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Everything from the pheasant feathers on the head gear of warriors to the foot binding bandages on the feet of young Chinese girls has some sort of symbolism attached with it.
Archaeologists have been able to unearth amazing discoveries regarding ancient Chinese clothing.
Many clothing articles from this time period reveal the progress that was being made in the clothing of the Chinese people. There are a couple of things that were common amongst the different kinds of traditional Chinese dresses. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a 3000-year-old medical system that has developed and evolved over the centuries in China. Acupuncture – the medical use of fine needles inserted into the skin at points along the meridian system for healing. Tui Na Therapy – a sophisticated form of body work using deep muscle massage, joint movement, stretching and meridian work.
Food Cure – the art and tradition of food combining and careful diet as a medicinal treatment.
Qi-Gong – A discipline of movement, breath and mental exercise that is considered by some to be a martial art, by others, a medical or meditative system.
Tai-Ji – or Taijiquan covers many styles of martial arts forms, each developed for different outcomes. The principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine are deeply rooted in Ancient Chinese Philosophy. Something I find interesting about the history of Chinese Medicine is how systems of knowledge have developed over the centuries in Chinese civilization.
Traditional healing knowledge and techniques were always developed and passed down from teacher to students, usually along family lines. So it is no surprise many Chinese doctors over the centuries have performed research on themselves using master Shennong’s model. Traditional Chinese wedding customs are considered as the foundation of rites in traditional Chinese culture. The procedure of birthday matching was the process in which the boy's family asked the matchmaker to go to the girl's family to enquire about her name and date of birth. If according to Chinese astrology the couple was compatible and both families agreed to the marriage, the boy's family would then send betrothal gifts to the girl's family. During the period between the wedding date settlement and welcoming the bride, the boy's family would customarily urge the girl's family to send her dowry in for bridal chamber decoration, otherwise the wedding could not be held on schedule. Welcoming the bride to the wedding and performing the formal wedding ceremony would be conducted on the same day, which was the climax of the whole wedding procedures. After the bowing rituals, the couple would enter the bridal chamber, followed by rituals like sitting on the bed, throwing happiness-embodying nuts and drinking the nuptial cup etc.

The record of a person's horoscope indicates the sun's position at the time when the person was born. The walking marriage widely adopted by the Mosuo People of China is a unique marriage custom.
A Reader on China (Cultural China)A Reader on China is a one-volume book intended for general interest readers. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. As part of the 12th China Shanghai International Art Festival, an art exhibit featuring traditional Chinese paintings will be held between September 28 and October 7 during the Shanghai Expo in Pudong. Sponsored by the China National Academy of Painting and Shanghai International Art Center, and organized by Beijing Yiyang Exhibition Corporate Image Planning Co., Ltd.
Yang Xiaoyang, the organizing committee’s head of the exhibit, explained the value of the exhibit and said that Chinese is a nation that emphasizes meaning. Organized by the China National Academy of Painting, The Spirit of China 2010, no doubt has important meaning to and guiding influence on the healthy development of Chinese paintings. During the exhibit, workshops will be held to clarify the spiritual context of Chinese paintings and to promote its development.
Painters wall galleries to remainAn official notice issued last month which ordered the demolition of the painters wall along Shenhui Road in efforts to beautify the area in time for the summer Universiade. Oil Painting Expo to Attract Visitors to Guangzhou’s Canton FairThe second China Oil Painting Expo opened at the Dafen Oil Painting Village that attracted overseas buyers and visitors will become part of the Canton Fair in Guangzhou.
Buyers warned of rampant counterfeit Chinese artworksA veteran collector of paintings and calligraphy is regretting his purchase of three works which he bought for 200,000 yuan. Find out about the traditional dress sense of the people of China in our information guide.The traditional clothing of the people of China truly reflects the kind of lifestyle they were used to living back then. Their findings show that the Chinese were into making use of ornaments to decorate their dresses as far back as 4,500 years ago.
Silk woven garments and hemp articles belonging to the Shang Dynasty have also been discovered. The draping of the dress using excessive clothing is also another element taken from the Pien Fu traditional Chinese dress. In its essence the Chang Pao dress was a fusion of the above mentioned two traditional Chinese dresses.
It holds that the universe is in constant dynamic balance, the energies, forces and qualities within us and in the universe around us, are always seeking balance. Then, the boy's parents would send the girl's and their son's names and birthdates to a sorcerer or fortune teller for divining to see if the marriage between the two would be appropriate. When everything was ready, the boy's family would invite a fortune teller to choose a wedding date believed to bring the most luck to the couple based on the Chinese calendar mythology.

After being urged, the girl's family would begin to prepare the dowry, which would be sent to the boy's family on a chosen date.
On the wedding day, the bridegroom's family would welcome the bride to the wedding in a bridal sedan accompanied by a wedding procession. They may vary from place to place and time to time, but have been holding an important position in the lives of Chinese people, causing a far-reaching impact on the way the Chinese lead their lives. He said further that Chinese culture and arts have all experienced the sublimation process from writing or painting realistically to writing or painting to one’s heart. As outwardly expressive as traditional Chinese clothing is it is full of innate symbolism as well. This was the time period of the Yellow Emperor according to Chinese history and it was during this time that a certain level of consistency started to develop in traditional Chinese clothing.
The unique thing about this dress was that both these items were stitched together to become one long suit. The Sheni became extremely popular with the Chinese masses and it also established its prominence in the government offices as well as amongst the scholars. It was a one piece suit that started from the height of the shoulders and extended down to the wearer’s ankles. Secondly all traditional Chinese clothing made use of excessive draping, voluminous sleeves and had a wide loose fit.
All forms of Tai-Ji are complete body exercise systems deeply rooted in traditional Chinese philosophy and practice. Traditional Chinese Medicine uses the four approaches I listed above in combination to restore balance. One of the important contributions he is credited with was the knowledge and use of medicinal herbs.
As you know may know from my Bio, my father had a Traditional Chinese Medical practice for many years.
There are eight major procedures of a wedding, including proposal making, birthday matching, marriage divination, betrothal gifts presenting, wedding date fixing, dowry urging, welcoming the bride to the wedding and performing the formal wedding ceremony. After the date was fixed, the boy's family would send someone to inform the girl's family of it, which was part of the procedure of fixing the wedding date. Then, wedding guests, old and young, would play bridal chamber pranks and wouldn't leave till the dead of night. The legend goes that he spent many years testing thousands of different herbal combinations and studied the effects on himself.

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