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Times are getting harder, with the credit crunch and soaring energy bills dominating the news, winter is looming and we're all feeling the pinch.
Baker Electric Solar Director of Sales & Marketing, Mark Johnson, explains the monitoring display located in the community room. Over the course of the installation, Mark Johnson, director of sales and marketing for Baker Electric Solar, met with tenants as well as residents of three other Father Joe’s permanent housing programs. The project was 100 percent funded by the Multifamily Affordable Solar Housing (MASH) program and administered by the California Center for Sustainable Energy (CCSE).
One hundred percent of the operating cost savings realized through the MASH Track 2 funded SunPower system, go directly toward reducing the Village Place tenants’ energy bills through virtual net metering. A “Father Joe’s Villages Goes Green” celebration marked the completion of the multipronged solar energy campaign benefiting Father Joe’s Villages’ permanent housing programs. Father Joe’s Villages is Southern California’s largest residential homeless services provider, offering interim, transitional, and permanent housing in San Diego for nearly 1,500 men, women, and children each night. The California Center for Sustainable Energy (CCSE) is a nonprofit organization that helps individuals, businesses, municipalities and others to adopt greener practices and save energy and money through rebates, technical assistance and education. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
Don’t let your house face the east, so the sunlight won’t enter directly to your house and increase the temperature.
But if the house is already face the east or west, you still can do something to avoid the solar light: install shading or canopy! On this page you will find the kind of knowledge and inspiration which – when enough of us do the same kind of things – has the potential to remove the threats of the climate change crisis – ultimately: save life on Earth from the most dreadful climate catastrophe and runaway global warming – practically without having to wait for any of the world’s decision makers and elected leaders to make up their minds.
The fact of the matter is that unless you can I, and millions of others, begin to do this by ourselves, the business leaders and politicians won’t change what needs to be changed before it is way too late. Turn it around: If climate change was something each and everyone of us felt personally responsible for, then the problem would already have been solved.
In other words, this is where the solution begins: you must learn how to reduce your carbon footprint, step by step. To ‘be the change that you would like to see in the world’, as the legendary Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi said, you initially will need to invest a bit of time and money of your own. Should your next vehicle be a cargo bike with a zero-carbon-engine such as the ‘Copenhagen Wheel’?
This will not only increase your knowledge about the climate and solutions, and thereby enable you to see through the mist of doubt and lies that the fossil fuel industry is producing, it will also make you realise that you are not alone.
When a lot of people make that kind of realisation simultanously, as it happened in Egypt and Tunisia not so long ago, it is the kind of material that creates reforms and revolutions. Make your family and friends understand that this is the safety and prosperity of your own family which is at stake here. It is far more climate-friendly spending money on services and entertainment, rather than buying physical things.
The more you know, the better decisions you can make – and the better you can help others to do the same. Now, having said this in brief – when you look deeper into things, there are so many more things you can do, right here, right now, when you’d like to reduce your ‘carbon footprint’ and to create more awareness around you. The purpose with the information on this page is to inspire you to begin doing something constructive about climate change yourself, in your own household and workplace, so that you really can be that change you want to see in the world.
On 15 October 2011, a global network of occupying movements under the banner of ‘United for Global Change’ mobilised hundreds of thousands in 951 cities in 82 countries around the world, claiming social justice and true democracy.
It will never be enough to sign petitions or write blogs-posts about what we’d like to see. The word ‘green’, as you will notice, encompasses anything and everything that is better for the environment than doing nothing at all. The list below on this page is in no way complete — it is only to give you some inspiration for a start.
If you’d like to help improve this list – for instance by creating a more user-friendly open source database with this kind of individual-directed information, let us know. A normal flight from Europe to the US and back represents a carbon footprint of 2 metric tons per person.
This calculator enables you to estimate the greenhouse gas emissions generated in your day-to-day life. Carbon footprint calculations are typically based on annual emissions from the previous 12 months. Earth Hour is about creating an hour of inspiration to show that we care about the planet, explained Andy Ridley in his presentation in Singapore, where he shared his vision of the campaign ‘Earth Hour’ which takes place yearly in over 150 countries, literally all over the planet. Before a person can make even the smallest changes to their lifestyle, it helps to understand the environmental impact of certain choices.
Carbon Footprint Calculator – The Nature Conservancy provides a calculator that lets people compare their carbon use to the average around the country. Paper Calculator – A calculator from the Environmental Paper Network that lets people see how much paper they use and allows them to see the impact of their paper use. Footprint Calculator – The World Wildlife Fund provides a calculator that measures a person’s environmental impact.
