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Address:International Education College, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The college takes this maxim to heart, and has endeavored to recruit only the finest scholars for faculty positions. As the largest laboratory building in Asia, the university’s Laboratory Building is a curved building that is over 400 meters long and reaches 7 stories into the air. Today, the college applies stringent qualifications during the faculty recruiting process to provide the best quality of teaching available.

These researchers and lecturers commit themselves to help students to succeed, not just in the immediate sense of finding a job or pursuing an advanced degree, but in order to realize their full potential, and to accomplish their goals through personal and professional excellence. Dissection hall, Biochemistry, physiology and microbiology practical laboratories to name but a few are some of the most sophisticated and modern facilities available for teaching medical students. The college has Chinese medical experts with extensive backgrounds who have endeavored to continue their academic careers in by teaching and conducing research in many countries such as England, the United States and Canada.
Vast lecture halls to accommodate hundreds of students with beautiful teak wood furniture, computers on every desk and acoustically designed halls make learning even the most difficult subjects much easier.

In addition the university currently has Professors and instructors in residence from the United States, Canada, India and Nepal.
These modern lecture halls have computer projection screens and public address systems with recording facilities.

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