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Millions of people in the West today utilize traditional Chinese medicine, including acupuncture, herbs, massage and nutritional therapies. Authors Sonya Pritzker, a licensed Chinese medicine practitioner and anthropologist, and Hanmo Zhang, a China scholar, hope the publication will promote communication in the field and play a role in the development of thorough, accurate translations. The document highlights several important topics in the translation of Chinese medical texts, including the history of Chinese medical translations, which individuals make ideal translators, and other translation-specific issues, such as the delicate balance of focusing translations on the source-document language while considering the language it will be translated into. It also addresses issues of technical terminology, period-specific language and style, and historical and cultural perspective.
The final section of the document calls for further discussion and action, specifically in the development of international collaborative efforts geared toward the creation of more rigorous guidelines for the translation of Chinese medicine texts.
Funded by a UCLA Transdisciplinary Seed Grant, the document is available for free in both English and Chinese (PDF format) on the UCLA Center for East–West Medicine website. Many RP students regard Australia, particularly Melbourne, as one of the cities they might go to further their studies or to pursue their science career after graduating with their diplomas. A way to help students understand the value of their problem-solving skills was to bring PBL out of the classroom and into our trip.
It was a really fruitful trip and we are grateful for being given the opportunity by SAS to take our students on it.s on it. A group of 25 Republic Polytechnic students made their way to Suzhou-Changzhou (China) in April, as part of the Student Overseas Trip (SOT) Program.
Music professors from Shannxi Normal University, Xi’an, China will speak about Chinese music and demonstrate Chinese music instruments in a lovely concert lecture.
CIUA, the UA School of Music and Tucson Sino Choir collaboratively present the North American premiere of Composer Wang Liping’s suite from the beloved Chinese TV series “The Dream of the Red Chamber.” The original soloist of the TV series, Ms.

Mandarin Chinese language students from Tucson and surrounding areas will participate in a Chinese Language Proficiency Competition. Professor Brigitta Lee from the Department of East Asian Studies, University of Arizona will walk you through the famous play "Peony Pavilion" written by Tang Xianzu during the Ming Dynasty. This collaboration between CIUA and the UA Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health is an interactive event.
The Chief Executive of the Confucius Institute Headquarters and Director General of Hanban, Madam Xu Lin, met the Director of the Arizona Department of Education, Mr. CIUA hosts 13th Chinese bridge Chinese proficiency competition for foreign college students, 2014 preliminary contest in the Southwest U.S. To that end, the center has published a document that includes a detailed discussion of the issues involved in Chinese medical translation, which is designed to help students, educators, practitioners, researchers, publishers and translators evaluate and digest Chinese medical texts with greater sensitivity and comprehension. For example, depending on historical circumstances and language use, some translations may be geared toward a Western scientific audience or, alternately, it may take a more natural and spiritual tone. You will get to visit countries such as Korea, China, Japan and India, to gain insights on how the industries of these countries work, as well as to get involved in learning the culture of these countries too. They felt like it was an eye-opener as they realized there are a lot more options available to them after they complete their Diploma in Biomedical Science.
For most of them, it was their first time experiencing winter but that did not deter the students from carrying their high-level enthusiasm during the first visit to Soochow University in Suzhou. Chen Li, will perform with Arizona Symphony Orchestra, other local musicians and instrumentalists from China.

Liu Mingjun from the Changchun Chinese Medicine University, Liaoning Province, northeast China will discuss Chinese wellness culture, focusing on massage and acupuncture.
His receipt of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2012 has brought him onto the world stage.  The Award Committee praised him as one “who with hallucinatory realism merges folk tales, history and the contemporary," which highlights Mo Yan’s achievement as a storyteller. In order to answer some of these questions, 25 year 2 DBMS students went on a Student Overseas Trip to Melbourne from 27 September to 3 October 2012. At the same time, the networking session with their RP seniors also served as a reality check as they learnt that overseas education is not cheap and not as easy as they thought it to be. Professor Dian Li from the Department of East Asian Studies, University of Arizona, will lead us into Mo Yan’s fictional world and explain the magic power that his stories hold over his readers. Health information booths and the opportunity to consult with Chinese medicine experts and students will be available. It was a unique learning experience that included visits to the University of Melbourne, Monash University and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology; industry visits to the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Nucleus Network (Clinical Research), Melbourne Museum, and a networking session with RP alumni currently studying in various universities in Melbourne. Just like in RP where students have to assign a leader and a scribe during class every day, various roles (e.g. However, it was also motivating and inspiring that some of their seniors have moved on to pursue professional and postgraduate degrees. Finally, the soft skills attained from having to interact with 24 other people every single day for an entire week will be extremely valuable when managing conflicts, working in teams and adapting to different situations in school.

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