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A viral infection of nerves and the area of skin connected to that nerve, which causes pain, itching, a rash and blistering.
Caused by the same virus that causes chicken pox, shingles affects about 1 in 5 people in the UK during their lifetime. Ophthalmic shingles is shingles which affects one of the nerves which control feeling and movement in the face.
Before the typical symptoms of shingles occur, early symptoms are possible, which may not obviously be symptoms of shingles. There are also many possible complications of shingles, the most common example of which is Postherpetic neuralgia - a condition that can result in the pain caused by shingles to last months.
It is not fully understood why the virus can become reactivated, but as shingles is more common in older people, it is probably to do with lowered immunity. Although tests can be conducted for shingles, it is not normally necessary as a GP can diagnose shingles by examining the patient's rash.
If a GP suspects there may be complications developing, or that the patient is particularly susceptible to the complications of shingles, then a referral to a specialist will be made.
In the majority of cases Shingles patients recover without medical intervention although for anyone with shingles, or suspected shingles, consulting a GP is recommended.
Painkillers are often advised and may be prescribed, depending on the severity of the pain which accompanies the disease. Non steroidal anti-inflammatories may also be prescribed to control the inflammation of the rash.
The body usually recovers from shingles in 2 to 4 weeks, if this does not happen, or the patient is seen to be more at risk, or with reduced immunity, anti-viral medication may be prescribed. As shingles is caused by a virus, and not a bacterium, the use of antibiotics, even a localized antibiotic cream or gel should not be used. Some alternative therapies and medications may help with the prevention and treatment of shingles. Herpes zoster: practice essentials, background, Herpes zoster (shingles) acute, cutaneous viral infection caused reactivation varicella-zoster virus , herpesvirus . Herpes zoster oticus: overview herpes zoster oticus, Herpes zoster oticus (hz oticus) viral infection , middle, external ear. Picture shingles (herpes zoster) - webmd, Shingles (herpes zoster) results from a reactivation of the virus that also causes chickenpox. Shingles (herpes zoster), Shingles (herpes zoster) shingles (herpes zoster) is caused by the varicella zoster virus &mdash the same virus that causes chickenpox.
Allergy - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, A wide variety of foods can cause allergic reactions, but 90% of allergic responses to foods are caused by cow's milk, soy, eggs, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, and. Itchy legs, sign rash irritation - dermatology, Allergic reactions will not cause itching symmetrically on both legs.
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Birth-acquired herpes is a herpes virus infection that an infant gets (acquires) at the time of birth. If the mother has an active genital herpes infection at the time of delivery, the baby is more likely to become infected during birth. In addition, some people have had herpes infections in the past, but were not aware of it and were never diagnosed or treated. Infants may acquire congenital herpes from a mother with an active, possibly inapparent herpes infection at the time of birth.

