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JMIR-Can Clinical Trials Requiring Frequent Participant Contact Be Conducted Over the Internet? Frequencies, percentages, and 2-tailed Fisher exact tests of categorical outcome measuresView this tableNo adverse events were reported during the course of the trial via the adverse-event reporting form on the Web site, e-mail, or phone.
Helpful advice for diagnosing and living (and loving) with different types of Herpes virus.
Overall, the treatment of herpes involves antiviral drugs that are active against the herpes virus.
New herpes treatments have been developed to help individuals like you overcome this infection.
Watch me get a real herpes test with STDCheck (and how you can too!) Jul 21, 15 05:19 PMWatch me get a herpes test to see how easy it is.
There Is Hope Mar 09, 15 09:31 PMI was devastated, this thing just kept getting crazier. There and Back Again from Singer to Statistic Mar 09, 15 08:46 PMSo I was involved in an operatic production at my Alma mater and became intimate with a student at said university. If you are looking for natural herpes treatment you are at the right place.Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease. There are also available drugs in pharmacies that suppress the frequency and duration of outbreaks.
To lessen the pain, because the sores that are caused by the virus are extremely painful, you can use ibuprofen, acetaminophen and other pain relievers. Trials of cold sore remedies, for example, often require daily clinic visits during outbreaks, imposing substantial burden on participants. New herpes treatments have been developed to help lessen your feeling of shame for acquiring the disease.
However, you must take into account the length of time that you have been ill as well as the location of the blisters. Since it is caused by a virus, antiviral medications can help fight off the symptoms that the disease brings. This is the reason why people with herpes often get depressed because they are treated as if they have the plague.
There are methods in preventing outbreaks, and likewise, there are also methods of preventing the infection. Participant recruitment was relatively easy; the interactive nature of the Web site with an eligibility questionnaire reduced the burden on the investigators of screening applicants, and we were able to exceed our recruitment goal in a short period of time (6 months). So you may need to try a few different herpes treatments first before deciding on what works best for you.Interesting, right? Before you try any of these, it is important to have a consultation first with your dermatologist or doctor. Especially when the symptoms such as the cold sore appear, people with herpes cannot easily hide it.
This is the reason why you need supervision and a prescription from the physician when you are taking medications. Eligible applicants were randomized to DSS or placebo, mailed to them upon enrolment with instructions to apply topically every 2 hours for the duration of every cold sore outbreak.
Overall participant retention in the trial was high; 29 (91%) of participants completed the trial.
However, according to independent studies, you have to use the product for at least 4 weeks before you can experience a significant relief.
Participants were instructed to complete online questionnaires at 2-week intervals and, at the initiation of a cold sore, daily "outbreak questionnaires" until outbreak termination. In addition, the reduction in pain seen in the verum group compared to the placebo group lends support to the internal validity of this approach, as Zilexcontains benzocaine, an anesthetic shown to be effective in pain reduction [8,9].While we found recruitment to be unproblematic and overall participant retention high, there were several aspects of this clinical trial design that need refinement. Now these work very well for some people so you will have to try things out for yourself.Don't give up. Feasibility outcome measures included trial participant characteristics, frequency of cold sores, participant retention and adherence (to study medication), and data completeness.
While it is unclear whether this experience differs from traditional clinical trials [6], there were a number of outbreaks for which it was difficult to assign a total duration due to missing data.
Web-site-based recruitment for research studies on abdominal aortic and intracranial aneurysms.
This pattern indicates the possibility that many participants were accessing the trial Web site from work, and may not have had access to the Internet at home.

But there are simple steps that you can follow in order to eliminate herpes from your life.
Future trials of this nature may benefit by requiring participants to have Internet access at home.
During the trial, 34 outbreaks were reported among 23 (72%) participants, resulting in a cold sore incidence rate of 19.8 per 100 person-months of observation.
Online data were available for 32 outbreaks; the absence of a resolution date made it impossible to accurately calculate the duration of 12 (38%) outbreaks.