Home Energy Saver – A tool that calculates energy use and makes suggestions for ways people can reduce energy costs. Vehicle Pollution Calculator – A calculator that determines the environmental impact of the type of motor vehicle a person drives.
What You Can Do at Home – 10 easy steps to take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at home, from the Environmental Protection Agency. Sustainable Choices at the Store – Tips for reducing impact on the environment when shopping, from Stanford University.
Tips for Going Green at Home – Tips on ways to go green at home by reducing waste, making healthier food choices, and using less energy. 10 Ways to Go Green and Save Green – Money saving tips on going green from the Worldwatch Institute. Tips for Going Green at Home and Work – Advice for reducing energy use at home and at the office.
Going Green at Home – Get Your Child Involved – Tips on ways parents can teach kids about going green in the home.

The Language of Recycling – The Federal Trade Commission explains the ways to determine if something can be recycled and the ways to determine if a product is made of recycled materials. 5 Ways to Green Your Food – The Greater Lansing Initiative describes five ways a person can make more eco-friendly choices when buying food and groceries. Safe and Non-toxic Lawn Care (PDF) – Tips on growing a lush lawn without using toxic pesticides, from the City of Bloomington.
Every month you will get the latest tips on how to save money, combat rising energy prices, and fight climate change. In Australia, I stumbled over this page with examples of energy-saving devises, some of which are free.
This film shows you ways that you can get started working towards a sustainable future: The Off the Grid house is sustainable through energy and transportation, and working towards food and water. No technical solution for air travel, such as unproblematic biofuels or a zero-emissions plane, exists as yet. For instance, to offset your carbon footprint from driving 10,000 kilometres a year in a car, you need to plant two trees to take those 2 tonnes of CO2 out of the atmosphere which your car has emitted. To offset your carbon footprint from one return flight between Denmark and Australia, you’ll need to take almost 8 tonnes of CO2 out of the atmosphere. Australians can offset their carbon emissions with Greenfleet: “Greenfleet will plant enough native trees on your behalf in Australian biodiverse forests to offset your emissions. Other than setting fire to a forest, flying is said to be “the single worst thing an ordinary individual can do to cause climate change.” So you may want to consider that replacing a long-haul flight with a local holiday can save over six tonnes of CO2-emissions? every year. Their ‘Conscious Collection’, for men, women and children, is made from sustainable materials including organic and recycled fibers and will be on sale in all H&M stores from 14 April 2013. O impulso, na Europa, e dado por uma serie de regulamentacoes transnacionais, como os acordos para o uso da madeira (projeto europeu de florestas certificadas), a certificacao ambiental voluntaria ISO 14001, as leis de orientacao energetica, o Plano Solar, as leis de renovacao urbana, o conceito de Alta Qualidade Ambiental (haute qualite environnementale – HQE), o novo projeto europeu LCC-Refurb (Life Cycle Cost analysis in Building Refurbishment), o projeto de regulamentacao termica RT-2500 que sera adotado em 2006. Alias, a Uniao Internacional dos Arquitetos (UIA) apresentou na conferencia Batimat os resultados de seu programa de formacao de arquitetos em desenvolvimento sustentavel e integracao de energias renovaveis. The installation consists of 168 roof-mounted, SunPower solar panels with six SMA Sunny Boy inverters. SunPower solar panels generate up to 50 percent more power than conventional solar panels, and estimates indicate the installation will reduce the annual energy costs 50 to 75 percent, for an average annual savings of $194 per unit. The ceremony and press conference was held on July 22 at a San Diego East Village neighborhood playground. Among the programs CCSE administers for the California Public Utilities Commission are the California Solar Initiative (CSI), including the Multifamily Affordable Solar Housing Program (MASH) and the CSI?Thermal Program in the San Diego Gas & Electric service territory. Painting house with dark color such as dark grey or blue will create obscure impression so you will always need to turn on the light. If you aim at cutting 10 percent carbon emission per year, in average, you are off on the right track. On your virtual research trip you will be meeting up with thousands of likeminded human begins who, like you, have decided to become part of the solution. You may not have noticed, but an ‘Energy Spring’ has already erupted, demanding the end of dictatorship and the introduction of democracy and decentralisation in the field of energy. Whether it is just with your husband or wife, with a couple of friends, or as a public event in the local pub doesn’t matter.
