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April 19, 2016 by STD Testing Service Rhode Island’s Department of Health says that sexually transmitted diseases are way up in the state, in part because of the increase of hookup apps, like Tinder, or social media sites enabling casual sex.
This is the first time that social media and online hookup apps have been blamed for increases in sexually transmitted diseases.
A 2013 New York University study found that Craigslist was responsible for a 16% increase in HIV cases between 1999 and 2008 across 33 states. Hundreds of thousands of people could unwittingly be carrying a newly-identified sexually transmitted infection, scientists warned today.
It is now estimated that one per cent of the British population aged 16-44 is infected – with many unaware as the condition rarely causes symptoms.
People who have more sexual partners, do not use condoms and live in deprived areas are most likely to test positive.
These people are less likely to be diagnosed as they are not included in the STI prevention measures currently aimed at young people in Britain, the researchers add.
The warning comes after scientists analysed 4,500 from Britain’s third National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles. This revealed MG was prevalent in up to 1 per cent of the general population aged 16-44 who had reported at least one sexual partner.
The theory that MG is a sexually transmitted disease was further strengthened by the fact that the 200 16-17-year-olds who had not had vaginal, anal, or oral sex had no sign of infection. The study also analysed risk factors for MG, such as ethnicity, number of partners, and areas of deprivation. The authors found that Black men of Black and those living in the most deprived areas were more likely to test positive for MG.
Worryingly, the majority of participants who tested positive for MG did not report any STI symptoms in the last month.
Therefore, testing only people who have symptoms would miss the majority of infections, warned Dr Pam Sonnenberg, lead author of the paper.
She added further research is needed to understand how to test and treat MG infection – and what the possible longer-term complications of it might be. Several cases of the highly drug resistant STI have been reported to Public Health England (PHE), the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV said. Reports to PHE’s sexually transmitted bacteria reference unit of cases (STBRU) of the infection being highly resistant to the azithromycin drug have previously been rare, it added. There were almost 35,000 cases of gonorrhea reported in England last year – it is the second most common bacterial sexually transmitted infection in the UK after chlamydia. Around 10 per cent of men and almost half of women with the infection do not experience symptoms.
And earlier this month that dating apps such as Tinder, Grindr and Happn are increasing rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) with potentially catastrophic consequences, a leading doctor has warned. November 11, 2015 by STD Testing Service HOLLYWOOD was gripped with fear last night after a womanizing A-list actor was diagnosed with HIV.
The superstar, who The Sun is choosing not to name, has had a host of high-profile sexual partners. His lawyers are believed to be aware of the situation and preparing for a raft of potential legal claims from previous lovers. The actor’s list of exes includes an award-winning actress, a religious movie star, a top Hollywood personality with a controversial past, a TV star, a media personality and a glamour model.
Last night a US showbiz insider said: “It has now become common knowledge that this star is HIV positive, something he has known for a number of years. Some friends of the actor have privately encouraged him to open up about his condition, but he has so far refused.
However, the star is said to be paranoid his entire career would become defined by the diagnosis and that he could open himself up to costly legal action from ex-partners accusing him of recklessly putting their health at risk. The source added: “He’s distraught about the possibility of the illness becoming a defining quality of his career.
Anyone who has unprotected sex is at risk of contracting the HIV virus, which weakens the immune system and can develop into deadly Aids. It is spread through the bodily fluids of infected people, through breastfeeding and sharing needles. Speaking previously to The Sun, Lisa Power formerly of the Terrence Higgins Trust, said: “Since the 1980s medical advances have transformed almost every aspect of HIV, none more so than effective drug treatments. Actor Rock Hudson, who starred in 1950s film Giant and TV series Dynasty, became the first major celebrity to die of an Aids-related illness in 1985. Six years later Queen front man Freddie Mercury revealed he tested positive for HIV, which later turned to Aids. Entertainers Holly Johnson, 55, from Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Erasure singer Andy Bell, 51, are both living with HIV. In September of this year, US Eighties sitcom star Danny Pintauro, 39 — from hit show Who’s the Boss?
An outbreak of highly drug-resistant gonorrhea has been detected in the north of England, triggering a national alert. Fifteen cases have been detected by Public Health England (PHE) so far, the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV said.