It is conceivable that some form of compensation might improve compliance in this respect.Another concern with the results of the trial was incomplete adherence to the study medication. It is unclear whether participants in a traditional clinic setting would have been more likely to use the study medication as directed. Poor adherence to study medication in clinical trials can have detrimental effects on the evaluation of safety and efficacy. On the other hand, the adherence rate found in this trial may be reflective of adherence to the medication in the general population and could, therefore, provide a valid evaluation of effectiveness.Limited generalizability may be a potential limitation of an Internet-based trial design.
However, participant adherence to the daily outbreak visit schedules was low and only 7 (50%) participants used the cream as directed. Our participants were Internet users and might not be representative of all individuals with cold sores. These limitations could be addressed in future Internet-based studies by using Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), using reminder devices, and providing incentives.
While this could theoretically influence the generalizability of our findings, it should not impair the validity.
Of course, hospital-based or clinic-based trials face similar problems in that their participants are frequently highly selected.One of the primary benefits of an Internet-based design for a clinical trial requiring frequent participant contact is the reduced burden on participants. In previous work we found it highly feasible to rapidly recruit individuals over the Internet into an online randomized controlled clinical trial of glucosamine for knee osteoarthritis [5]. An alternative approach would be to augment this system using electronic data capture through wireless personal digital assistants (PDAs) [12].As a feasibility study, this endeavor has been highly informative.
The Internet-based approach may be especially applicable to randomized controlled clinical trial designs that require frequent participant contact.
In particular, it appears that even with the reduced participant burden inherent in the Internet-based approach, the goals of daily online visits and adherence to an every-2-hours dosing schedule pose significant challenges.
Trials of cold sore remedies, for example, often require daily clinic visits during outbreaks, imposing substantial burden on participants [6]. While clinic visits may represent the ideal patient evaluation, these frequent visits may hinder participant recruitment and retention. Thanks are due to Jeremiah Fletcher for his Web site development and graphics expertise.Conflicts of InterestNone declared.
DSS has been shown to have in vitro efficacy against herpes simplex virus type 1 through disruptive effects on the viral capsule [7]. In addition, Zilex contains benzocaine, a well-known anesthetic that has been shown to be effective in pain reduction [8,9].MethodsWeb Site DevelopmentThe study Web site was constructed on an independent server within the Boston University School of Medicine domain. The Web pages were written in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Active Server Pages (ASP), JavaScript, and Component Object Modeling interfaced with a Structured Query Language (SQL) Server database. The security of our site was protected by a firewall and 128-bit secure socket layering encryption.
In addition, we operated data-security protocols that included automated error checking, limited password-protected access to the data interface and database, permission levels, username-linked logging of all changes made in the database, participant tracking by ID number, encryption of randomization codes, and screen time-outs.The public area of the Web site described the study and solicited participants, with hypertext links to a consent form and an eligibility-screening page.
The password-protected private area of the Web site included pages where participants could view utilities and access the study questionnaires.
The Web site included a batching utility that (1) sent e-mails to participants reminding them of their scheduled online "visits" and (2) included code that presented the appropriate questionnaires to each participant when logging into the Web site at the time of these visits.Design of the Randomized Controlled Clinical TrialThis was a 6-month randomized, placebo-controlled trial of a topical ointment in the treatment of herpes labialis. The objective was to enroll 30 participants with a history of herpes labialis, randomize them to verum (Zilex) or placebo, and follow them for cold sore outbreaks.
Because of the 6-month follow-up period, participants had the opportunity to report several cold sore outbreaks and the key emphasis of the trial was on the "outbreak." The primary outcome measure was duration of outbreak, which was ascertained through daily outbreak questionnaires.
This study was approved by the Institutional Review Board at Boston University School of Medicine.Recruitment and EligibilityAdults with a history of herpes labialis were recruited through newspaper and e-zine advertisements directing them to the trial Web site, which described the study and contained an eligibility questionnaire. Eligible applicants had to be at least 18 years of age, take no immunosuppressives, report at least 4 cold sore outbreaks per year for more than 1 year, report a last-outbreak occurrence ≤ 6 months ago, and report at least moderately-severe external cold sores. Applicants who screened eligible were asked to print, sign, and mail an informed consent form including a medical-records release.