To reduce your own carbon footprint is to take personal responsibility for your own and future generations’ welfare and safety. Not only is it a threat to the climate and our future, it is also a risky investment for yourself.
Go for the official ones in cosmetics, diapers, cleaning, etc, chose products with the best possible energy labeling when buying houses, cars, consumer electronics, refrigerators, look for the organic label when you buy food. But… looking back now, some years later: did this campaign actually change all that much, seen in a global context? With Gandhi’s wisdom, as individuals we really need to look inwards and ask ourselves how we can be that change we would like to see. Or… go back and do this, once you have read this page an implemented a couple of the suggestions you liked the most. Being ‘green’ means to be a supporter of a movement who’s main concerns are environmental protection and sustainability, including an awareness of our CO2-emissions in the atmosphere. Once you calculate your climate footprint, you can try to reduce your emissions and then compensate for the rest by purchasing United Nations-certified carbon credits. Online calculators are particularly helpful for figuring out how many resources a person uses and how big of an environmental footprint they have. Tips include lowering the thermostat and investing in Energy Star appliances, especially for items that are left on.
Tips include making better product choices and learning to identify products that actually live up to their green claims. The Japanese population have managed to cut their use of electricity by 15 percent, and it took nothing but their awareness of the issue. They reduce your electricity bill and will save you money – while shrinking your carbon foot print – in the long run. Renters are a growing part of the community, and the renters’ involvement is vital and possible.
Someday, there will be a renewable option for the air travel industry, perhaps a solar hydrogen airplane, just as the railway already offers a train ticket guaranteeing the use of renewable energies and the energy sector builds small hydropower stations and wind turbines. You could plant trees to take those tonnes of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere again, or you could pay a company to do it for you. Choose what source of emissions you would like to offset: vehicles, flights, households etc. Change to bank which has a policy that it does not invest your money in carbon-polluting enterprises. Isso se traduz, por exemplo, na existencia de dois medidores de fluxo eletrico: o tradicional, que registra o consumo, e um segundo, para marcar a quantidade de energia fornecida pela habitacao a rede publica. Primeiro, com os novos paineis solares nos telhados, que ja atingem altos graus de eficiencia na transformacao da energia luminosa em eletrica. A preocupacao se estende ao uso de materiais que nao agridam a natureza, tanto na fabricacao da materia-prima como na construcao imobiliaria em si e no uso posterior do imovel. Tambem esta surgindo o Intelligent Building Group (IBG), para reunir os participantes desse novo mercado internacional de construcoes inteligentes.

Os industriais estao descobrindo um novo e lucrativo mercado para produtos com caracteristicas de protecao ambiental, com maior durabilidade e menor despesa de fabricacao.
The Energy Saving House is an easy and fun way to show you the full range of energy saving measures it's possible to make. The 22,000 square foot Village Place multifamily complex provides 49 units of permanent housing for low-income and formerly homeless members of the community, along with an administrative and shared community space. Baker Electric Solar designs, builds and installs photovoltaic solar power systems for new and existing homes and commercial facilities across Southern California. What this means is that you will need to begin to change your own habits and way you do things – and you’ll need to invest both time and money in becoming modern, smart, efficient, electric and ‘smoke free’. Scientists are telling us it is like this: If we stop most of our polluting the air with dirty smoke from fossil fuels within the next decade, then the climate change crisis will be manageable. When at first we have said that we want to stop it, wholeheartedly, then we can work on that for some years, we can set ourselves more and more ambitious targets, we can keep inventing and developing better technologies, and before we know it, we will have stopped it. The solution to climate change and carbon emissions will be acchieved with a million of small steps that we take to save money, be smarter and feel better. This is a movement which will benefit the individual citizens as large energy corporations, extremely wealthy and powerful as they have been, will crumble in a very similar way that the large record companies crumbled when mp3-files began to replace CD’s in the music business. What matters is that you begin to vocalise the issues, and meet people face to face to talk about them. There is no one who can do these things for you – and you can not expect politicians to take action before they can see that there are many who – like you now – have taken the spoon in the other hand and take personal responsibility for dealing with the climate change issues. Because so many of us currently are doing just that, and because we can use the Internet to connect and empower us, we are creating real change. Take this quiz to find out your Ecological Footprint, discover your biggest areas of resource consumption, and learn what you can do to reduce your footprint.