Reports to PHE’s sexually transmitted bacteria reference unit (STBRU) of cases of the infection being highly resistant to the azithromycin drug have previously been rare, it added. All of the cases involve heterosexual patients, and some people have reported partners from other parts of England. Around 10 per cent of men and almost half of women with gonorrhea do not experience symptoms – meaning the condition can go untreated for some time. Regular exercise like having sex and dancing are ‘miracle cures staring us in the face’, leading doctors have said.

Some of the country’s top medical professionals at the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges examined existing evidence into the benefits of exercise as part of a new review for the NHS.
And doctors concluded that 30 minutes of exercise – including sex, walking and dancing – performed five times per week would dramatically lower our risk of contracting cancer, dementia, heart disease and diabetes. The risk of getting heart disease would be slashed by up to 40 percent, stroke and dementia by 30 percent and breast cancer by 25 percent, the report found. The report said that getting Britons to exercise for just 2.5 hours total per week could save the NHS billions each year. Filed Under: STD Information Tagged With: cure, health, miracle, sex, stdAre You Sure You Are Getting The STD Tests That You Need?
No matter how private you keep your sex life, there’s one time you should always kiss and tell: When you’re at the doctor.
And yet, many people are skipping tests for sexually transmitted infections, research shows. The tests you need depends on a number of factors, including your sex, age, number of sexual partners, health status, and whether or not your partner has been tested recently, Wyatt explains. You’ll also want to tell your doctor what type of sex you have (that is, if you’ve had oral, anal, or vaginal sex). February 16, 2014 by Patrick Smith If you’re convinced that wearing a rubber doesn’t feel as good as going au naturel, it may be time for you buy a different box. A recent study found that sexual pleasure increased when the men reported they were satisfied with how their condom felt. Twenty-five percent thinner than a standard TROJAN, this rubber has additional space in the tip so you’re more comfortable.
Made with ultra-fine latex and a pleasant scent to provide a natural experience for the both of you.
With more than 2,000 reported cases of sexually transmitted infections in Dane County so far this year, officials are looking to raise awareness of this “alarming” health issue. According to a Dane County statement released Tuesday, one in two sexually active young people will get an STI by the age of 25 nationally and most of them will be unaware they have contracted one. Craig Roberts, an epidemiologist at University Health Services and clinical assistant professor, said an STI can be anything transmitted through sexual activity and can be caused by hundreds of things. While the primary age range of those with STDs and STIs is 15 to 25 years old, this does not mean that this number consists mainly of college students, Roberts said. However, he said people under the age of 25 are 50 percent more likely to be exposed to and come in contact with a STD or STI. Dane County Supervisor Leland Pan, District 5, said the county should be worried about STIs no matter their prevalence among residents.
In addition to county services, Roberts said UHS provides students with STD and STI screening, testing and treatment.
Pan also said the county needs to ensure that residents are educated on safe sex as well as treatment for STDs and STIs. Hussey said the main problem in the county is not an increase in cases, but the fact that the number has remained steady. Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are diseases that spread primarily through person-to-person sexual contact. Geographically, the market for diagnostic testing of STDs has been classified into four regions – North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World (RoW). Globally, the HPV testing is a high growth market segment that is expected to grow at very high CAGR of over 70% during the forecast period till 2019. The report concludes with the competitive landscape and company profiles of few market players in this industry, as of 2012.
You may be concerned that you have a sexually transmitted disease (STD) but you’re uncomfortable about going to a doctor.
Additionally, many STD results should be discussed with a doctor at the time the result is returned from the lab so you can receive proper treatment. In July 2012, the FDA did approve a home-HIV testing using an oral swab manufactured by OraSure Technologies.
Charlotte Gaydos, an STD and public health expert at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore sent six tests to various online lab test companies to check their reliability. Only four returned the tests and two never responded back to her despite repeated attempts to make contact. In a move to enforce some regulation, the FDA did send a warning letter November 2010 to a company called Identigene, that was offering home urine testing for chlamydia and gonorrhea sold through Rite Aid. Currently the most reliable way to have STD testing is to go to an authorized lab that tests for these diseases. If you or your companion have one STD, your chances of contracting ANOTHER STD are considerably elevated? 50% of all guys and 75% of all females with Chlamydia don't know that they are infected and demonstrate NO apparent signs?
The problem, though, is that now some strains of STDs are growing resistant to antibiotics, including gonorrhea and now, syphilis.
This is the treatment that some individuals have grown resistant to, making it necessary for patients to be retested to ensure treatment has worked.
