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Vibrational Balancing © teaches the essence of energy healing and the expansion of consciousness. Mindful Meditation explores self-awareness and consciousness: learn how to shift consciousness, for example, bi location, past lives and time travel.
This course gives practitioners suitable structures and applied methodology for their healing consultations, for example the use of art and sound, chakra and auric sprays, as well as their own repertoire of vibrational essences. Essences are made from the vibrational energies of specific, crystals, gemstones, minerals and flowers. Disturbances within one’s energy bodies, either the etheric, emotional or mental can result in the manifestation of issues within the physical body. First a “Mother Tincture” is made by placing an individual crystal, gem, mineral or flower in a glass bowl containing pure water which is then left under the rays of the morning sun for three hours. Brandy or vodka is then used to preserve the unique positive energy from the individual crystal, gem, mineral or flower, and this unique energy is then amplified by using crystal grids and placing the mother tincture under pyramids. For interest, the Mother Tincture of Bach Flower remedies is made by a different method from that described above. There are various choices of essences available to choose from so please read through the article to help you make the perfect choice to meet your current needs.

This is a place of vast resources, information, knowledge, free thought and experiences for any human, star traveler, starseed, indigo, crystal, etc. A positive link has been found for those suffering from things like autism, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and Tourette's.Why Does Music Have a Healing Effect?There are neuroscientists who are working to discover exactly why musichas healing powers. We focus on energy matching and balancing, energy healing and an understanding and birthing of consciousness. We use aromatherapy, natural organic life, crystals, sound and colour, light and symbols to understand, channel and interpret energy. These may even capture the energy of extensive meditations, including global healings and past lives. You will learn about clearing space or land, distant healings, as well as the use of power or Universal grids. It develops channelling skills, which are essential for spiritual counselling, drawing in energy and guidance for healing as well as simply knowing what to do when you are faced with complex healing issues.
This is appropriate for the chakras, auric fields, spine and internal organs, as well as DNA and RNA.
They are all unique in their energies and thus vibrate at specific frequencies which can then be used to restore the balance to one’s own vibrational frequencies.

This experience is to help the soul move forward on the path of self discovery, to aid with karmic issues and healing, all of which will then enable the soul to evolve.
However vibrational healing essences help to clear and transform these disturbances before they can manifest and cause a physical issue. The “life-force” or “energy” of the individual crystal, gem, mineral or flower being transferred to the pure water using the natural power of the elements Air, Earth, Fire and Water. We use sacred geometry and mathematical and symbolic consciousness as well as models of thought perception to achieve deep healing that shifts original or long-held programs. To help clear the mental or emotional issues one must get to the root cause of the disturbance, to discover any deeply held emotional patterns or core belief patterns that have been triggered and require an energetic essence to provide the support needed to help change the negative energy into a positive energy and to thus dissolve the disturbance at its source.
Vibrational healing essences are blended to create the exact energetic frequency required to help dissolve and transform low vibrational negative energies.

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