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In 2008, Controlled Release Technologies embarked on a massive research program to reformulate their entire product line to conform with today’s Green standards. The effort continues to be time-consuming, but two of their many products that are independently-certified as green as of this writing. What are green products, and what makes them different than today’s commonly used products?
The product shall not be toxic to humans, and must have a flashpoint at or above 140 degrees F.
Another significant requirement is that the product must perform equally as well or better than the products it replaces. In the case of PanGuard® , the timed-released polymer based was completely re-synthesized so as to obtain a new molecule that never existed before.

First Strike MicroCoat® went through a similar re-birth, with a complete set of new components that had to meet CRT's stringent requirements for this energy-efficient product. Some of these restrictions include the absence of aromatic solvents, carbamates, phosphates, APEs and NPEs, heavy metals, AMP, ammonia, etc.
The product must not have an adverse affect on air quality, and VOC content must be limited. This of course leads to a significant amount of research and development time to insure efficacy of the revised formulations. Part of the engineering process required we obtain a new chemical abstract number or CAS#, as well as providing data to TSCA for approval. First Strike MicroCoat® is also a water-based material, limiting VOC content and insuring compliance with all State, local and Federal VOC requirements.

Followed up by field testing, we found the new polymer to be significantly more effective than the previous product in performance. The performance of this product is excellent, and betters the well-known performance of last year’s product.
Going through an independent and strict evaluation of their developed products insures that they meet industry standards as determined by professional chemists and those familiar with green initiatives. Additional requirements call for no ingredients that contain any Carcinogens, Mutagens, Teratogens, or Reproductive Toxins.

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