bit of more time. If you don’t like any hassle of involvement with any lab, then a complete home std test kit. These are instant or rapid test kits and overall duration of a test is not more than 5 to 15 minutes depending upon the type of test.

Free STD testing is not anonymous because the testing agencies have to report the outcome of your test. But in  chronic hepatitis, condition of liver erodes day by day and ends in permanent scarring.
Hepatitis symptoms are very mild, almost imperceptible, in the first stage, when there is no major damage to liver.
Hepatitis A virus, HAV, primarily enters our body through alimentary canal, through consumption of contaminated water or food. In some cases of HAV the patient makes a full recovery after a few weeks, but in some cases the condition worsens and becomes life threatening. Hepatitis B virus, HBV, is transmitted through exposure to infected body fluids such as infective blood, blood plasma, and semen.  HBV causes congenital hepatitis, mostly from mother to child.
Hepatitis C virus, HCV,  mainly transmits through infected blood or blood related products . Hepatitis E virus, HEV,  transmits through  contaminated food and water,  just as HAV.  HEV is the predominant cause of hepatitis outbreaks in developed countries, but developing countries are not free from its infection. Our FDA-Approved HIV RNA test can be taken after 6 days of exposure and conclusively detect an HIV infection as early as 9-11 days after exposure. Even if you have to come out of your comfort zone for this type of testing, you should opt for this. An appropriate kit, as per your selected test package will arrive at your door step by post. In private STD testing, the agencies report neither your STD testing nor the test results to anybody, not even to your insurance agency. If not treated well, the acute condition progresses to fibrosis, cirrhosis or liver cancer.

They enter our body through ingestion of contaminated food or water, infected body fluid, and other plant and animal toxins. With better living conditions such as clean living with better sanitation, clean food and drinking water can keep an HAV infection away.
The reasons of transmission is same as HBV but mostly limited to blood and blood related infections. Since heating is such a huge part of our winter utility bills, we work hard to make sure our electric bill is as low as possible. Receipt of contaminated blood transfusion, invasive medical procedures using contaminated equipment are some of the other modes of transmission of hepatitis viruses. The virus remains present in the faeces of infected persons thereafter, but gradually it can permeate to other parts of body. Because these symptoms are often confused for symptoms of other diseases considered less dangerous. It is designed to break down poisonous substances into manageable chemicals and throw them safely out of our body. Hepatitis B can transmit from mother to baby during gestation and at birth, from a close family member or relative to child, and also by intimate sexual contact. Even organs pertaining to urinary and reproductive functions are infected in chronic conditions.

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