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The function of the Yin organs is to produce, transform, regulate and store fundamental substances such as qi (energy), blood, and body fluids. As you can see, Traditional Chinese Medicine is very different than Western medicine, and very complex. Sunrider removes the guesswork out of what herbs to use to improve and support your health. Traditional Chinese Medicine offers a lot to the world in terms of its proven healing capabilities. The first Yellow Emperor, Huang Di, is said to be the author of the first classic work on Traditional Chinese Medicine (c. Based on Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism, TCM sees health as harmony within the body as well as between the body and the universe.
Compassion for others and personal development are seen as important elements for maintaining health. Beijing Acupuncture and Herbal Clinic has been practicing traditional Chinese medicine in greater Atlanta GA area since 2000. In a relatively systematic theoretical system thus formed, an embryonic form of theory, therapy, recipe and drug became the theoretical source of TCM internal medicine.

For years, the Chinese government has put great efforts in promoting modernization of Chinese medicine. TCM possess a unique theoretic system, rich clinical experience and excellent clinical effects. Each organ is also represented by a different element, reflecting the Taoist philosophy that the human body contains all of the elements of nature.
The Yang organs are mainly responsible for digesting food and transmitting nutrients to the body. Sunrider brings the Western world the benefits of this ancient healing tradition in convenient herbal and food supplements formulated for our busy lifestyles.┬áSee the Healing Herbs page to learn how different Sunrider formulas support the body systems listed above. Every Sunrider product combines multiple ingredients that work together to nourish the body’s different systems. It is not surprising, therefore, between 65%-80% of the world’s health care services are classified as traditional medicine. As a result, there are now professionals trained in both traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine to conduct research on the development of Chinese medicine.
They are oriental system of natural healing without structural repair and dependence on synthetic drugs.

Traditional Chinese Medicine seeks to balance how the organs work together while also balancing the properties of cold and heat, internal and external, deficiency and excess.
The philosophy behind TCM is holistic health care, from diagnosis to treatment to maintenance. Either now or future, based on its own potential, TCM will play an increasingly important role in promoting the development of a world medicine, and attract more attention from people around the world. After just one month using Sunrider products, I noticed a significant improvement in my health (as documented in my first blog). The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics, consisting of Plain Questions and Miraculous Pivots, has 18 volumes, each with 81 articles.
In China, there are two systems– Western medicine and Chinese traditional medicine in one hospital.
Based on a patient’s situation, both sides can discuss and treat a patient with Western medicine and Chinese traditional medicine.

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