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Lung cancer is surely deadliest of all other types of cancer and each year thousands of people die of lung cancer. Working in asbestos prone environment and exposure to strong chemicals like beryllium, gasoline, nickel chromates and chloro-methyl ether certainly will increase the risk of lung cancer.
People who have COPD Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease have increased chance of getting lung cancer. People who are subjected to high level of air pollution, who drink water that has high arsenic content are at risk of developing lung cancer.
Symptoms related to cancer like dysphagia (difficulty in swallowing), paralysis of esophagus, hemoptysis (blood in cough) and shoulder pain will be there in some people. Doctors will ask you to take X-ray and CT scan or bronchoscopy for checking the lung cancer. Treatment is available in several forms like surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, photo dynamic therapy and radiofrequency ablation.
Radiation therapy is best suited for both types of lung cancer, which uses high power radiation for killing cancerous cells inside.
The patient with mouth cancer has red or white patches in the mouth or throat that don’t heal.
The above-mentioned symptoms regarding mouth cancer are subject to medical diagnosis and subsequent examination that could establish them as mouth cancer. Even though screening is our primary recommendation for diagnosing colorectal cancer, there are going to be patients who have symptoms before a cancer is found.  If you have any of these symptoms, it does not necessarily mean you have colon cancer, but you almost certainly should be checked for this possibility. There can be a change in your usual bowel habits.  If you typically have bowel movements “like clockwork” every morning, or twice a day, or every other day, and then you start having more or less frequent bowel movements, perhaps sometimes diarrhea and sometimes hard, or if you notice that the stools start coming out real “thin”, like the thickness of pencil, or if you just become more constipated, these symptoms should be evaluated, since sometimes they occur because of a cancer.
The other signs and symptoms listed are less specific for the possibility of colon cancer, such as abdominal pain, weakness and fatigue, or unexplained weight loss.  But such symptoms should be discussed promptly with your doctor to determine the cause.
Pancreatic cancer affects the pancreas which is an organ that is responsible for the production of enzymes which aids in the digestion of fats in the body. The symptoms will begin to manifest as the tumor cells multiply and spread to other organs such as the lymph nodes. The doctor will undertake a number of test procedures to determine the progression of the disease in the pancreas. As described earlier, in the initial stage, gum cancer may look like a sore or a bump right on the surface of your gums.
Apart from these symptoms, there are also other serious symptoms of gum cancer that should be considered.
In case of occurrence of these symptoms, it is important that you should immediately seek the medical advice.
Lungs are vital parts of our body needed for respiration and any tumor like growth inside can lead to problems in liver and brain.

Symptoms of metastasis like headaches, blurred vision, stroke, weakness and loss of sensation will be observed in some others.
The doctor will decide the course of treatment based on your age, intensity of cancer and your health condition. There is lump in the mouth or throat, and the patient also feels difficulty or discomfort in swallowing down things. Initially, the cancerous cells are abnormal but are not cancer until it lasts longer and reaches advanced stage. In any of these cases, you should contact your doctor to determine the source of the blood.  There are a number of different possible explanations, including hemorrhoids, anal fissures, benign polyps, diverticulosis, ulcers, inflammatory disease of the intestines, malformations of the vessels in the bowel, or various types of cancer. It also produces insulin and glucagon which controls the blood sugar levels and in cases of deficiencies you can get diabetes disease.
It is highly recommended that you attend regular medical screenings for early detection of cancer cells in the body. A physical exam will be done which includes an analysis of the family and personal medical histories.
These two ingredients are not just causes of gum cancer, but also other kinds of cancers in the mouth.
Lung cancer has every possibility to spread to brain, adrenal glands and liver causing death. Paraneoplastic symptoms are also seen in few people and for some others, there would not be any symptoms at all. Generally the mouth cancer involves in tongue, apart from areas, such as floor of the mouth, gums, lips or palate. A feeling of sensation in throat, intermittent bleeding and numbness in the mouth, falling of teeth nonspecifically, having tight jaw which becomes difficult to move, and problem in voicing speech, sudden weight loss, and breath with repulsive odor are the symptoms of mouth cancer. If the patient with mouth cancer receives immediate medical attention regarding pre-malignancy, the symptoms of mouth cancer can be stopped from developing into worse.
The cause of this type of cancer has not been discovered but there are risk factors that attract the development of cancer cells in the body. Urine and stool tests are also done to check for a chemical that is released into the blood by the cancer cells developing in the pancreas. Therefore, gum cancer is basically a kind of oral cancer, but not exactly oral or mouth cancer. Benign tumors are not harmful and can easily be removed since it will not spread to other parts.
During advance stages there may be joint pain, facial paralysis, eyelid drooping, bone pain, shoulder and nail problems.
Since these signs are indicative of other small disease also, you need to consult your doctor for preventing the risk.

Depending on the size of tumor and its position, surgeons will open the chest wall and will remove the cancer portion of the lobe and also removal of lymph nodes in the lungs.
They include: smoking, family history, race as it is common among African Americans as compared to other races, age in most cases when you are above 60 years of age, chronic pancreatitis caused by excessive alcohol or gall stones and diabetes. They are abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite which leads to weight loss, fatigue, diarrhea, itching back and abdomen and jaundice.
Other tests include: CT scans which is done on the abdomen to check on the tumor size, Ultra sound will show visual images of the pancreas and point out any abnormalities, X-rays, Angiogram, MRI Scans and biopsy. Gum cancer is also known as a type of the skin cancer which is formed or develops on the surface of your gums inside the mouth. If found at an early age; it is possible to treat gum cancer with processes like radiation therapy or surgery. Apart from these obvious indications, there are certain other common symptoms of gum cancer. But malignant tumors are potentially dangerous since they attack the neighboring cells and tissues. Visiting a health care provider will enable you find the exact causes of the symptoms since they are also linked to other ailments and disorders.
After diagnosis, the doctor will be able to see the extent of the cancer growth in the pancreas.
Metastatic lung cancer is the one which starts in any part of the body and subsequently spread to lungs. This is usually checked in stages using a method called the TNM (Tumor, Node, Metastasis system which T will show the size of the tumor, N the extent of the spread while M will indicate if the tumor has metastasized meaning spread to other organs surrounding the pancreas. This sore can either be white in color or even red and it can also appear like thickened gum.
The symptoms are the indications that let you know whether you should immediately seek medical advice or not.
The early the diagnosis, the higher the survival rates because the tumor cells will still be contained in the pancreas.
Teeth that are close to this sore or bump become loose and so, are also not possible to be fixed easily.

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