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As businesses we probably pay less attention to being environmentally friendly than we should.
As crews continue to restore power to customers who have been affected by local fires, safety is SDG&E’s top priority, and conservation is important to ensure reliability of the electric system throughout the region.
All demand response programs have been called for residential and business customers to reduce energy use, including Reduce Your Use.
The effort of conserving water and energy simply means to waste less, save more and use wisely.
Traditional energy is derived from fossil fuels that contributes to pollution and climate change, overusing it adds to the degradation of the environment. Never allow water to run – soak dirty pots, fill a cup while brushing your teeth and turn hose off while washing the car.
Hang blackout curtains instead of the traditional curtains – they provide insulation that can curb energy usage. Turn of the AC – instead, open the window, use solar powered fans and dress for the weather. Ingenious Energy Conservation Comic Challenge Inspires Kids to Conserve Electricity : Guelph Hydro Inc. Guelph Hydro worked with the Bitstrips development team to create a novel Energy Conservation Comic Challenge that teachers can assign to their classes.

A selection of the best entries will be featured on the Guelph Hydro website, produced as posters and published in a downloadable anthology. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. How can we conserve energy• Conserving energy means decreasing the amount of energy used while achieving a similar outcome of end use . In School• Always switch off lights and fans while going out of the class.• In computer lab , we should switch off the computers before going out of the class . At home• We should not keep light and fan unnecessarily switched on.• Watching interesting programs on TV is interesting , but afterwards , TV should be should be switched off. Conclusion• Therefore, we should start saving energy wherever we are, at home at school, at work and in the neighborhood. Customers who have signed up for Reduce Your Use alerts and respond by reducing their energy use will see a credit on their next energy bill. In addition, the world’s supply of drinking water is depleting, wasting it harms all life on earth. The simple-to-use software enables students as young as five-years-old to create comic strips that tell a story - all without having to draw a line.
Children are asked to design a comic that explains why saving electricity is important and show ways electricity can be saved around their home or school.

Using less energy has lots of benefits you can save money and help the environment.• using less energy helps us to preserve these resources and make them last longer in future. We can use the streetlights according to sunset and sunrise to can save power.• Installing solar powered street light is another major option available to save electricity.
Thus, the earth a place that’s convenient and sustainable for our future generation someday. However, we aren’t always as good to our helpers as they are to us – We are guilty of over-consuming and wasting.
The Guelph Hydro Energy Conservation Comic Challenge* is the company's latest, and the most inventive, ongoing effort to help create a culture of energy conservation in Ontario. More than 300,000 students have used Bitstrips in classrooms across Ontario so far this school year, creating more than two million comics. Students create characters, choose a backdrop and use props such as appliances, compact fluorescent light bulbs, computer equipment, and even a smart meter, to convey their message. SDG&E is a subsidiary of Sempra Energy (NYSE: SRE), a Fortune 500 energy services holding company based in San Diego.

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