Since penicillin is the treatment of choice in the US, experts think that we may not need to be concerned about antibiotic resistant strains taking hold here. Still, it’s an issue in other countries, meaning that travelers could be at risk if they engage in sexual activities overseas. Grinder, another popular app aimed towards gay men, was associated with more than half of all syphilis cases in New Zealand in 2012, according to Christchurch Sexual Health Clinic. A source said: “Lots of people close to him have suggested he face this situation head-on and own it publicly.

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), fewer than 40 percent of young, sexually active women are screened for chlamydia, the most common STI in the United Stated. One is the embarrassment factor, says Fred Wyand, director of communications for the American Sexual Health Association (ASHA). According to the survey, which was conducted by Wakefield Research for eHealth, men ages 25 to 39 are the most likely group to skip STI tests to save cash. For example, since chlamydia can cause infertility, the CDC recommends annual screening for all women younger than age 25 who are sexually active.
The research, which is published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, analyzed diary accounts kept by nearly 2,000 men who detailed 29,714 sexual acts.
If you’re looking to increase stimulation for her, choose Durex’s Extra Sensitive Ribbed condom. He said that the five main STIs include HIV, chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea and pelvic inflammatory disease. In fact, he said that the rates of chlamydia on campus are lower than those of the overall general age population in the county. Varied testing technologies used for the identification and analysis of the STD contracted comprise the definition of ‘diagnostic testing of STDs’.
The market size and forecast for each region along with their market growth rate has been highlighted. HPV is of two types – Low-risk HPV manifest as warts and High-risk HPV that cause varied forms of cancer. The market players profiled in this report include Roche Diagnostics, Alere, Orasure, Becton, Dickinson and Company, Biomerieux SA, Beckman Coulter, Inc. The accuracy may be affected by errors in how you collect the sample, or problems due to the storage and handling of the sample, if it is mailed back to the lab. Half of them came back with false negatives even though Gaydos had purposely sent samples loaded with chlamydia bacteria. But, it does appear that Identigene is going through clinical trials with the product and has an estimated completion date of June 2014. All tests can be taken within minutes of scheduling your appointment, and many of their testing results start coming in the next day. In the United States, African Americans continue to bear the greatest burden of the HIV epidemic, accounting for 44% of all new HIV diagnoses.
When you choose not to get tested, you could be making yourself more vulnerable to health risks that could be avoidable. Other nations use alternatives in treatment because of allergies, convenience and ease of administering treatment, and lower cost.
This can lead to higher healthcare expenses, as people have to make multiple trips to the doctor for treatments.
It’s especially an issue for at-risk populations in more remote areas, particularly in third world countries, as these individuals have limited access to medical care. ARCpoint Labs nationwide provide confidential and accurate STD testing, including syphilis tests. A new national survey of 1,000 Americans also found that one in eight young men have foregone STI tests because of financial concerns.
You may feel uncomfortable discussing sensitive topics, but it might help to remember that your doctor probably doesn’t feel the same way.
If you’re concerned about the cost of testing, seek out clinics through your city or county health department, recommends STI researcher J.
Bonus: For even more sensation, upgrade to TROJAN’s BareSkin condom, which is 40 percent thinner than its standard rubber. The market overview section of the report comprises of a qualitative analysis of the market in terms of drivers, restraints and opportunities, along with market attractiveness analysis. The market size of diagnostic testing of above-mentioned STDs thus refers to the testing volume by each STD type and the value of the testing services rendered in USD million.
If you feel like your doctor is judging you or isn’t listening to you, consider finding a new doctor, Wyand adds. This report studies the market for diagnostic testing of STDs from the point of view of the testing services offered in the market in terms of testing volume and value.
Thus the HPV testing volume is a cumulative result of factors and thus due to these reasons, we estimate that HPV testing volume is expected to grow at a very high CAGR till 2019. We have over 3,500 std testing clinics nation wide offering Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HIV, Herpes, Hepatitis, and Syphilis testing. The overall diagnostic testing of STDs market is classified into Chlamydia testing, Gonorrhea testing, P&S Syphilis testing, HPV testing, HSV testing, HIV testing and Chancroid testing. We also offer the most accurate STD testing available with the quickest turnaround on results possible. The diagnostic testing of STDs market is also studied from the aspect of location or point of delivery of testing i.e. The market size and forecast for the period 2013 – 2019, in terms of USD million, considering 2012 as the base year has been provided for each segment in the report.
The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for each segment has been provided for the forecast period from 2013 – 2019.

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