The information provided herein should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. KAYAKALPAM is a special treatment offered by Sanjeevanam, An initiative of Sakthi’s Hospital And Research Center, Chennai which increases immunity level of the patients gradually without any untoward side-effects.
The Sanjeevanam has offered to provide free KAYAKALPAM treatment throughout the month of December for the children under 14 years of age.
As a part celebration of World AIDS day which falls on December 1st of every year, we provide free treatment to Children under 14 years of age and also offer discounts from 15% to 25% the entire month. Bacillary Angiomatosis (“Cat Scratch Disease”) is an infection that initially appears as a purplish and later changes to bright red patches on the skin.
Human Papillomavirus is also one of the most common causes of sexually transmitted disease like AIDS.  These viruses causes common warts while others causes warts over the genitals.
Pneumocystis Carinii Pneumonia (PCP) is the most common type of infection that occurs with AIDS.
The virus, herpes varicella-zoster, infects nerves and the related area of skin, leading to rashes, normally spreading across one area of the body. These include a high fever, a tingling sensation on the skin, muscle pain and a feeling of exhaustion and generally being unwell. When a person catches chicken pox, the immune system fights the virus, but never completely gets rid of it. The immune system can be weakened for various reasons, most often simply with age, and is therefore no longer as affective at keeping the virus dormant; this explains why shingles is more common in older people. This can be prevented by dressing the rash and covering it up, however care must be taken not to use a dressing that could stick to the rash as this will slow recovery. As with any viral infection, antibiotics will likely slow down recovery by killing of parts of the body's immune system whilst leaving the virus unaffected.
Some mothers are not aware when they have internal (inside the vagina) herpes sores, so it is important for women to tell their doctor if they have a history of genital herpes.
Aggressive treatment with antiviral medication is required, but may not be effective in the case of systemic herpes. Director, Pediatric Hospitalist Program, New York University School of Medicine, New York, NY. A licensed medical professional should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions. World Aids Day is celebrated every year on December 1st to create awareness among people about the transmission of HIV, its symptoms and how it can be prevented.
The most common symptom of NHL is swelling of lymph nodes in the neck, armpit or groin which are usually painless.
Its symptoms are severe diarrhea, fever, chills, abdominal pain and sometimes it causes vomiting. Its symptoms include yellowing of the skin and the whitening of the eyes, loss of appetite, fatigue, nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea. HPV infection is considered serious as it causes cervical cancer in women and the risk is further increased in women infected with HIV.
These symptoms do not affect all of those who contract shingles, a fever is particularly uncommon, but if an individual is affected, the early symptoms may last 1 to 4 days before the symptoms more usually associated with shingles become apparent. The virus remains in the body, kept dormant by the immune system, which is why the immune system is always ready to fight the virus if it is encountered again, resulting in immunity from chicken pox. The disease can be brought on by many things though, including high levels of stress or another illness or condition.

Capsaicin Cream - capsaicin is the active ingredient in chili peppers and may help significantly reduce pain when applied to a shingles rash. Herpes type 2 (genital herpes) is the most common cause of herpes infection in newborn babies, but herpes type 1 (oral herpes) can also occur. As the currently followed ART though checks and cuts down the viral replication also seems to have created lots of adverse events which have led positives to search alternative medicine which is safe. It is the only system of medicine in the world providing treatments for nearly 4,400 diseases. Millions of people around the world are infected with both HIV and tuberculosis, and many experts consider the two diseases to be twin epidemics. Initial symptoms of Herpes Simplex Virus includes pain or irritation of skin over the genital area and later causes sores that erupt and bleed. The symptoms of Candidiasis includes inflammation and a thick white coating on the mucous membranes of the mouth, tongue, vagina or esophagus (Candida esophagitis). Other symptoms include fever, itchy skin, weight loss, night sweats, fatigue and sometimes coughing, difficulty breathing and chest pain. As the infection increases, symptoms include poor appetite, vomiting , fever, sweats, chills and weight loss. The most common symptoms includes pink, red or purple lesions over the skin and in the mouth. However, it is possible for the dormant virus within the body to become reactivated and infect nerves around the body causing shingles. Proteolytic Enzymes which aid protein digestion may be used instead of anti-viral medications. Links to other sites are provided for information only — they do not constitute endorsements of those other sites. Santhosh Selvam is the project director of Sanjeevanam, working in the field of anti retroviral siddha drug development field for the past 5 years. The first spots or bumps usually appear over the face, nose, mouth, arms, upper body or legs. Its symptoms includes seizures, fatigue, disorientation, headaches and difficulty walking or speaking. Its symptoms include enlarged lymph nodes, fatigue, fever and pain in the muscles or throat. He is graduated in Siddha System of Medicine and possess a post-graduation in clinical research He has designed  lot of siddha anti HIV drugs to replace Modern ART in the western medicine. CMV may also cause damage to the eyes (retinitis), digestive tract (diarrhea), lungs (pneumonia), liver (hepatitis), or other organs. This normally affects the torso in one or more localized bands, and sometimes the face, and usually only affects one side of the body, though the shingles rash can appear on any part of the body. Any duplication or distribution of the information contained herein is strictly prohibited. Many siddha medicines developed by him has decreased the intensity of side-effects of Modern ART and HAART.

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