When medical records could not be obtained, the participant was contacted by a physician (TM) to confirm the diagnosis of herpes labialis. In addition, authentication of participant's identities was confirmed by receipt of medical records, or by telephone.Randomization, Medication Delivery, and Medication ApplicationEligible authenticated applicants who completed a 2-week run-in phase were randomized in a double-blind manner to either verum or placebo. Staff uninvolved with other aspects of the trial maintained the computer-generated randomization list and labeled the tubes of study medication. The tubes, distinguishable only by a code number on the label, were then provided to study staff. Tubes of study medication, along with an instruction guide, were sent to participants by 2-day mail. Participants were sent an e-mail notifying them that the study medication was en route and should arrive within 5 days. Participants were asked to notify us via the study Web site when they received the study medication.
E-mail reminders were sent to participants if they did not complete a daily outbreak questionnaire during the course of an outbreak. Total duration of outbreak was defined by subtracting the date of the initial online outbreak questionnaire from the date of the outbreak questionnaire that indicated the cold sore had healed completely.
Days to crust formation was defined by subtracting the date of the initial online outbreak questionnaire from the date of the online questionnaire in which the participant first reported that the cold sore had reached at least stage 5.
Additional outcome measures included sum of the daily scores for cold sore stage, sum of the number of clusters reported daily for the duration of the outbreak, and the sum of acetaminophen tablets taken over the duration of the outbreak.Adverse EventsParticipants were asked to report any adverse events via a form on the Web site, e-mail to the study staff, or a toll-free telephone line. The daily online outbreak visit questionnaire also allowed participants to report comments on the feel, taste, or performance of the study cream.
In addition, participants were asked in the supplemental e-mailed questionnaire if they had any problems with the study cream.Statistical AnalysisWe used an intention-to-treat analytic approach. In cases where the total duration of an outbreak could not be calculated because the endpoint of the outbreak was unclear or the participant informed us of the outbreak only after it occurred (N = 2), we imputed a duration based on the mean duration of all of the other outbreaks.
This method was used for the days to crust formation, sum of the daily pain scores, sum of the daily stage scores, sum of the number of clusters reported daily, and sum of acetaminophen tablets taken over the duration of the outbreak.
Additional analyses were conducted excluding outbreaks for which imputation was necessary.Baseline characteristics of the treatment groups were compared using Fisher exact tests and t tests. Differences between the treatment groups were evaluated using Wilcoxon rank sum tests for continuous outcome measures and Fisher exact tests and chi-square tests for categorical outcome measures. Generalized linear models were used to test for differences after adjusting for gender and age.ResultsFigure 3 shows the CONSORT flow diagram [11] of the trial from application to completion. Of the 292 individuals who applied to the trial, 182 screened eligible, and 40 mailed signed consent forms.
Ultimately, 32 participants with confirmed herpes labialis completed the 2-week run-in phase and enrolled in the trial, verum (N = 16) or placebo (N = 16).The mean age of participants was 43 (range, 20-72).
The groups were similar with respect to geographic region, but differed with respect to age and gender, although these differences did not reach statistical significance on a 5% level.Three participants were lost to follow-up, resulting in 29 (91%) who completed the trial. After accounting for losses to follow-up, the cold sore incidence rate was 19.8 per 100 person-months of observation. Two outbreaks occurred while participants were on vacation, leaving 32 outbreaks for which online data were available.Figure 4 illustrates the completeness of data, as well as self-reported stage for the 32 cold sore outbreaks for which we had online data.
Due to missing data at the end of the outbreak, total duration of outbreak could not be calculated for 12 (38%) and days to crust formation could not be calculated for 10 (31%) of the outbreaks. The stages for 14 (44%) outbreaks followed a normal cold sore evolution.Results adjusted for gender and age did not differ substantially from unadjusted results, therefore, only the former are presented. The verum group had a shorter mean duration of outbreak, fewer mean days to crust formation, and lower mean sum of clusters than the placebo group, but none of these differences reached statistical significance.
The verum group had a statistically significant ( P=.04) lower mean sum of daily pain scores than the placebo group (Table 2). The mean sum of acetaminophen tablets taken over the course of the outbreak was slightly higher in the verum group compared to the placebo group.

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