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Any sexually transmitted disease can be spread during sexual intercourse with an infected person. Syphilis treatment is very easy, but can lead to serious health consequences when left untreated.
Syphilis usually develops in three stages: primary syphilis, secondary syphilis, and tertiary syphilis. Primary syphilis is the first stage that appears 2-6 weeks after you get infected with the bacterium spirochete. Without syphilis treatment, your infection in this stage may progress to tertiary syphilis that may appear years later and usually occurs in one-third of untreated cases. Syphilis bacterium is highly infectious and can enter your body through contact with the blood or sores (vagina, anus, mouth or broken skin) of an infected person.
Remember that the syphilis bacterium cannot spread with the usage of the toilet, bathtub, clothes or dishes of an infected person. Whenever you have contact with a syphilis-infected person, it is good to contact your doctor immediately for treatment. For syphilis treatment, you doctor conduct tests that include physical examination, blood test, and other tests to identify other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) (if any), such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, and HIV.
The syphilis treatment during the primary and secondary syphilis stages is very easy, which includes antibiotic therapy. You may experience some kind of reaction on the first day of your syphilis treatment with antibiotics, which may be caused by killing several bacteria at once. During your treatment, your doctor recommends to have regular blood tests to ensure that the penicillin (the antibiotic) is effective in treating syphilis. If you are allergic to penicillin, then your doctor may prescribe other antibiotics that can be taken orally through mouth. If you are with tertiary syphilis, then the syphilis treatment should be very strong with daily penicillin injection intravenously (into the vein) and treatment will be in the hospital. As syphilis can be transmitted to the fetus during pregnancy, it is essential to have antibiotic therapy for you and even for your newborn child. Remember that sexual activities should be avoided until your syphilis treatment is finished and your infection is completely cured. Syphilis is caused by a bacteria and is considered a serious sexually transmitted disease as it mostly spreads through sexual contact.
Usually, this antibiotic is given as an injection and if you are taking it at home, you will be shown how to do it yourself. It is sexual transmitted disease caused by a tiny bacterial organism called spirochete (Treponema pallidum).
If you neglect the syphilis treatment at this stage, your infection may become secondary syphilis, which usually starts 2-10 weeks after the first stage. Treating the condition in the early stages can help prevent the tertiary syphilis (third stage) health complications.

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This chronic systemic infection can cause sore lesions on genital and extra genital sites and if not treated can even cause death. In the syphilis treatment, penicillin can kill the bacteria and stops development of the disease to the next stage. Diagnosis is done through blood tests, and dark field microscopy can also be used to detect it.
Syphilis can be congenital that is transmitted by infected mother to the foetus or it can be acquired during life. Antibiotics are generally used for its successful treatment, and are used according to the stage at which the disease has reached in the patient. Doxycycline A tetracycline antibiotic, Doxycycline also helps fight syphilis causing bacteria in the body. Mode of Transmission of Syphilis Syphilis can be transmitted by sexual contact with an infected partner.
Also, penetrates CSF; however, concentrations are low with noninflammed meninges, as is penetration in purulent bronchial secretions.
Azithromycin Another popularly used antibiotic to fight the syphilis causing bacteria, Azithromycin is very useful in treating most of the sexually transmitted diseases.
Intimate contact with person having syphilitic lesion on lips, tongue or finger can also cause this STD. If you have any medical conditions such as liver or kidney disease, asthma and allergies, discuss these with your doctor and then take this antibiotic as prescribed. If you ever had liver problems or jaundice on taking this medication, it is best to avoid it. Discuss your medical conditions with your doctor and take this antibiotic as per the prescription. A person is at risk of this disease if he has vaginal, anal or oral sex with an infected person.
Pregnant women can be first desensitized and then given the penicillin injections, but the newborn would still require a treatment with antibiotics. Stages of Syphilis There are 3 stages of acquired syphilis; primary, secondary and tertiary syphilis depending on the time period after which syphilic lesions appear.
In primary stage of syphilis, painless sores appear on genitals or extra genital sites in 2-4 weeks after exposure to infection. Given here are some of the drugs and medications prescribed by doctors for the treatment of syphilis. These should be administered by a doctor after careful examination of the symptoms and medical history of the patient. With repeated doses, rotate injection sites.For IV administration, administer continuously or intermittently.

Drugs And Medications To Treat Syphilis Ceftriaxone This is a cephalosporin antibiotic that is generally used for the treatment of syphilis.
Erythromycin This is an antibiotic medication that helps to treat bacterial infections, and is used in the treatment of syphilis detected at very early stages. Mucous and vaginal ulcerations, rashes, lymph node enlargement and skin eruptions occur in this stage.  Tertiary syphilis occurs few years after exposure to infection and lesions in liver, heart and nerve are seen in this stage.
It helps to kill the syphilis causing bacteria in the body.  Discuss with your doctor if you have any medical conditions and then take this antibiotic as prescribed.
It should not be taken along with terfenadine or astemizole, or by those with hypersensitivity.
Tertiary syphilis lesions are less infective as compared to primary and secondary syphilis lesions. Diagnosis of Syphilis Syphilis can be diagnosed in the laboratory either by dark field microscopy or by serological tests. Causative bacteria, Treponema palladium may be found in primary sores or secondary mucous ulcerations.  Specimen is taken and examined to reach a confirm diagnosis. Serological tests give positive results after 4 weeks of exposure to infection and are strongly positive in secondary stage of syphilis and congenital syphilis. May cause diarrhea, candidiasis, or allergic response in breast-feeding infant.HypersensitivityReactions range from mild to life-threatening. Procaine penicillin is given in dosage of 600-1200 mg daily for 10-14 days and Benzathine penicillin injection can be administered intramuscularly on buttocks. Higher dosage of procaine penicillin and Benzathine penicillin is given in advanced tertiary syphilis and cardiovascular, neurovascular syphilis that too for a longer duration of time. Surgical intervention is required for treatment of complications of advanced tertiary stage.
Patients receiving syphilitic treatment therapy should abstain from oral, anal and vaginal sex until the syphilitic lesions are cured completely.
Prevention of Syphilis To prevent spread of syphilis infection, patients need to be educated about safe sex.  Intravenous needles should not be shared. Risk of this sexually transmitted disease can also be diminished with proper use of latex condom.
Medical personnel should also be educated to observe some precautions when treating patients with syphilis.

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