Alex Laskey shows how a quirk of human behavior can make us all better, wiser energy users, with lower bills to prove it. By requiring shops and offices to turn off their lights at night, France expects to save the energy it takes to power 750,000 homes. However, as long as this solution and other climate-friendly alternatives do not exist, airplane passengers can compensate their flight emissions – also called to ‘offset’ the carbon footprint – with companies such as the German Atmosfair or the Australian Greenfleet. To calculate the exact amount of CO2-e to offset, visit the Australian Greenhouse Calculator and select per tonne offset. Did you know that wasted food accounts for around one third of our global carbon emissions? Segundo, com o uso de materiais construtivos e equipamentos para regular e conservar a temperatura interna ideal com o minimo de desperdicio: paredes e pisos termo-isolantes, tecnicas construtivas que permitam melhor aproveitamento dos recursos naturais (ventilacao, por exemplo), filtros solares nas janelas, condicionadores de ar e aquecedores mais precisos, cabos condutores de eletricidade com menor perda, alem de eletrodomesticos, torneiras e chuveiros mais economicos.
Substitutos da madeira, tintas e vernizes menos toxicos, vidros com filtragem seletiva de raios solares (evitando excessos e raios nocivos), equipamentos para reutilizacao da agua e reciclagem de outros materiais (reduzindo principalmente os rejeitos sanitarios e seus efeitos ambientais), ate mesmo isolantes acusticos mais perfeitos, tecnicas construtivas que permitam reduzir o canteiro de obras e consequentemente a agressao ambiental causada pela construcao em si (e pelas demolicoes necessarias), sao alguns dos exemplos.
Os novos processos construtivos tambem resultam em economias importantes, que se traduzem num menor custo final das obras.
Tem-se que cada vez mais encontrar solucoes visando reduzir o impacto de suas atividades sobre o meio-ambiente, desenvolver planos que se integrem a solidariedade social, tudo objetivando uma eficacia economica duravel. Taking action and making your home more energy efficient could save you up to ?340 a year and reduce your home's carbon dioxide emissions by up to 1.5 tonnes. In addition to the benefits of saving money with the new solar system, Village Place residents participated in a number of complimentary Baker Electric Solar on-site clean energy workshops.
Using handouts, posters and actual solar panel equipment, Johnson was able to use the construction process to educate Father Joe’s residents on the benefits of going green. Including the solar energy workshops and the real-time energy production monitoring display was a win for all. It doesn’t matter if you spend more money for new electricity tools, because in the end, you’ll save the electricity bill and the earth. LED lamps, sensors that turn light off in a room that is not being used, better insulation, and so on.
You are part of a global movement, and millions of drops can easily create exactly that river of change we urgently need to see now.
For instance, visit a local spa resort or holiday inn instead of flying off for a big city weekend. Some will figure out how much pollution a person’s car contributes, while others measure the amount of paper a person uses. Alex Laskey helps power companies to help their customers cut down — using data analysis, marketing and a pinch of psychology. If it was a country, wasted food would be just behind China and the US as one of the top three greenhouse gas emitters. O conhecimento dos novos materiais disponiveis no mercado permite aos empreendedores oferecer produtos imobiliarios com novos atrativos aos consumidores. It’s great to know we played a role in helping Father Joe’s Villages add ‘going green’ to their 60 plus year history,” said Brian Miliate, Baker Electric Solar General Manager.
The key principle to understand here is the ‘lead by example’ principle: Just like most civilized persons understand why we shouldn’t be throwing litter in front of our own houses or appartments, regardless whether your neighbour does something like that, climate change also is a consequence of our individual decisions, and whether we have manners and a moral standard which tells us to lead by example – rather than continuing business as usual just because that is what our neighbours are doing.
Another reason to educate yourself is that you should be able to defend your viewpoints in a way that makes common sense to everybody.
So reducing the amount of food we waste is a critical part of building our zero carbon future. E estes ganham a perspectiva de menores custos de manutencao do imovel, e ate de obter algum lucro, como na possibilidade da venda da energia excedente. Surprisingly, because a lot of people are doing the same and at the same time, it suddenly does matter a whole lot.
Meanwhile, the necessity of electricity and water is always increasing as the population and number of houses growth. In an election, for instance, it makes the difference between ‘democracy’ or ‘no democracy’.
Concerning the carbon emissions and climate change, you could say, it makes the difference between ‘future’ or ‘no future’.

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