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It seems there is always too much to do in a given time frame and that is where the challenge begins.
I came upon this concept of energy management by screwing it all up, feeling crappy and then realizing that in the first year after my son was born I had stopped doing the things that had worked for me in the past. Pingback: Energy Management- Keeping the 4R’s- Routine, Relationships, Reach and Rejuvenate in Balance.
Ok, it’s pretty simple really, but it’s all in how you think about it.  Let me comb your mind in the right direction and you’ll make much better use of your day by matching what you do with what you’re better able to do at the moment. As you know, different times of the day you have various levels of mental clarity or physical energy. One day in a Starbucks, yes about mid-morning, I mapped out a typical day.  Being an engineer I graphed the Time of Day vs.
Based on my daily map, I try to do some mindless chores in the early morning hours like clean up, putting tools away, doing a mini-sharpening update, checking for square on a few tools, things like that.  But I limit that to about an hour. Shop time requires the second-most focused mental energy; the most demanding is designing, writing, and formulating ideas.
But a design session is best if it’s only a few hours at a time.  So I target the time just before lunch for shop time, because by being on my feet I feel less tired after designing stuff.
At lunch, I like to drink a vanilla latte, whose caffeine gives me a boost for writing.  Like this blog post for example! After a few hours, I like to get up and do a physical activity, but still be productive.  So, weather permitting, I work towards fulfilling my garden design, or do some shop construction.
By the evening, sometimes I just stop and go out to have some fun.  During this time, just by being out of the shop and the house I get inspired by things I see. Find or create locations for yourself that you notice your best productivity and creativity; once you find those just repeat.
If I know that I have several hours, I’m much more likely to relax and let my mind do its thing. Of course, to take advantage of niches in time, I keep my shop ready to go if I have a quick 30 minutes to run some boards or put on another coat of oil.  Yet another reason to design your shop so that you naturally tend to clean it up (a designated, convenient place for everything at each station). Ok, this concept is something I also learned from the book Switch.  Notice how you’re sluggish when someone asks you to mop the floor?  But if the same person says, “Hey, why don’t you go to the lumberyard and buy $500 worth of stuff?”  Sudden burst of energy?
This blog serves as a heavy motivating force for me to not only design but to actually implement. Make sure the task list has the high priority item first, even if it’s one you’d like to avoid.  Basically, the goal is to be efficient at doing effective tasks, not just efficiently doing busy-work.  Does the task have value by taking you closer towards meeting a goal? Instead, I measure against the actual piece that something has to fit with, or I flip things end over end for automatic symmetry.  Whenever you see a tip in a magazine that eliminates measuring, write it down and make it a habit. Holy crap, these can get expensive.  But you know what?  I don’t miss the 48 bucks I spent on the parallel jaw clamps I recently bought. I plan on making more cauls out of aluminum, and even making glue-up jigs out of aluminum that I know are straight and true.  This will make certain routine glue-ups much easier to handle, and will result in using less clamps.

I don’t think I’ve ever regretted the money I spent on a clamp, yet when I’m in the store sometimes I figure I can make do with what I have.
Connect with me on Facebook, and follow me on Twitter for more ninja tips to Optimize Your Woodshop! Enter your name and email below to get your free copy of this organized and detailed checklist to jump-start your woodshop design today! Also, you’ll get weekly WoodChip Tips, design ideas, free useful downloads, free mini-courses, and other cool stuff in The Other Side of Zero newsletter! How I went from a cluttered and disorganized shop to a super-productive layout with a convenient dust collection and electrical set-up. Zach responded that was justification for buying a weapon equipped with good night vision optics. Then, finally you come to that place of the empty nest, and you have some time and a bit of money stashed away . As I think about people I know and how it has worked for them, one couple sticks out as a rare exception to this .
We’ve got to nail down your friends and make them give up the location of the Fountain of Life, because it sounds like they found it! Our collection of most popular funny images, memes, funny quotes, comics and other funny pictures is updated daily. By managing my energy I have seen vast improvements in my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. We are trying to be mothers, wives, sisters, friends, successful business people and community leaders.
I love the concept of mindfulness and living in the present, which has life giving energy as opposed to life draining energy. Don’t just graph it and put it away; post it where you’ll see it several times a day until what you do and when you do things becomes a habit.
No sense in struggling to find and invent new things when you can simply do more of what works.
I used to spend about half of my shop time looking for stuff I put down a few minutes beforehand because I put it down on a pile of clutter. Bessey has a habit of multiplying in my shop.  During a glue-up, when you run out of clamps, how much would you pay then?
He read the Sportsman Devotional early and texted me saying that it was particularly good today. During the discussion I told him that I had seen a mountain lion on the ranch between Christmas and New Year’s. He chuckled and asked if I thought Sandy might buy into that being good justification and commented that his darling wife, Kim, would smell that a mile off. A boat setting unused, several nice rods and reels in the rack, a lovely bay nearby, reports of fish being caught, money to buy bait in my pocket, and yet I am sitting in front of a word-processor writing a blog.

I thought about what I used to do that really worked for me and distilled it into this system. It’s the same feeling when you know your customer will run their hands over the furniture you deliver to them. I read it and discovered that the topic concerned believing something based on the testimony of someone respected.  The author said that the State of Virginia’s official position is “there are no mountain lions in Virginia” . I told him I have been looking for him for four years, since discovering his presence by seeing his tracks in the snow. I assured him a day would come when he and Kim wouldn’t need to discuss every purchase and told him there was a time when Sandy and I would discuss any purchase of $100, but we don’t do that today. Also you can be a part of our website - just upload or browse images and share them with your friends. I used to think I had it all figured out and I was successful in my personal and professional life. Nothing in this system is earth shattering but I have often found that success comes from doing the simple things consistently. We all need to gravitate more towards our strengths, those things that fill us with energy and put a spring in our step.
I knew he was around and likely living in one of the caves, but this was my first sighting of the big cat himself.
It is has been my experience that the light one sees at the end of the tunnel is sometimes a train coming at you.
For families with children, it seems to take every nickel earned to provide a home, food, clothing, and the essentials. It costs a great deal to raise a family, and I am not sure how people manage today with the costs being so high.
Wouldn’t you love to spend those 29,000 days in a peak state of energy, happiness and vitality?  I have come to realize that energy and not time is the hot commodity. I hope that by using these strategies it will help you to improve your energy and reach your full potential. Yet when you have a family and kids in the home, you are busy earning a living and raising a family and all that entails. How we manage our energy will dictate how big we play the game of life and the impact that we have.

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